Conor Daly Part 2

Wednesday, May 17th


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Guys ready for the Indianapolis 500 I can't. Race race race big race that day show all the drivers all the fun. Potted bought the red is we've got Conor Daly and studio he drives the number four AJ Foyt car yet yes and I could see you my friend Luke thank you are you ready are you ready to drive the the Indianapolis 500. Now gives to the end of the week in the back the most CC LE fielder yeah yeah I'm on semi ready right now I guess is that you're semi he said I'm ready yet. Always he asked only thirty always sit Manny readies them think that type river any. They edit these circumstance now you went to high school here in town absolutely crowd favorite a local hero I think you you want to double still hi. School now I know well as it. Here it's Christian school dollar that's classy Tony can you do learn some a first grade teacher in my sixth grade teacher at the track on Monday or Saturday or Monday analyst as well those are way off to get an idea there was a few days ago largest my sixth grade leisure I had literally never seen since I lesson that the sixth grade my first page is my biggest fan mrs. -- she's a very nicely the other one not a fan. They'll miss an aggregate I IA who she yelled my name as a senior us Leslie who is this crazy nobody went I don't know. I don't like. She was 2.2 when she was teaching secrets obviously she was really young and she still gals who loses person. And I I was like. Where is again a no exact as I was walking out they know exactly this is sixth grade remember me. I taught you only own my guess rush but sixth grade teacher that I haven't seen until thirteen years if you. Look and bang it again it's like what he's up. The teacher you're eating a look at the teacher ladies and livelihoods now because all Motley Chris Young about it. Girls girls are comic up. Event pilot. Got any of people in the state that are in jail because of it out there there's an. All the time I have to wait ten years yes yes and I was little I. That's relevant about the answers that may now get a million all of my teachers come back when you restart your area. According to will but he had to do with the Indy Grand Prix uh oh we did it take Rangers seven Iranians you guys enacted. Yeah it was a gonna happen come. The core network okay what is that we'll come on suddenly. If I have missed I got it yeah. Well there's the out now we we in the first half was our replied aides have some fun I was racing with the mystery things that actually passed mr. and a how Mac look Buffy was not off our little pal Spencer pagan I. And there's such a nice guy and has imagery around this time yeah exactly trying to address that though he didn't look and not that I know I don't the from a house in a way that I'm back I decided I'd say focus that the app and a little issue in the pits we stalled in the pits and and. Just we it's from the excellent things that happen let's say it's not your favorite race yet are you helmet thorough weighing. Curse seeing kind of guy argue quietly go with a well exists huh. This is really frustrating because you really like seventeen races a year I really do our thing and results are so hard to come by and the series is like everyone is and there's really combatant. Yeah I really drivers so. He missed like one chance in a race it's like it's really demoralizing like. I'm not gonna get out might be him beat people in the chief chest of the law on sharing a paper. He's I'm not not gonna do that need them a nice person it's good yeah I'll I'll be very. Personally upset I'll deal flip anybody off now I don't think stunt yet. Hey Aaron yeah he's nine you I don't takes I'm proud of my life is now. Especially these people unless it was at least and that we and so any not I did this alleges. I mean that you like. And yet that's an absolutely fingers yes it is a where do you tennis is a kind of a question I'd I'd never asked anybody but where is it that you make up time where can you get the most amount. Of that gain as it during the regular as I mean and the turns and I don't everywhere I mean we're. Were always fighting for her in a tenth of a second so if you happen to be able to carry. You know 110 of a second more than you know abuse the guy behind you for ten laps in that ends up being quite a lot and along on our feet fifteen laps of fear. If you're trying to extending GAAP to someone or catch someone else all it takes is a little bit at a time little at a time and these races are so long you know by the end of it. You know if you made up as a three to four seconds in the middle of the race. It can pay off massively at the end because when you make pit stops here three or four seconds ahead of someone else sir and you might be allowed to make a mistake in the pits and so command head. Or vice Versa you make everything go well and suddenly jump a position forward so. There's a lot what we haven't of the Rossi in the 500 last year is is like all of a sudden he was and because of pit stops well yeah I mean he had they were having a lot of issues the fury they can everything fuel in the car and like everything was a disaster committee was still on the race still gone and only to do is stay in the fight and then he'd they mating good call. Like stay out instead of pit. Route and they went to the front and and they just save fuel and they made it happen now. Had made dreams come true. I like your dream come true I was they'll be fun out yet of on important minutes on so many more places. Did you know we can get well leveraging this friendship partner you know there is there cloudiness and we know Leon concert yeah. And us and lovely and in the back of the handled their pressure had little hope bomb your metal face on the trophy so it's like in my face popping up behind your head again.