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You know we're from the smiley morning joke and now he's got his own show radio theology is on CPL. Tears called pastor Darius. Welcome to radio that the you weekly dose of faith open lab right here and am and I've ZPL. Yeah. I'm gonna do on your hosting and day here with the one the only Iran dollar what's up Darren Howard good evening at Ryan how are you a great guy feel good so good to see at producer Katie is here. You Katie and get wonderful and the wonderful Lisa grabbed. Not here at home with the flu. And obviously Hank and oh yeah. We got a picture from Lisa was she's got one of those one of those surgical masks on her face out and us yet and he said you know what the what and stay home with that Lou. You keep vessel including yourself and par for the course that tears and she did she was trying to build that had to she's pregnant with the flu yes. It's okay we're feel for elites that. You you get penalties and vitamin C takes for these costs in the morning but we do have the one the only. The beautiful the Smart she's a rate of professional at her hair is like justice technical the code does. That. On what nick said Nicky we know that you don't get a chance to be in the studio enough would you comment more on the weekend sounds great to me. I've noticed the smell of this microphone yeah. You get a part two airs tonight and you're gonna hang out and we said Nikki would you come in and talk about one of the more opera things in the world you know basically religion your priests in a spiritual pursuits he also wanted to do that you have a -- for punishment. Finally that made the argument is generating a theology this month has been great we've been a journey with this Monday morning crew and just talk about their spiritual experiences growing up and has been awesome. Being great Nikki start our our Tony started a soft we had will last week Nikki tonight and then next week will be the one only David Scott smiley. Should be just like a super bouncy ball in this. Container and they're gonna let a next week but listen. Enjoy the journey to Matt we have a lot written about saint patty's Tehran about the that we we're trying to grant this week you pup theology we get all the hits is right or 995 ZPO. If you're on the Sunday night struggle thus we wanna hear from you. 317228109. Guys radio theology on CD Al. Welcome back. And now huh. It's a beautiful day outside Maine and the sunshine is beautiful gorgeous gorgeous we can do this on Friday when we were celebrate saint Patrick would've been nice would have been nice we had a cold racing past Joseph begins had a Goodwin had a blast got to spend the weekend that mows Irish pub open knows bill yeah which was phenomenal that's a place to beyoncé patty it you know if you're gonna do saint paddies you need to go ahead and be an Irish bar lets be honest that their Christmas. Yeah I. You know I I do I do putt theology is I need to be in bars often end so I I spent a fair amount time around people that are slightly too highly inebriated yeah. But as saint patty's day just takes the cake for an. Yes. And including the bar has been race at Atlanta. What I Atlanta watching watching there was a lot of police presence there to keep everyone safe and random Hampshire and Iowa as you get until later in the days the people that feel like there's some need to challenge or maybe dance in front of the police yeah. Yeah well and I'm not sure I would ever dew that might keep your eyes down thank you officer walk away yet why call attention to it yet or or some who get a little too pinkie. To the office yeah yeah. Earlier pre jailers guys that. Another good governance for the touch US. There I wouldn't think. And I talked about the social gaps that we are most in Iraq and your guys' band mixed tape we have which let me just brag on the menu for a minute aren't I mean you're in street and chase are good. You do not enough fine and over the world. And now you do young life and agency which is phenomenal changing his lines. But you and your wife onstage the dynamic duo and has been mixed tape it it has something. To be reckoned with my yet Lauren as the talent in the she's out of control she has so much. So she was a theater major value we Mitzi. Total like pitch perfect plot of our group. And she you know she's we Jesus is mom she is and always stay at home but that's the term you know me on. And when she gets on stage and lets loose it is so fun. Yeah it was you know we had a great time everybody was and a alike are practically our entire cold stack of papers there at. That's what's fun did have a sack there yet the block party. Are you at what you do with it and. All else that we did that mourner morning Joseph on morning show and yet will gotta haul past will be a whole passel 6 PM that was very exciting and then. We all I can only buy it like. 1015. We only do or somewhere at that point to this day was kind of subdued because he was gonna go camping. And the rest of us wanted to well how we see it you'll like crack the glow stick to currently yeah trying to keep it a little bit before this. And then we get finally all over downtime between the parade traffic in the NCAA took everybody really long time. You to a Riley's immediately start attacking ourselves. Men acquitted and we passed it it's from Delhi teach are yes you join us. And then we went to Rask dollar and met up with a couple more people from the station and then it would slowly started to peel off at that point into on the bench that's new this year. No conversation they did Fehr and Selig. And ever and happening efficiently and then it's safe for everybody he adds that eventually got girlfriends as we did ask Ehlers and amendments you Evans. Did that for a little bit and then I Hubert home I had had enough and then just there's this new app and kinda. Markel line yeah I'm mad yeah well I am on the this'll it's like. When you wanna send a video message some is just video messages tell you things you know make a group anti video group's ideas. Markel all of my boyfriend Wasilla where I hang as the meets the yeah it is and it just it would not party that. I added my. I know that happened they watch it later. And I did without a leg and arm and Marco Polo where. He was in the pool. Urban dictionary term yes I yeah yeah. You know speaking your guys resulting paddies debt I've spent some time on Friday that those with with KJ he's no honest gosh I don't wanna send when our sister station and she's been doing this cast these quest trying to grant a wish to this capacity. Nineteen years old local girl here fight for life of leukemia. We're trying to senator London which is really really cool wish and I was hate it would turn Patrick her husband and Patrick was sharing the story of one of the saint Patrick's real most die in the baggage ambulance. Well there's video of it I'll end it was a it was instinct you do what he said they got they got downtown and that and he as did something downtown that your idea. He you know got going early like. 6 AM season. And that it's just hard to start commitment throttle back animals to think I. Yes but I think everybody with an out of there Indo KG had demo of a phenomenal job with her wish Wednesday east and they were up almost 7000 dollars and now it's a grant to grant a wish and now I think everybody that came out to most both on Friday and on Saturday with pub theology and with Ryan's been mixed tape we were able to raise over thirteen hundred dollars this week passed. Staggering and it. And city so fast there in order on home yes so stoked about that so banks have been a part of that because had a great saint patty's day in your recovering we come back from the break gonna jump into Nikki story end it's going to be a great time making way for the straight ideology and I've fives EPO I. I Tzipi outs the babes. And beer. A snake LM the beads you know I used to be like note to the beads in ice time he's kind of flag run on gentlemen you race them Labatt. Are in ally in that bag probably lose a lot of street cred when I just