Daron Loves U2

Tuesday, September 12th


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You Rajon Mendez welcome to radio theology here are not an anti ZPO Darren early wind your post that is the pub pastor also on his dad. 23 kids here in town. Known as my husband to my wife is known is my son to my parents that's right known to you Ryan as your friends as we go back at. We had a good time last night at the unlike what you are you thank you for hosting a table that was awfully good like intelligible what is a lesbian like bank that run yes that's a one time otherwise known as annual event it's a big fundraiser that we have for our ministry to high school kids in Australia let's all of the world but we had her fifth banquets and have been doing this for five years now I'm. At the best turn out Joseph writes retired colts. Offensive climate for the colts and actually a former err an alumnus of ailments at these price or did a great job and he spoke it was awesome I'd I'd I'd heard about him speaking about never speak their rights as men if you've got an event going on and Ryan or IR booked and can't come to speak and it I would say called Joseph Wright's hit about it but he's awesome and he Anthony Calhoun from which TV eight a what you I was there. Ace uses a he's he's he's eight EC has been RNC now offered three times this is great man is a huge celebration of everything of god that's been due to the ministry for the past here in Fisher Price located in yeah local stories shared in it was an awesome night that. I've forgotten how early wakeup call as radio theology yeah at seven and I've 45 wake up call thereafter and and you. Yeah but it was a great night so thanks for being there is no problem and yeah supporting great stuff going on here locally and where else Li B. Tonight and anywhere we go everywhere to preach there next our preacher I will be this actually this coming weekend last Saturday and Sunday up at mercy road in karma of how to go advantage Saturday night services so I think they'll like it five in 630. Correct name and nine and then it. 119 and eleven on a road that's CC warrant yes and a and a you know what I wanna think Mercer red because they are our September. Where would do in this new thing where each month three try to feature a church in town folk and maybe even listen to busy PL and Jiri union that sure about church are not sure about that Jesus saw that which again about people aren't and go into a new church if you're kind of curious tough. Right now is there's some crazy ones out there out again going like this is not for me immediately while immediately know about face yes so what we wanna do is is try to connect with some great local churches here in town that. Have really great people would great stories do cool things all over. Our city so September our first radio theology church network. Featured shirt which is mercy -- coaches ragged to preach once a month so was its in his home game for me to but the church were reopened it but if you're out there and bag you'd you'd love your church to be may be featured as one of our radio theology church networks just reach out coaching cost this morning we engage in information 3172281099. You can also tweet at us Andrea at radio theology and that would try to get set up for Arabia I'll be there this coming weekend prime Saturday night and Sunday morning in in Mercer it's got some killer doughnut holes and coffee they do is ask your daughter Jack's doughnuts the little Olivia loves Mara. Love it or doughnuts that is so good so good. Anyway so let you know what guys and I energy has no it's gonna be 75 insanity you guys that your up and around it's already beautiful sunny day we're gonna get to 75 today. Colts colts football stars today regular season colts against the LA rams right too much upon orally Saint Louis for a yes other around LA and no luck today. Luck we talked to a Joseph rice last night yes he said he didn't know when when Andrews return would be lock or lock. Luck luck Andrew Luck or actual like O Rama I hope they have some they're going to need luck yes because they don't have Angela. But deep that's anyway anyway that's going on today and tonight right here Lucas Oil Stadium downtown of this dispute I can't wait you do is here in town for the first time in sixteen. Years. You two coming back to to the the circle city here in Indianapolis supplement on them yet but you're listening right now let me tell I have I I want to be you if there was a key hang. We could switch lives I would switch lines and eight and if you wanna just I don't know if you're on the buster yeah you know Conrad stay in downtown and in you just want to mosey on down the easy media just drive yourself here yeah. I that you're gonna welcomed us and bonnets and listening to the edge Larry Adam anybody even palm against their manager anybody who might this and his EPO. May be guys flew in violation or whatever you call the U2 plane had an amazing huge 757 that are around I did not yet so 31722810. And I bonanno if you're out there Disco had homeland smiles Annika desperation. It's that you can call whatever you wanna call us what if we got. Well what it would be I won't be as happy as morning Esther as I answered I would Wear such that we have a caller on line one we were are you need to take it bent out Ryan's giggle and at the TV Canada oh lord I like final and why did they send TV or whether reporters. I mean these are people with college degrees and meet urology yeah probably. And they're like hey we're gonna need get a go to Honda South Florida while everyone else is evacuated and we need this into the middle 150 mile an hour winds yeah it's not they do that. Obvious so we'll watch TV dot com and the competitive and but there's in this bag behavior of the print type let's break for the folks on the floor because. Hurricane Irma is is make a landfall in relief. It's crazy down there so. That's not cool bay get ready for this after this hour an honorable and YouTube yeah one of my favorite places honor. U2 concert for me is it's like it's like having it is your happy place it is my one and you're happy when I am absolutely had to places me back my tenth I'm seeing really. Second time on this tour I did earlier that they think oh dude it's it's out of control for meat inning in his that they for me anytime and anywhere but let's say I'm going to Kroger. Or I'm in a meeting on doing something into the YouTube song comes on like in the background I tell myself some goods that happen yeah I feel like something good is is on the horizon because. In enemy we're you know it's it YouTube is on the background with an eye on the phone it wasn't on a on a so it was a Williams from grace turner and William. We implement couple weeks ago you know I think he doesn't like blame is a great guy outstanding mean anatomy I'm not going to absorb when he was Bonham. And it's here because I wanna do for this hour is we're gonna we're gonna play the theme song for our life. Think if we have a song we say you know what this is this is this on the represents like the best time in my life or when it comes on I'm just like this is my lifetime chance yeah. And we're just pick one now. Not like crying for and time again and I don't know my friends of friends forever right Michael W. Smith now that and allowing that jam I was kind of like it was not in Beijing I was a life changing song from the in his EX he hired Jay you had cried your eyes out leaving your friends that's on it would now Lilly really stereotypical graduation sign Allen makes me cry. Obvious circumstance that you correct now. Like some pop girl sang in a Madden my friends for America as Alex Natasha Bedingfield the ABM. Find out that maybe you're gonna say the Green Day song now we'll be at the time I do. The judges and fun for heck I didn't think. I'm sure you go. Treated I can we do the story solicit you don't know what you're Colin three with 7281099. We wanna know your light beams on and I wanna know why could he got to the store and it yet so we wanna know 317228109. And I gives a car radio geologist who I don't know your life theme song. We'll see if we can pull down maybe give you a little in Russia may be you know. 678 seconds this is what people like if you walk into a room this is the song yet would turn to be oh that's so it's estimated that it may take him and just want to think about it right now during knows who were or it will woody and again we're gonna give him some. Will this sort of the the man I like the song so we might not if you keep teasing your time with an extra anyway pretty good sound to figure Mehdi get to about two minutes to 23 minutes think about how what your lights on their rights and it's if you want this played as you walk in any room yes we learn about 317228109. And I give us a coherent radio theology give us a hint of what yours as well it will be played tonight as the opening song. I'm going to play the entire Joshua Tree out and that's right you thirtieth two year anniversary of the Joshua Tree. Yes thirty yeah years and that that album that's ams the whole thing's made it and it changed my life anyway. Once again Donna if you're out there 3172 at ten and a colored your theme song and done under the stereo sound it's a sure you get my life Wheatley. It would I don't know the story behind to give us about the it was 7228 and 99 this is radio theology present in my all of that now as a read the university right hand man and and by Z Pia.