Wednesday, May 17th


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Conor Daly hanging out of the race car driver on number four for AJ Foyt coming up next to give somebody Gupta media win a prize pack or give away some Arab tickets to carb day. Lose the qualification day at about a different days OK look everything but the Indianapolis 500 we couldn't afford to buy. It's a good. And a major station there and frankly if your meat is carb day is the data into print that's the day that I wanna go so much time I didn't even see a car last year and a last Saturday I know it yet as you like there are naked ladies yeah. I'm happy the way the band yes I. A Barenaked Ladies and nasty Miliband right and that lets see your book but he would practice probably going on when that had that power but that clearly and immediately come down and a party witness IE someone to hold me and I need to get on stage with Steve Miller Band dork you should run. March. But that you and let them do it. I'm going to be able to do believe not yeah. A car in a lower oil goes on like at twelve to fifteen and now I asked. The green flex 1212. Intimate similarities are just depends on if your car styles the starter would ever blows around cats is on fire then again apple now be really fun I mean it's a mixed blessing right at the Kelly not get to go marshmallow no. That's no it's not inning and limit these guys these video commanders aren't alone I win some money is there. All of your brief idea here that of this through to any amount house. Now we're did your father on Doug bulls were talking about this grandfather. My step out. And I can never get this object to a double existed that means there it is mom that's. I don't think anyway he told us about the Kush Kush car it is not a push sponsored car. And what about this we speculated that one day marijuana is going to be legalized everywhere and then inevitably those companies are gonna sponsor IndyCar is so we diaries Hewitt Hewitt the purple Kush car. Why do why drive while and I now could be inside you because I respect Alexander Osce too much. You have the better 'cause Chicago. And here I mean honestly will be getting response yeah. This level is a sponsor we have wealth not purple whatever that is replica. I don't know yeah see now deathly nod and John I'll have a nice little and I sell. Yeah. And I'm nearby and IndyCar with my judgment and you probably could yeah. Anyway anyway. Now the ABC supply special I have wonderful Brad lamb blue machine. Alfie heat treating wonderful people everywhere and at ABC's plateau mean great people awesome giving alcohol sponsors. You know like Jay Howard. No but I've ever known I see that they is it is that Jim beam magenta and Alex beam that's had a hobby I gotta say or write then yeah. It's got excited about that they'll let you loved the partnership yeah. That they're bad they're involved in LA and thieves on inches team goodness races gap. It would be wild if Jay Howard one for the team. Yes indeed it's pretty wild. Polio while we're out of generosity on last year anybody can win it. I mean that's it that is either yeah it is really Atlanta Gwinnett yeah true and that's why I try and. Okay everybody coming up today to win tickets to the race and not to the raced everything else a deliberate pace that the card debt. It is awesome I don't like an indoor lights race that day and there's an area that yeah that's true and good young fellas out there I mean I wanna play it will gain or plant now what we planned previously O'Connor LT Connor Oki now explaining how leaving. And he got to stick around if I guess maybe we'll just tell on the fly so we're doing is I've I've selected if you hooks of songs kicker Connor he's gonna put on some headphones. He's gonna sing along to those the Seattle we don't hear the music you'll hear the music the listener has to figure out the sun yet iron out and yeah me. Tell people about as anyway yeah how many sounds really didn't it's gonna be the first at three point since the high. On forever they can go for a long time. Yeah we do like getting please gamer. Has got to quit and I hate scene I and a perfect. And yet steadily like we can patent and so this is Connor cookie that Connor of the monarchy are you ready for the Indianapolis yeah. Yeah absolutely no 100% high and then that what happens after the 500 what's the next race by now that's not. Name wealth we win we party yeah signs and yeah if you see is sad part. Absolutely. Yeah I race that revels in you guys there are due to rattle Rashid Dostum and party there are you bring some of the DJ is like restaurants and those guys out and get that anywhere on that he is yes we these you know I Angela announced that officially suck up how to update amiss gonna try to get them. That's her that together will be fun packed with a lot of those guys. He's tried mixing. You should try to get on outings and I can't Martinez were there that yeah I just I can't do the things with the music I've tried to do you know and I exciting time I didn't fear that the right you know the bees per minute and and this on you or Egypt to achieve the writers I minutes well now I'd only just on. IA. There are radio print and radio deep you know OK and never noticed jockey in. In many discs I designed to fired at the same time data and yeah so that's about it. So many little details. No not an economist margin of party after the race. And today that's a terra at. We got tickets to the race. Not the Indianapolis 500 but Indy Lights