ended up well you didn't have much to begin. Great theology your weekly dose of faith hope love music I'm here they went to host here with Ryan all we're pretty Katie in the un and only Nikki Reed is trying to what did you. And give shot out of course and on the block. To. Huddle I I certainly cigarettes are. Our co host she's home with the flu. So vitamin C it up Lisa Wheeler with you next week rest. Of that riser everything. Anyway so this month we have had somebody comes on a morning show in what this each week to just on talk about their spiritual journey to eastern coming up here in a couple weeks out and what I've noticed as I've been in the end of the as a pastor for a fifteen years is that. Is that there's just some natural like Evan flows of and a spiritual pursuits like usually. Christmas and Easter and right are kind of a major way points for people buying the items up you know a lot like. Maybe I should give this whole thing a Trier see what it's like I should probably throw on some nice clothes. Yes given Asia and that whole situation can be pretty terrifying because Edward you start. Is this is this one does this one bad whatever and so if you know as a lead up to Easter at least is going a little bit of journey with people we know people you know and and 'cause that that everybody's journey you know with. Spiritual things transcendent face kind of stuff is very very intriguing to me and very very different so Mickey we ask you to come and you're our third go around on this deal. And off the air you said the Euro Europe kind of spiritual journey kind of past three chapters yes so we're gonna search up. You lay out the three chapters. Actors worked cults. OK okay okay I'll day one and try to find early in the thick and screw it. Essentially. That the title and and the goodness that I I want is I want to read it. And now you're gonna hear it. Yeah yeah it's gonna happen right now. Because we had we had the call we had he had the journey electorate let's figured out what this and we had you know what to screw it yet so let's start with the Cole yeah that's a little bit. This to say unique yes airy so take this take his back. I young Mickey. And the journey with being in a coal. Also I grew up in aid church that. Is nondenominational church as we were told it was my mom grew up but it's my grandparents during it we back when. And that time they joined it it was led by guy in the global church I knew this was always a local such a he had his own religious radio program he would disseminate our program all over the world and it has had to hold on now are. You meet on Amazon now I don't I don't worry it's called the in my in my statement. You might be ignored the doctor can I get out of it and guys that this is overnight to lead and yeah. Some guys like Fred McKnight number one headline got to keep. And I enjoyed it when it at that time. It was kind of sold as is getting back to the basics like hardcore religion if you like it you know gravelly and what this is the church 30 yeah so they joining Matt. I am and if you've ever heard the analogy of the frog in the pot of water down the drop of fraud and pot of boiling water it'll jump out. Use out of frog in a pot of cold water and slowly turn heat up it doesn't know until. Boiled that won't notice it'll just suggest. So flash for you my mom obviously was born into it the air was able he had and Munich in global church so. We kind of did things a little different so instead we didn't celebrate Christmas Easter Halloween. I'm pretty much anything connected to religion we are allowed to celebrate Thanksgiving. And then we had are all related Airpwn holidays I like to compare them to like if old school Judaism and jehovah's witness had a baby and work. No we had you know we celebrate things like passover on there was a thing called the days of on leavened bread here where we were not allowed to have any landing in our house whatsoever like literally to the point you to vacuum out toaster well. As like an idea of god. Missing in your life he was eleven inning you couldn't eat anything like me to bring her own little lunches no in out. We didn't eat pork or shellfish because those aren't we needs mostly old testament yeah as far as that goes. I mean there's a there's a mixture of of some Christian as that old old testament stuff but. And I you know as you read out that's what you read a pessimist have to like this makes no sense but if you go back and really digging you realize okay guy was trying to keep. Like at a group of people live for a long time with the unclean unexplained stuff but still things things made sense but I final lap times when we. As kids we grow up and seven when there's lots of rules oftentimes they're not really explain to us alone now it seems like. A bunch are really weird it's a sewing as a kid you was asked that explained it was account like why can't we do Christmas we can do Thanksgiving what's going on. How. Are pretty equal and that's on the right in I was really lucky. It wasn't very strict religious upbringing in some ways but my parents because we're what are the other things like I was lucky is that my dad. Group Christian reformed and now Holland Michigan. And he quit airing my mom unless he converted into the church so Sunday he. Parents are not thrilled. Process but he didn't have my mom and so we did have kind of as. Great dichotomy from my parents are mom was raised is certainly by Abbott say. And my mom in some cases with that we too and so. Great about explaining it to as they are also graded well making sure that we didn't feel different. And if we did feel different if there are moments where you. The town Negroponte was incredibly Christian religious. Everybody editors of didn't go to church or weird how open. Richard I went to church on the Ronde went on Saturday I was a weird I'll I do all these weird how things and so. They were always asking skin. And I'm like I don't think so yeah. I'll tell you I don't know yeah. Yeah that's how that goes there. Yeah gonna ever happen to me all the time and they were great about helping us even as you know five years old and you to say. I'm in and not denominated nominees old church but I still believe in god and is just I going to different and you. And we don't celebrate holidays and I knew. I see it as. You know that lovely Santa Claus yes yes and I used does other people did that I was old and don't tell people. That's what how they could be and you don't really admirable might have been helper yes it's things like that to really worry about that because they inked. I'm mom title. Issues growing up where she felt so out of place and different because of her religion. She didn't want us to feel that and so things like when that school parties like. Halloween party which by the way it was most devastating thing for me it didn't care about Christmas didn't care about Easter egg on. Colleen one but the house and I was and I cried eyes at her. We left we would leave the parties in my mom can't come to us at a school with and she took its easily pay you know like those and we couldn't play normal schools but he has her own sports teams that we are such a big massive church. The beef you know did turn Amundson. Decatur and in Ohio and with our other church members can ask all our basketball I'll I'll cheer leading and you name it we played it while. And talents as an I mean. It was a lot. Okay it seems that your parents like they they they knew kind of the predicament that you guys were in but it seemed to me understand my it was very important for them tonight to now only education and and make you know what's going on but hey they really did care I mean she doesn't feel like at a place and yeah. It's really cool. You know it's funny when I tell people like group and a call their faces Ehrlich wants to sorry I'm like what I noticed like I knew I was friend. But I didn't feel badly. Other than Halloween now L. And then we also did this funding through Sumi didn't do Christmas. But we did the east which was in the fall. And so for two weeks your job as a church member was