FeBROary: Mark and Dylan

Friday, February 17th

Dave makes his bid decision


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And so whenever you. Though Marc was actually. This is a single guy he's it was on the wheel man mark good morning. 36 years old no kids no not married. Lucent close to me and a 46 and hazel Dell Dell and his younger 24. Lots of fun he's from new cal. New now I need a new new Newcastle. Mr. castle. You know I I knew which human Sunnis and you're counting calluses and how you say now. He now he losses hipster glasses and he could afford to buy new ones but that's what so and mark wasn't wearing his glasses and all yesterday. Com you blind burrows yes it would it. Engram is dale and media find me. I had a pretty good time I slept for now. Seven carried out is they want to go home and. And there's a video of you on Twitter having your pants fall down. Yeah we see that is your girlfriend that we did that. Oh no that was one Olbermann out Kenya yet to go to smiley radio show Twitter and you'll see a picture of him. Had it some girl honor on his shoulders and yesterday in his pants fell now. Olestra in hand in hinted that. That happened by now it should welcome well OK Alex about par for the course though for this guy yeah. You wanna Dennis talk about what happened yesterday everybody felt good. And a fine good Nicky was there and Nicki actually stayed a little bit later. And I stayed out with you guys I was nice and regret it. I helped mark get an over guys like as he couldn't push buttons there's no one's he didn't know what to do that. I'd say that was the and we did this leg in two days ago first our first February oh lunch man lunch mandate. And now this is a little crazier yesterday. More fun pumped up the sun went a lot but a little while a little why. Did you did you guys IDS still like me. Do you remember apart you're welcome back I have looked at app. Let me roll the tape I didn't do a little recording and a conversation I have with a guy yesterday. At the end of our mandate take a listen everybody okay so Leary are at tests gotti's group the I'm 96 street and ask when I get it a little wrap up on today's broad February date. We've got mark here he's 36 years old last Panasonic bend. He was he's not married no kids but he was engaged. The girl came out here for a little bit but. Dad let me she came at a little bit that she left with the dead dead and her mark that hurt. Mark that's out on our. Who's Korea. Not to jump it and that's a recording but I'll act like gonna saw it it's not yet yet moved backed Shia refused to go to on her locker. Says she she was a big money woman asked their Green Bay and came to town but she was just really didn't commit to the city you know act and they're in new Europe knew there were some not there. At now now you aren't you still no kids and not know got married single man. At an hour. Single man which kind of nice you know aren't back to the yeah recently single again newly single after marriage ready to party which means that he's got a little little little single honey yeah that's right. Whatever laws and it eats you know beer from Wisconsin you know the spotted cow this is the big deal right. As a big big deal nuclear static out every time I come back the you're back everybody that doc has known what onto a note this topic. He loves semis Big Ten semis this guy not a big trucks ethnic and other tracking back to the record go back to the recording 12 victory. Four shots thank you. How someone locked up to a two S and asked if we gonna Marcia. Sure it's nice home and not just you know monumental. Once you add one after the other now let me ask you guys this year that you couldn't maintain and sustain that level of craziness. If you become Dave's friend I don't you are not yeah. But Alan these two on Evan our our talents he lives at meridian and 38 streak at IL. Huh. Hi yes I know parties at Dillon's asked his girlfriend is her name is Whitney. I met her date but did she come over he came to the car and I got her a bunch others I remembered that. Britney there at Panama Padilla met Whitney act at three wise men brewery. And at that place is just like at cesspool of lovemaking. That you worked there you everybody sleeps with everybody is that all of south now he doesn't work there anymore now he works at this pharmaceutical thing Redskins he got fog here for sneezing with every. And if you're from new new cal knew and a new cap. Cast Newcastle don't say Newcastle to stick a new cal we all know is OK because young angle. If you if you if you don't know Dylan you you're not out there doing thing he did he listen the other day owner town about a strip joint and now I'm in new cap. Currently aren't we talked about it then yes he knows he knew of him he went there want our best yeah articles stardust. He's been there before. Yeah I just close like forty he's mean he's Tony Foreman eat when they're in Montana. I don't need to get analysts tell me about what the girl looked like in