The Cave and Nikki's First Christmas

Monday, March 20th


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This is radio theology. With pub pastor Darian on 995. He's he Al. Regular PRI and we are on the spiritual journey at Nikki Reed. And imported six entry. Movie slap you for some edge here we're talking about Mickey grip Nicole hand didn't know that to later on in life but there was a cave involved in the case to use it occasionally ask. Where I went from just interesting religions like oh on the and I bet it could well the Lee larger. With that we were like gods one chosen people that we and we musings everybody didn't and then there was going to be a day. In video land but I was gonna like it's time it just you guys. And it all go to patch for Israel. Yes and there was apparently it came there I don't know that there would ever actually like physical proof that there was that we were just was to go there and find his keys now. Give the gave. And then got was gonna somehow closed off with a stone the big rock and the rest of the world with an eight except for arcade we were going to be so everybody else to be on. And then. The reason announcing the animals are not on how that works but then when it was time and gotten a blow the ram's horn. And roll the latest don't and we all mountain with live on earth. In the world tomorrow was what it was called that was like our version of heaven but it was honored. All the world tomorrow and is very similar like you know those songs that we think it did great in the world tomorrow that we had her own song that's an. I think it's wrong and yet I know the world tomorrow sounds in the transformers kid I really succumbed to pattern your right it is the he had the world that you have right now if that's small worm rig yeah in the power of the world's Ronald people from writers to be lining up like. Oh yeah. You guys that are hostile young insolvent you don't sports that they did did you read like did you guys read the by publisher yeah it's. But it was theory old testament so I don't right now I'm not gonna say that we weren't taught about it I don't remember really talking about Jesus ever. Got and so are all of our children's books that we would have to you know our homework and stuff it was in a Cain and Abel stories that was you know what was it a it was a guy who tried. Evidence on Abraham. Him and I yeah Iran or like I was very old testament story and that was kind of refocus it was a little bit more doom and gloom and like. Open your current magic comes and leg. That kind of happened and you follow the rules so I guess you guys did this chapter one you received electing your about thirteen so when did when did it when was like OK time to fund turned the page elves and I was. Thirteen. On the way I understand it there was leader of our church at the time. You're the global church and he passed and the new guy took over and based it was like. We're doing is wrong like enough not listening because you know he believed that the church was taking a lot of money from people on being dishonest and doing things and really. True to god basically three disbanded the church and so. We split into so. It was my line drawn and it was if you wanna keep believing what we believed you can go out. And if you don't need Wednesday and I've lost most of my friends they weren't allowed to talk to me in because they went in they wanted to keep their parents basically. So we went on to talk to them anymore and which has hurt which has a thirteen hundred he'd like. I would add them in we schools aren't we had to hang on and you couldn't do a Friday ninety over because. The CeBIT in sundown Friday night's announced Saturday you'd go home who did church things as you heard now time. I didn't half of close friends like that I had my church friends and so. They all act in it was kind of this moment as a family where. We decide what to do extensive church community that we were in the Lipton. In church as a whole decided lies. You do your own thing so. Basic Christian religious beliefs here you golf figured out pastors nude thing do. Every need to do. So all as a kind of learning other than my dad learning is for the first time and and I still remember my when my parents are the first Christmas. Apps and as a Stanley discussed in. So your thirteen never done. So we also OK. Let's do like. Christmas lights so no treaty no president. SLY. And two eggs when didn't he does so well think again yeah and I like you're told this is the way it is period and a story now and then one day it's not act. And you just have to figure how his you believed in you knew the answer and then the answer was taken from him. So. Crist might she ask because he'd missed the I'm. I. Clark you. Like my reason you'll join me on the roof and yeah. Drinkable of them paired. Something to do that night is Chris received tonight that comes how many. Car and drive and Christmas tree placed walkabout Christmas Eve like pre tree and the guy was like makers deceive can't really get a treat. Just taking a look at me complete retreat birdie take Larry I don't really big history be if I. Then we go to Meyer is the only places opening Christmas Eve yet at all like. All in the lights everything broke in and out. Ask whatever we're grabbing we'll take it whenever we can't treat yet. One of the things we found a confined star but we found is creepy. Plastic headed doll Angel holding to light that I gross early that we bring home. I don't hold on I love the identical sincere basically born and then the thing that is sticking out is that that's. Owing its. I love the classic dollars be vindicated as. I. Go go go go go so I we get along the trees about not like we tomorrow get some among its home. Like and we kind of agreed notes there is overwhelmingly. Okay fine then we as family sit around and she gives siege in ornaments. She says like an notices all their intense in his are you and we tradition. Do you unless started gathering at Steve is that family. Like the tree. And I went well we're out whenever you like the treatment that creepy dialing on top flight that it was holding red. And the red light reflected off yeah. And I just didn't do anything it's pretty happy and the client. And my mom's crying yeah. That was my first Christmas yeah. They don't. Last Christmas. Day that demon. It. That was kind of how we treat invention cannot allow you know I love the television this and you know inviting us in this story and I think it's interesting is that you know being on the be a part of this Friday morning chauffeur for years now and and he'll eat you talk to people around and they know you guys a little bit by the now snippets of what you say and I'll talk to people that they've grown up her whole life and a church and like well it. On Nikki you know I mean she kind of thinks this is she asked what I love is that source so quipped. We're so quick to judge people. Before we know anything about their story. And they're people may be that that burn up in and maybe they've never had their beliefs challenged and beat and transition from a colts to a non code name and where I talk about that after the break disputed the journey to kind of figure stuff out. But there's some people that maybe they're being in a just a regular there you know mainline Christian denomination but the reality is no one's really ever pushed them and they may be going during to go through a season where there are other things not just leaving a cold but there can be things restart to realize like man. Everything isn't exactly the way I was taught growing up and you begin to ask questions and faint in just everything's it. It's a very destabilizing. Thing in eagle man some of these foundations that I thought where this. Are not this you know. And so I just I just know we're gonna work beauty to the initial announcement thank you so much for this town the story because it's like. When you get to know somebody in the journey there in in May this is encouraging if you're listening in you there's somebody say. And I don't understand my neighbor I don't understand my classmate in enemy and have. Of why they do this or why they have this thought is. Take some time in and listen to someone's story is when you want to miss an escalation into what amounts summoned shoes and gives you so much of a greater understanding. Of of who they are and how they became the person that they are enemy and so I love it Nikki I can't wait for the rest of the story you're listening tonight and I'm by Zito this is radio theology.