to go and go to one ever trip to somewhere else. That's so depending on your financial situation room my feeling was locking up we'd been to. England and Australia and for two weeks in that church every day it's similar and Monica we're like. Get a little present every day and things like that. Am but then if you didn't have a lot of money went to like Wisconsin Dells are you went like two towns over and went to another church there and fellowship and got. No ice usage of fellowship as Denver but it's not. I love that all the time and a lot of Ellis shipping and call it victory can get it right there at and we fellowship hall and. So what do you come to your church while you were gone it's actually okay I'm all that's like it doesn't seem that bad the only thing I think that there are a couple of things that made us more call the scary than probably normal at least go on. The cave. It holed up in Atlanta. About certain practice or something you like that I haven't walked a lead well I don't know if we get away we get in and I'll tell us. I mean I need some time to soak in the fact there's a case. It would need to be this Friday morning so this is Nana Kweisi Bose radio theology weakness of faith Obama we come back from the summer and go to the cave I hear it again. Fifty radio PRI and we are on the spiritual journey at Nikki Reed. And imported six wintry. We left you for some edge here we were talking about Mickey grip Nicole and I didn't know that to later on in life but there was a cave involved and needs to use. And occasionally asks this where wind from just interesting religions like now I'm gonna. And I bet it could well the only larger. With that we were like gods one chosen people that we and we musings everybody didn't and then there was going to be a day. Didn't know land but I was in the like it's time it just you guys. And the all go to Petra Israel. Yes and there was apparently it came there I don't know that there would ever actually like physical proof that there was that we were just was to go there and find his cave now. Give the gave. And then got was gonna somehow closed off with a stone the big rock and the rest of the world was an act except for arcade we were going to be cut so everybody else has begun. And then. The reason helping the animals from on on how that works but then when it was time and gotten a blow the ram's horn. And roll away the stone and we all mountain with live on earth. In the world tomorrow was what it was called that was like our version of heaven but it was honored. All the world's Mara and is very similar like in those songs that we think it did great in the world tomorrow that we had her own song that's. I think it's wrong and yet I know the world tomorrow sounds in the transformers kid really is a pattern you read is the he had the world that you have right now at this small worm rig yeah in the snarled the world's Arnold people from writers to be lining up like. Oh. You guys that are so young somebody you don't sports debit did did you read like did you guys read the by publisher yeah it's. But it was theory old testament so I don't right now I'm not gonna say that we weren't hot about it I don't remember really talking about Jesus ever. Got and so are all of our children's books that we would have to you know our homework and stuff it was in a Cain and Abel stories that was you know what is it a it was a guy and Trent. Evidence on Abraham. I knew him and I yeah Iran or like I was very old testament story and that was kind of refocus it was a little bit more doom and gloom and like. Open your current magic comes and like. That kind of happened and follow the rules so I asked you guys did this chapter one you would see of electing your about thirteen when it went into it when was like OK time to fund from the page also was. Team. On the way I understand it there was a leader of our church at the time. Europe global church and he passed and the new guy took over and based it was like. We're doing is wrong like enough not doing this because you know he believed that the church was taking a lot of money from people on being dishonest and doing things that really. True to god basically three disbanded church and so we split into so. It was my line drawn and it was if you wanna keep believing what we believed you can go out. And if you don't need this day and so I've lost most of my friends they weren't allowed to talk to Mary and as they went in they wanted to keep their parents basically. So we weren't a lot of talk to him anymore and which has hurt which has a thirteen hundred if he'd like. You add them and we school and we wanna hang out and you couldn't do a Friday ninety over because. The Sabbath sundown Friday night's announced Saturday you'd go home you did church things and now I'm. I didn't half of close friends like that I had Richard friends and so. They all act in it was kind of this moment as a family where. We decide what to do extensive church community that we were in with that is the church has a hold decided wise. You do your own thing so. Basic Christian religious beliefs here you golf figured out pastors do you thing do. Every need to do. So all as a kind of learning other than my dad earning this for the first time in and I still remember my when my parents are the first Christmas. And as a Stanley discussed unity. So you're thirteen never done. So we also OK. Let's do like. Christmas lights of nodes tree you know president I guess when. And two eggs when didn't do so what king and India in life you're told this is the way it is period and a story now and then one day it's not act. And you just have to figure well his you believed in you knew the answer and then the answer was taken from him. So. Crist might she ask because he'd missed the I'm. Clark you. Like my reason you join me on the roof and yeah. Drinkable of them paired. Or something to do that night is Christmas Eve tonight that comes how many kids. Our and we dry Christmas tree place walk about Christmas Eve like pre tree and the guy was like makers deceive you get a treat. Just taking a look at me complete retreat birdie take Larry I don't really. Industry be if I. Then we go to Meyer is the only places opening Christmas Eve yeah at all like. All in the lights everything broke in and out. App whenever we're grabbing we'll take it whenever we can't every street. One of the things we found we confined star but we found is creepy. Plastic headed to all Angel holding to light would like gross early that we bring home. I know hold on I love the identical sincere basically born and then the thing that is sticking out is that that's. Owing its yeah. I love the classic dollars B be vindicated as. Point oh go go go go so I we don't have the trees out like we to among its own among its home. Like and we kind of agreed notes are overwhelmingly. OK so then we as family sit around and she gives siege in ornaments. She says like and this is all their intentions are you and we tradition. Do you that's starting to gather and that's due this is annaly. Like the tree. And I average out whenever they light the tree but creeping Dolly's on top light that it was holding. Red. And the red light reflected off the. And I just didn't do anything and you have written and I. Am my mom's crying yeah. That was my first Christmas yeah. They don't. Last Christmas and that demon. It. That was kind of how we transition cannot allow you know I love the television this and you know inviting us in the store and I think it's inching is that you know being on the be a part of this Friday morning chauffeur for years now and and he'll eat you talk to people around and I know you guys a little bit by the now snippets of what you say and I'll talk to people that they've grown up her whole life and a church and like well it. On Nicky and I mean she kind of thinks this is she asked what I love is that so we're so quick. We're so quick to judge people. Before we know anything about their story. And they're people may be that that Burnett in and may be they've never had their beliefs challenged NP had transition from