Indianapolis anyway. She was wearing sneakers onstage. Eleven when we'll. Carton. And not great way to get out of there I. Again back to the recording now when the even the strippers don't trust a losing ground to strip club in others. Maybe you or me you know like patsy I think Tony said maybe yeah Athlete's Foot was running rampant that it all athletes like instinct that's what was running rampant there. And athletes what is the fungus you're going that's a good. Get back to the recording. He should do unto you. He needs. Mark does a little bit out let's make you the Bagram. Is he didn't really wanna do any shot. Hold about what it's like what to do line is like OK I just want and they get more companies and he. And I night or early that you want. I know they went pay her game I hate being. I went to an event last night was a judge professional judge in an event so we all can we're doing good we're doing now and Nicky has zero will now. Kate we got to get to the new zero let's listen a little bit more honest here marked as a little bit about trucker speed. He was on the wield and yeah this plus it is indeed target speed I don't know his drivers do but he knows about it it's out there. My house so that's nice 146 street hazel Dell. He less Green Bay as the Packers he did live in San Diego little bits I love that connection that sound nice but caused Minnesota. He has a little bit about raves and Indian man. It's done has been cut off. Investments that possibly lost at diamonds what was gonna happen. I'm not agree with power tools at. But at settling into his shots and in fact I'm not great power to and we didn't minute mark god circular saw just then. The would have been right so he knows about trailers and they're always about 53 seat. Again I'm 52 feet of drugs I. Going. Let me that did not take a lot stop playing three minutes at a party sloppy is now you got it. The continent than it did leave me did you. You're telling me why we're Larry talking about it. Because you can teleport or pharmaceutical companies and tech. Are we all trailer loads of pharmaceuticals so that's pretty fit to treat it. Okay Aaron and yeah he said it a little more articulately just now. College of November is Larry you and believe me you and her. Again I'm fifty CC a drugs. Do you do you baited jags and you're good yeah I'd eat it if I could hurt. This is good and now we have now you got to know that this guy's name is Dylan if you're from new cal knew oh Newcastle. Guys Tony for his name is Dylan Dylan Anderson he knows everybody out there you know as big deep you know as Kyle's dad. Others are about these are also inside the but yes he knows like. But he's also content that during the day and then big deal at night is that right Dylan might in this right. Yeah or get in this spot on again. It is so embarrassed all these guys arteries out of bed made by an important thing today Parse there. I'll let you hate your girlfriend's cat and Sylvia. As a great cat cold side so that's why do you think the cats are much. You might have to edit what I save us anything. Is as dead as they got a girlfriend named Whitney and they mad at that does not gotti's that three wise men realize been in broad ripple. And everyone sees managers like listen you're gonna work here at three lyzard there's going to be some sex now. We did have some relations mean Whitney hand ahead. We doctor on a facetime call Olivia she's on her way to not LA fitness but down I was. Might have mattered lifetime that's right. And he lost his hipster glasses but he can't afford to buy more. Times are hard some hands. He worked this mile and I favorite things I learned about don't you were did that nicely Downey plays that nicely plant company Anderson. I don't know the song I can edit it. On the Atlantic everything's better when you go about abiding. So big word out there and day you're did as some six hours today six 6 PM six the end it's AM. I got complacent at the assembly line and has a job that no good roll by and he would pull an op every hour into Fannie pole and opposite. I'm and pull an obvious lack. You drink it and say that these goods perfect where guys have for another out there but that he would also steal. Many of them now it's fine I you know I were in town we olive still little bit from work. I hand. So you had a backpack filled with chocolate milk for his first hot bodies. These two bodies four. And so let's see here. It was only endless. He lives at meridian in 38 streak to eighteen and seems like danger and it's a little. I keep your nose clean yeah. That's the hand that they're coming servicemen what did you I'll decide it's going to be tough I knew Mark Burnett we laments around the gate is my bro. But Dylan's come on strong today about next outside the guy that will move to a special evening together and in the final hour. That's right that's coming up next here on this show. Good day yesterday. The other couple. It's. OK I like Ellen did bring his a game out really dead yeah I nice bill.