freedom 18100. Study yep that's our esteem exact beach came for a group and we got tickets to us a parade and proceed to the print it's always fun to check out and now BB carb day passes and all just a bunch of fat tickets to go to the IMS and a break. Candor and Julie are contestants. Aramis and I edit Andhra and Jew and girls although we're playing. So we're playing Connor Oki this morning two fired into the race between you and this just before it gets into his car we wanna have some fun here on the radio yeah. Any time right racing is so much that is and it's not. You remember this guy got away from set tender. All these girls so absolutely love it and sell many lovemaking sessions haven't. We've got to love god anyway Google it if you get a chance Conor Daly and sept tender acutely dollars in student picks of the lovemaking and asked. He's raised its landing gear DMZ in he's that's practice and I can assure. A case of what you're gonna do you level he's a respectable man yeah. Like real sorry we just make up the story it we want pizza that groupie and yelling. It was good people like optimize. And it was remember that are is everywhere much got towels that goes on thank you doing that in late it was so cognitively this and exuded dirty hot ten beating English as the water left like marks on our bodies yeah and is braids in them and I got an. President of asthma and a there was the need it when everybody went to bed well and Nikki were distill out game doing. We out we watch something on TV but played. A YouTube and you watch something yeah. Our out of all adult movies that were for this free porn free sweets and we turned down the volume of that we turn tonight on the point and ran search right away. For our holiday is absolutely but we granddad the sound effects of just parts. Martina Clark had his string of parts from YouTube. Audio that sale is the funniest day and everything you guys. Show starts and T Mattis due out. Our. Minutes we expect to the north side supporters that he's so. Oh my god it was amazing how the kids now that he's never done that in years and that through this but do you. Here's Allen street counts and Nolan I'm an isolation because they are Google fart noises there's one that's like an hour long of this. Hard on queued to turn down the volume on your dollar relations movie. And yeah. Things are now Poland and they like to know your name and that's what is it there's a name. At. Our moon. Still easily. OK so it's at like it is when you go outside and hallows. That's well I don't think we are rounds here whatever. And healthy you're laughing yeah we heard that we were laughing all of my crying Tony might have been aroused I don't know answer your. My room with let's play the game. It's an up and get excellent. Julie and Kendra you got a buzz in with your name is you know the name of the son now Conor Daly the race car driver is going to sing songs. He's putting his headphones on. He's got an iPad or not player above some sort of player. That whatever it is and playing music but wanted that or yeah I fired stealing the odds to boot. And I'd just buzzing and we think you know the sound OK does that make sense ladies. I popped up you fired up. I write this ankle. Count. OK here we go out of the doctors at Bristol on Connor Oki. Now my bed sheet smell like you every day discovery selling brand new I'm in love with your body. Oh I don't. I can't. Expand. On that. We're gonna get that yeah. It starts on time artist whose identities it was this year. He's guided. I edit it and feel like you receive or you're talking point go but I I was but it was using those words really that I am trying to keep well and and I don't have a lot of rhythm in my voice or. Though it's Conner POK we've got one ticket for 101. Point okay now there's a three point Syria turn the page okay. Here's you next on not as ready great yes. Yeah okay in it. My key is a girl and now lie in it and yeah. Or cherry chips. Now yeah. Bitterly thing. In the world. That's not confident I'd still for Kendra and I really think I guess it lord god Carla. Yeah. But it's there is still a ten minutes. Ever and he never. It's half things I don't now busy and so analysts herding. Them today this is not ESPN. Is apparently ready but he got a deluge your gear when haren had gone you know. All right get into it. And a so bright. Champagne on ice lucky or and that's will like I literally lighten. You'd put you'd that's what I'm like that's what I love it. Fly here at night the like that's what light. And it's what I like. All right okay think Giuliani is doing. What do you think. Bruno mine well right now. Owner of pars are great musician one leg. He's on the boulevard Billy's got 124. Kendra are out of houses that are out first I personally really all rights. There we go at a dynamics that it's important and this is tired daily race car drivers do before my content he's sexy for my shirts. Say like Andrea Andrea asked how many. You that is an. Under wins congratulations again it's sexy. Beautiful well done Connor now that the offense. I love it. Let's get a Conor Daly did. I'm sweating thank you. Not a contest out of the Branagh has a pretty get my favorite look bad luck I'd like we're gonna to isolate that despite him over and over again tomorrow. But I added this intended to insult you can easily go out of a signal on the yeah yeah yeah they're relatively good I'll update this very thing you think yeah we'll go to Tony yeah debt. And moon. We're halfway advance. Low then on a brand.