a COLT to a non code named in weren't talk about that after the break this unit that journey to kind of figure stuff out. But the sentiment that maybe they're being in and just a regular there you know mainline Christian denomination but the reality is no one's really ever pushed them and they may be going during to go through a season where there are other things not just leaving a cold but there can be things restart to realize like man. Everything isn't exactly the way I was taught growing up and you begin to ask questions and faint in just everything's it. It's a very destabilizing. Thing and go man some of these foundations that I thought Wear this are not this you know. And so I just I just know we're gonna work beauty to the initial announcement thank you so much for this town the story because it's like. When you get to know somebody in the journey there in in May this is encouraging if you're listening in you there's somebody say. And I don't understand my neighbor I don't understand my classmate in an amino. Of why they do this or why they have this body is. Take some time in and listen to someone's story is when you walk me it's an escalation into what amounts summoned shoes and gives you so much of a greater understanding. Of of who they are and how they became the person that they are enemy and so I Levitt Nicki actually went to the rest of the story you're listening tonight and I'm by Zito this is radio theology. This is radio theology. With hub pastor Gary and 9095. CPL. A rebuke the they're weakly as a faith hope love and music Karen and I fives EPO. They're going here with you with ran our producer Katie end one the only Nikki Reed despite a morning show asked and that we're taking this month and just following that the spiritual journey involving all the folks this I'm a morning show you know on the trust him in and wish you to know each other better and I think it I think honestly guys if we sat around and really listen to our friends and people around a story more than just may we just hang around it's tough sometimes I mean maybe did. To open our south but to say hey man here's the journey I've been on. But now I'm genuinely enjoyed just in here you know lol all you guys what you know what has made Hewitt in in this in the side of I've kind of faith is a regular question for the break yet. So Mickey you're grown a chemical yes birth the thirteen yes it's it's it's a you know. Blends are looking at the world. Was curiosity ever in courage like what we could you say you know let. I don't know how I feel about this that the other I mean with that. Allowed permitted encouraged. I I you know I can only speak from the child end of things I don't know that it necessarily one that's yes I'm I believe that more often than not it was. Blind faith. It's what you're being told is the right thing because the world and any Dane Alan you better be on the right side of it and but I'd do with believe that I was super super lucky I had. Incredible parents too and restrictive they work still can only I'll explain it. As best I can't as much as I'm able to our you know I don't know app but you know when we go to church on Sunday and Saturday why don't you asked that and Canada and though. He did it. My parents are really I still remember story real quick but we weren't allowed to eat pork. School cook out I all hot dogs were Turkey hot dogs girlfriend of mine like little school friend hands hot dog take a I like. We aired. On like. My mom and let's stop being like. Eight and and she immediately it's namely. And you know her don't tell pastor Mike Wood in the table yeah it actually so that. Is kind of the Whitney's I was absolutely they wanted us to go to the world tomorrow go to our eternity but. And we're gonna bend themselves to a point where it was so ridiculous they were gonna break you know after. You know I think it's such things in what was on last week and one of the statements that will made that I was was super intriguing and I see this so often as he said you know he got to the place for him in his church a journey where he had. Really really great questions and got really really bad answers and and you know when I think that that. For me at least like I know personally I really believe that the big Jesus is the real deal right when he says like hey I'm on the way in the truth my is that like if he's real it's it's like if it's not made out right in its real. And he really is the truth and like all this of the battle is about as true. Like you don't need it today to to squelch curiosity. Where the search for you know or asked the best questions and even if you. Even if you can't find an immediate answer and you have to search for for a while like. It's down and I keep going in you're gonna discover step in the journey that. I really do meet so many people that. That that idea of giving people the freedom to really search after truth and ask tough questions is really discouraged securities and. I would say that probably I was more discourage of asking questions once I left the cults and went into christianity. Re I was actually more discouraged from asking questions and because I had a lot of them because it was a new concept and a lot of ladies and a you know for me I'm going well I group ease the rules in the Saddam's palace you okay now why are your rules this way what does this mean why we have to at. And nobody really wanted to answer those questions I don't know maybe they do know the answer. Or they weren't used to a child asking those kinds of things more from you you each percent more from friends or from authority figures that your. And an authority figures as far as like youth groups and that's a lot of youth groups a lot of young life and things like that where an I would say probably more heated then. Adults per say but. A lot of friends are incredibly religious pastor's daughters and stuff like at an eight it was not a comfortable situation when I would ask why do you think that is. In my. Honest I think they're two things that I would think anything the younger when I was younger asking those questions it was they didn't know. And it Al Turk ads they're just like they knew as much as I knew about religion as far as how they were raised. But yet I think acting there is that your wife ten to finally do it on people who are religious. The reason I like talking you'd Darren is because you're not it doesn't freak you out that I have dousing questions and things like Abbott. Keeping people are afraid that if I asked many questions it might raise a question in their heart or high right now and that freaks them out. But in my head I go if you truly believe if you're Soledad what she got questions don't hurt any count. He now though. I think you're honest open and can I think what is his I think for a lot of people they they. They kind of have something they believe they've they've understood this much and maybe it's made a difference ally pier but. But whether it's you know they had too many. Things to watch on Netflix or they just don't like to read or on the lakers' team we don't really study a lot of stuff you know I mean I think that's why you look like the medical field exciting come out like. Hey if you take this pill you're gonna lose 8000 pounds in six days ago I can't but we've got ample I don't. What. You know to take all my money if it doesn't sound like Chris Kennedy you can eat well and work out six days a week in a year from now you'll change your life yet now if I can take a handful of pills and being so. Like and we buy into stuff that really going in. Two to do the hard work to it to search and now I think there is a lot of people that. It's just this way because it's always been this way and I have I have doubts and I have fears I have things that. I don't maybe I'm too lazy to take the time arm too scared to take the time to really find it or no went around you answered the questions so. I have to shut down your curiosity. Because you're making me nervous yes. You know. And I sat down and if you go back to may be some of the stuff that Jesus dealt with is like people like hey bro you're really knew about or to flip over the whole Al a carte so we're gonna do is kill you yeah because you're really asking and doing some wacky. There really wasn't a lukewarm response. Hit yeah. Like I wanna see what this guys up and coming up on February oh. Our total creep in or it has and let this matchup at this guy yeah yeah there was really any anyone was like man. I mean don't you take on Jesus. And I. Brand viewers in the U guys try to did you leave young life for him to South Asia ran all I used to be instrumentation now he's pleased analyst at these young life and and you said the U takes him some time each each semester to let kids just ask questions. Now we feared they're asking them anyway like probably to each other maybe think about eleven where I mean. One thing that I always wanted to do with whatever or try and you know incorporate it into an teach them and honestly I like to learn from you know. And so I always say hate. Give us your ideas what are you wanna talk about it and it's like why is the question that I kind of an tossed around like. One was you know why in this often gets tossed you know to christianity that. Why would a lot of guts and hell or hasn't science desperate everything about religion at a at a and so we have we found kind of these themes of like these six or seven big. Theological kind of questions like counter questions it is the Christian faith and we just invite kids in the car and where can be a safe place young for them to just kind of say you know what I don't. Agree with that at all and that no one freaks out like you said again don't know how to react to that event. Me why you know let us explore together that are out. You know we talked about that guys are so what organ and our start doing an end it's gonna rolling in the next few weeks restarting new segment reached each week Arab every with the police whatever here on radio the article asked the pastor. It's something that we've done for years actually and and pub theology where people can text in any question they want about faith hope love relations got anything they've always kind of wanted to ask the pastor yet but been afraid to ask and so we're gonna do is a life guys do you detect those inner. 7281099. Arrests are collecting your questions and then in the dedicated section of the show what we we just do our best answer questions answer mall in and be right at the end yes. And Emma and I hope I Nikki that with this with the with the segment of the show is that we can do you know what what I've tried to do and admire your friendship with you and anybody I come in contact with that and hopefully we can gain your trust is a listening audience that. There's not going to be any questions that are going to be shame to look down on her said you know why are you asking that in the probably going to be a lot of questions at Bieber gonna ask that the answer is going to be you know what. I just don't know that it Timmy that's the most the most fantastic humbling thing that's immediate leadership position can do. Is if you if you how many answer excellent rate. If you don't. It's also okay an eagle and don't let me do some research lassie combined because and as a person asking you get the sense that. Am not alone nobody knows the all of these cancers in all of us together a primary. Act curiosity in your your your humanity is honored in. In and I think at eleven here's a guy I'm not I'm not banging on church tonight I preach this morning three times and immerse rodents I allowed Church of God or Jesus points out thanks to go put that at all I put a bathroom window in my mansion happens when. But you know church isn't really structured so if you have like a really difficult question to go and shoot your panda in the middle Billick. Broad totally disagree don't. And it is so hopefully hear on radio theology a weakness of faith album of against our inviting you to Tenet to that the conversation. As we introduce asked the pastor committed a couple weeks we'll be right back this is every at the odd job man that by Tzipi out. Tzipi Ellis radio the obvious that we prisoner clapping illustrates my. So that's a dangerous on those doing the car. And I varies on going fast and also not not just content into I'm I'm clap and the whole bit and he's got it together now that he can make my hands clap. I'm sorry if it anyway there are they going your hosts on radio at the judge you weakness of faith hope and love and music writer Nana I've yet while Ryan forward a year here. Hello yes I'm excited. Yeah stronger Gabriel immigrant and eight you know what and also with you well. Blessings all of our real recognizes real yet our co host with the most Lisa graft is sick at home with the flu. And pregnant and and that just makes or hurt its are hurt. Hearts go at least instill a fear out of babies are in the room. That I sent like. You are doing is included BM. I've. The only man I can use it. Can you imagine if as a pregnant woman appeared per kid could bar from the moment I don't think they can't ballot if you could feel that like you're gonna be strike even a site. I don't know BG YN but I'm pretty sure app and is oh yeah. This week NL this month and radio theology were just kind of bad journey along with somebody from the on the morning show you guys to do hear them every morning and your drive to work in that. And their number one in the city for a re. And it's just we're really honored that they would take time to kind of be on our show. Our little you know measly two hour on Sunday you know Britney Kennedy knows we shut the ratings and we are the number one radio theology radio program in the I don't ever really kind of anti. Yeah your your patience you know we we do we can no picture of the coming up a competition is fierce debate got through security. In all honestly the crowd outside pop out the army right. But anyway we we're talking before the break as of you can't you you grew up on a cold so discuss people have Nikki group and a coal which he was thirteen got out of the cold. And then really jumped into the whole Christian deal when you talked about before the break with sandy that it was weird because you actually may be wearing Kurz ask more questions and be more inquisitive. In the cold and you Wear when you got into like christianity it's down I think is really. Sad to me personally but I think is is pretty down anime is a little bit too commonplace and I think sometimes that questions that we. Ask and answer we get warmer kids like members of Mandarin before the break about for me I've never been a kid. And that a teenage boy and as a teenage boy you you have lots of things that that may be your you're working through. I did it certainly know one thing yeah yeah. And if I were. And girls gone through puberty and yeah Canada trying to you know have via. You know area a pure mind is that right. And so like you know using curse words was not the biggest problem in my life other I did starting this extra have a pretty standard at pretty hefty hefty dose of a gangster perhaps. Asia immigrants. But if it was on my own thing own. Long. We got to the bones that that went straight for NWA. Well yeah when I move yeah. Iger open in Arizona and we were just you know hop skip and jump from LA via or unit when it all came out knew we had the Ice-T we had NWA we had to not to after we had a what's his name I. That was not a bout was late in the game. DJ quick DG in the ghetto boys casting your client's apartment and it's playing tricks on me arrogant and but. So that was funny that you listened to a lot of gangster rap that we knew it makes you console price yeah 300 banana it would remember asking one of my son schoolteachers thinking OK if I were the car wreck. And right and I knew the semi I was gonna smash me yeah and I DC let out a cuss words I was like back to that like oh. As I. I had chances I go to hell. On the cuss word rant for forgiveness yeah. And as a junior high boy this and is good teachers like look that's that's a tough ones may be hit it. And I was like named me if I'm gonna go to hell yeah for the cuss word with the semis. I'm for sure halfway there right and he's I don't want to yeah yeah law this. That yes so that the the understanding of grace was was quite was quite shallow in that ultimately though is like. That the the Christian audience okay within within let's say within christianity yeah there's always those questions like. Okay well what about the people who never heard about Jesus and the rain it's always the rainfall that's where they are always the rain forest yeah and it's. That one question obviously while we always defer to the rain forest now the pygmies who never did any of them because they don't and I think that's why you know idle at. They'll Le ha a lot of humidity here. That that piece about that run I think it is that the question actually behind that question yeah is actually this is. I have thought about caring for the pygmies in the rainforest yeah. And if I thought about him. MI more loving and gun game I think is the actual question. Because then if nobody goes out there makes them say the words are supposed to say and they go to hell right even though he knows they're there and he's good with Ambien and rainforest like. It is I loved the great experts. Right nice but I'm thinking about it right if I'm feeling compassionate towards them and if he's supposed to be compassionate god then then what's the deal right here saying that. People are looking they're they're turning god into their. And I'm trying to follow that but I'm saying what we're looking at got through our lands yes we're saying if I'm if I'm this compassionate yet you probably should be way more can I gotta go get. In my way. Women there if you wanted to go to Atlanta right. Why are they so short if they're picked out a question. I didn't have that question and again I do now there is a good answer to all of that we're not gonna get tour right now and we might just after the break this is radio theology and I'm five EPO. Radio theology. And 99 sides. ET Al. Radio theology nearly wonder your host of the Ryan Howard producer Katie in the one and only Nikki Reed this by the morning show. Thank and that we're into right in the conversation I wish we had more time and maybe you're reading and you just really weird just kill and you're like I can just hear somebody about right now my life or be complete. We're gonna keep talking because I love stories in the Q a I wish to have to do this on our off you know commercial break conversations but. Your tell you so catch you guys that majors that group Nicole Avant when she was thirteen John Vickers reformed church and then you jumped headlong into like. Really pursuing this kind of new free life in and did you did have a bunch abuse can't stop and so take as to how like seek on this pursue but then how does that trained how to deal rails. Are so I was youth group was involved all the church every week and I did and my personal opinion I lived the life that I spoke ring I didn't. Cursed at drink I didn't I didn't relations I didn't any of it I was behavior I was on the past. So I would go to this Christians summer camp every here in Minnesota was three months long. And Hewitt two to three months and the summer that's three months the pain. That I loved it. Ty is out there and the whole thing. And you were queuing up from every one become a staff member when it's so cool staff member for a couple years. And then my sister Bryant at Tennessee temple had wanted to beat. Sellers I thought younger but as the counselor whatever. We are told after it I'd. Pay yet we were told that we were not far enough along and our spiritual journey. To be able to be counts and they how was their how to they judge that I don't know. I just was told that we aren't and I do know based on the people that they had chosen at that time they were very young very vocal theory. Don't be too just under the theatrical very you know Eagles showed comedy channel I am a house to say that I mean I'm sure their hearts were probably in their cubic you know I have a good game after the game. So we were told you could be on staff became the counselors wild and flash Georgia about a week before camp started and we're getting ready to go and we get a call. All the pros people who work iron up along in the youth and Ernie had been sent home for drinking and smoking and the ducks outs and that was one of those moments from anywhere I went. And I'm living the life and doing everything I believe I'm supposed to do truly am trying to follow god and those people are further along. I. Right so I did the camp and then my sister and I both like inward and Wednesday he. That was kind of the moment for me right I needed a little bit more research I need to branch out because. And filing is straight line of you know christianity Chris her form and feeling like on me a little screwed here yeah like I'm doing 1000 do it's not and nobody believes it no it's not working out. The that was where I kind of went to college. I met this other girl with really sweet and we thought let's golly look for church just existence I'm in a similar space is Meehan so. We've gone to a couple like random like. And it went to a hat districts here in Indianapolis and was very exciting and lots and it'll happen in dance. That pastor at our museum preaching and it's very you know. I someone's playing it's green eyes and yeah yeah I just remember him going. Well I haven't in and a probably not mean Wright is very strict rule I don't know scratch maybe on baby cries somewhere owls. That in my next attempt was I had girlfriend who was hostile. And it friend who I with applicants who recent all right I've ever been either those churches. I wanna eat ours and a catheter is fine neat you know the ice in the thing with the smoke and it I was gonna cool moss along. It was long be app useful add as wheelchairs. Then we interdependent and there are things it's about some of their rules include you know. Not wearing pants as a woman who make up stuff like. Didn't do them per bit more I didn't get through. A rarity it was not Herbie has been nobody is 800. Already kind of urging. Because welcoming place now if you had to answer that crack Shah. As mr. the service it was a it was a much different service than I'm used alas speaking in tongues things like I was very interesting now. We reached the end of the service and the pastors and will not spoken to me and he said somebody's getting baptized today who is. And nobody comes sport is goes on for about twenty minutes and he starts to get angry because that means that you know he's he's gonna look fool us. Then he says to the ushers. Closed the doors nobody leaves until somebody here gets back. I'm going. Believer in buying. 45 minutes goes by and you know yelling I know you're out there are just afraid. To ethnic you can switch an increased need based aid. To some of the ya something in my head yet you do is come to you on a whim. Or at remembering it reported a bright with a locked door and field. And it. Only half I I think as I. She needs. Child three weeks oh. And in the big walls lit baptismal lived under and and the second those doors open I ran as fast as likely as to meet again at like. And of people and I know that everybody has a different lock in and some people their reading you it is different but. Is pretty close Indian from as far as I just when I had not. Well and help them. Good reason right yeah and I in light. Maybe I am aware conundrum and and there may be some folks and listened in and you're good Christian folks and you go to a good mainline church and you think that maybe yesterday and is going to Al and I might be thinking. I don't think I am but like. I've I I have a journey hammy captured match around on the on the show but like I've grown to the point where I thought have a severe roller like allergic reaction against religion in hand. Because like I really really love following Jesus when I see in his life he says ice it is. Is he did not come to invite this into a deeper religion but actually invite as all out of it completely. And into a relationship when icu religious stuff happens it is almost always based on exclusion in fear. Because I think we have to use fear to control people it's the easiest way to control human being spear and my back kind of situation I'm a guy is gonna scream and yell for 45 minutes with the door locked. To force you to do something like. That is fear based like if that's not an it church it's called entrapment if it's legal right. We do that in that we hitched that wagon. To saying and this is what God's love is about and it's like for me I act like the best expression I can understand I was reading at the life of Jesus and never ever ever. Did he use fear to score worse in in manipulate people to do something they didn't wanna do. It was always an open handed free falling invitation that you could take or leave and if you wanted to leave it. He wasn't mad at he said you know what you have the freedom to choose this or not in the fact that we have completely whack job that out. Like literally it makes me get sick right and I hope that with radio module we can be eulogy to an end in May be you get a little bit of an affair at a place nearby for me this. It just laughed. Answers like that the ones who can't get into a political sway you've had a list of top of the you are not yet what a freak just happened with a lot or listen that person locked that door may have been really well intentioned. But he may he or she main haven't had their or their wagon attached to the right place and and I hope that he's listened to our show when he is is it truly becomes a weekly dose of faith hope and love for your life. In this Israeli at the odds and and I went five Iraq. You'll theology. And 99 sides to CTO. Indianapolis. Present in the deep into the pool and on and apologize is you know we've given them we just gave you some train right. And probably give you some. Nick humanize or something and yet I shook me up again. Anyway where your weekly dissipated Obama and hope you enjoy our show we thank US bonus if you want more of listening go to iTunes download. Our are subscribe to or iTunes jammed asserts that radio theology and only went out there and you get the podcast every week on a Sunday night 68. Right now you may be on the range and he had to go out in you know and get something united front in the store whatever he stumbled upon our show and you think to yourself. Greatest rate of adolescent. My whole life I look up. Listen Youkilis due whenever you want go to iTunes download the the app or a jump on FaceBook follow us on on mr. Graham Twitter all that stuff you go to radio theology dot com and I would love for you to stay connected where it Nikki Reed from the smiley morning show. And Nicki can't thank you so much for this this has been like phenomenal I just love this journey we've been talking about so. When we left at the breaking your discount talking about. In the journey after you got done with that in and kind of walked away from the church and is something maybe you look back like this is intriguing amicus. But right now you're you're at peace of the place your act. And as you look back over over your life like it if if there's some things you could say like Haiti. Ike could meaning people that are really trying to figure out the Jesus like it's a couple things. Write a book I think because I read it I read it. Seriously I would think you know having our religion in the cult Negroponte it was theory on the add rules based right if you didn't do this and you aren't going to be gobbled up. And being one of the biggest things that have it in if you are aren't it is I think it's too happy makes you feel literally go to church to arming to feel good and and gets you. Today a better place all of that like super super positive on the app. I think that what happens though is that and it's mixed up in the rules. Be tentative decide that if we don't kneel at a certain place or free and I had a finger in the water here if we didn't. You know bowel overdid distraction that that is battered that is going to you all that's have and what that ends at doing is for people on the outside. You're looking at a going so I don't you all those things I'm kicked out like Jesus doesn't mommy you know that is often. I think that is what tends to alienate people more then an impasse and Eric have talked about how Jesus would you try and drop people out of the church and say like. Come here and talk to meet like it's not about the rules not up or walls it's Al. What love is right so if you can get herself into a mental place and showing people the love in the generosity and kindness and nothing to do with fewer rules need Urals making happy super happy for you know. But that rule those rules are scaring people. Well that's what I mean Jesus is big beef with these guys a fair seas was that they were they were up their burdening every one with these man made laws that were built on top of God's laws and then they weren't even for I mean they were just lord it over them and then here comes this Jesus guy you know who is one of them what he's one of their people and he says basically I mean he says I'm not here to abolish wonderful fill it. And they are basically like wait a second what we're supposed to be once you're in control of the people knowing the law and here you are telling us that were basically doing it in in essence they're threatened by him taking their power and influence the way down is what happens there like. Well we can't shut the sky apple it's now you don't like that that was basically Ian Gold it's like get this guy out of here now he is upsetting the apple cart. And I know what I would tell the Dalai Lama he this year recently I sound a few years back. And one of the best things I ever heard him say was at its very beginning I hope you know I'm not here to convert anybody and do what I believe whatever he said imagine a town. There's this wonderful restaurant that serves the CP had. Everybody loves the soups ever goes the rest get soup all time ace soup and and and of soup some classical makes a stake remain under arrest track cross the street have some chicken or whatever it is he'd be in. And it doesn't mean anything it just means that somebody just needed something else and so I feel like religion and that he said religions the same thing for him is that. Yeah whether it's 2000 christianity Hinduism every it is. It's just somebody else needs in order like mirrors set of rules the way they need to worship or whatever it is. But the result is all you still only Dele you still need to do the only reason that there is love and show. Kindness and Burris act in all of those things in and made people feel better. You're not doing that none of those rules matter and you could do with a mall and the timing you're not doing response to do you know. Eleven nick and I think you know to close the show tonight with the thought of the night and one of the things I must say and there is. Is the fact that is that. You know we're talking a Maggie in your spiritual journey we've kind of shared our own but the thing is that is really intriguing to me is that we all count one. You know and I mean like that thank. Hoping to listen and act that that that make shoots like that brings another question to your mind like. Why do we all have a spiritual journey I don't really meets a mini race even if they didn't grow up in church and all right I must say I'm not talking about church in San like. All of us as human beings if you ask anybody ministry like a gift and a spiritual journey. It's going to be different but there's going to be some kind of pursuit or or or thought that we need to be connected to a higher power. Something transcendent or something eternal it's like. Everybody's journey is interest and I think the most thing is the fact that we all actually have adjourned yet. OK so I love trivia I'm I'm like I went to sleep with like reading means like -- people. And so as you're talking about it we all have won a team. That the first idol batteries the first words Jesus utters in the gospel of John in the Bible. Is 38 vs into the story and he doesn't start with like. Here's a word from Jesus and that took 38 vs Jesus Stephenson is something and the question that he asked if not a declaration it's not like. It's a question and it's as what are you looking for. I think there's so much power in that question in like not a lot of people in the Christian church are asking people who are not on the Christian church that question. It's like it it's your point if you look we said earlier where it's like. We we can get threatened by not knowing how to answer questions right you know or like crap. This town is everything I think what degree if they don't don't don't don't start questioning yourself you know it's like. On him throw that out the window like ask questions Jesus when he when he was resurrected like Thomas this guy one of his one of his closest friends and disciples. He basically said guys does the first Easter story it is yeah like I'm not gonna believe that what you guys are seeing mr. until I see Jesus right face to face and like I'm able to actually touch him. And sure enough later in the story Jesus shows up and he doesn't condemn Thomas he doesn't like it Thomas out of the room gimmick do you eat it now. You know he says Thomas in essence like explore take as much time as you need now. You know and so I don't know I just think we need a lot more compassionate world allow more understanding and a lot more. There are a lot less defensive. When apple talk about this. They are people like everywhere and BBB surprise and yeah I get a little bit of plaque on the smiling and telling you know I try and put another point you would not everybody's religious not ever easy Christian and I think we tend to just assume those things and it's not true and when you find out why and B you'd be surprised at what happens to people and why they come to those conclusions and it's always OK to ask I would rather ask and now then assumes something. I can we do this every week. We are. Would give your resource and then and I told you we're gonna play acumen that we have not respond and I almost imaging instrument and a good Milan talking. Is gonna for research may be outside the walls of religious stuff which are just may be thinking about going on god and Allah podcasts. Alice and our podcast and Jackie finished that went. I'd go check out the god journey it's it's it's the guys that helped put together the mood of the shack in the book the show and rightly Jacobs and it has helped me at times I tried to figure out how to wild about side of kind of religious performance and and see if I can really connect to god let's so go to iTunes and asserts that god journey I think it really enjoy it in the militia we went solace some listeners couple weeks ago. It's a move it really changed a book in a movie that really helped me see. And in imagine. And I think it's a good word it allowed me to expand my imagination of what it could be like actually in interact with god and it checked and at the got journey in the Shaq this radio theology and and a five -- else. Yeah. Now the radio theology thought of that night. So we're spending this month discussing our spiritual journeys and I still think it's insulting or at least noteworthy that we all seem to outline. I asked electrical that I read last week by Marc Willis said this to most humans curiosity about higher things comes naturally. It's actually indifference to them that must deal aren't. It seems that all of us are seeking some higher power something bigger than ourselves something transcend. No matter what you say we we all seem to be drawn to decide that we're supposed to live forever. But so far to all of our stories it seems like finding the answers to these questions. And religion just doesn't seem to have. And I think this is the exact reason that Jesus doesn't invite us into a deeper religion that actually extend an invitation. Out of him. What was most famous interactions is with the man with much like you and media a lot of the same questions in this man asked Jesus. Had a fight eternal life. And Joost and give him rules to follow when he doesn't giving seven pillars or even a holy status pictures he simply gives him an invitation. He says the guy celeb the world that he gave as one only sign and whoever believes in him would not perish but have eternal life. And this is always what has attracted me to Jesus doesn't give us a religion we give us an invitation out of and that's why I love. That later in his life he said this and are you tired. Are you worn now. Are you burned out on religion. We'll come to me get away with meaning he'll recover airlines and I'll show you had to take a real grass. Walk with me and work with mean. Watch how I do learned the fun forced rhythms of grace. So if you're listening this month the radio theology first things. If you're like yes you're beginning to find the NT pursuits of religion it might. Just need time to give. A relationship. Shot. And that my friends your radio theology. And re. Re re. Oh arena yell every reduction in the analysts don't switch whatever. Anyway what decorated theology didn't anyone hear your hose with and Ryan Howard right did you pick Mike I don't know I got on right there going OK I agree with one. October I got fake anyway here with Nikki Reed this kind of morning showed that it should be in on with this while we and you know it's just it's not the easiest thing to just talk about your life and it's which you do currently in Europe pro at it but. To open up you know this party go like a really really do appreciate it so. As we wrap up the shattered my reason for landing it's like you talked about you know it was the cold season not to call this is a cult seeds and there is a sandwich your revenue was in a cold then you weren't they needed you know at marvel reformed kind of christianity angle on summer camps and stuff. Checked out of that had some tough stuff. When general journey of different things right if you gonna when we started the show he's economists it was like cold and then like Christian and then like Scarlett. Yeah. You've been on the on the on the screw it chapter of Matt writes oh. Like right now are artery is like when you say you know what like I'm act I really love this early time or I'm. I'm curious mr. timer kind of where you at right now manager. I'm comfortable and it and it being. What I was able to do was leaving religion for me was a huge. And a breath of fresh air because I think that I always felt like there had to be an arrow rules and I did editors Ana and and being able to leave that personal for me was. Okay like this is smiling if this is my journey I get to pick out somebody else picking army. Which growing up I called I mean that was all we had the Nixon and I think now. And a half I know that this isn't very happy thing for people here I I don't know where icy and as far as leaving. Now but what I do believe is that. There is something good and great out there and what you name it is your business guesses how kind of how I tend to see it now is that. There's a lot of great things in a lot of good energy you can put out to the world. And let you call it god are you call it you spirituality or whatever you call it for me I believe they're something. Now I don't think that all of us are this complicated and filled it got by accident. But I mean being that. Then the word in the god as far as that we religion has aimed it is not something that I prefer. Panel and I I have a wonderful you know. Group of friends and family that that lobby whole lot I feel comfortable and that if you like and still wake up everyday trying to do the right thing and be good person and tear people's stays up comes on morning shows and kind of wearing. I've that are on Twitter on on patriots' ability Yemeni every human. Seriously your stories amazingly your vulnerability your bravery in Chilean just like. If I mean and I think we do you sometimes think that we have to compare our story is someone else's view like you know well I didn't have anything big does say is that it out and they came from this and then they went there and just. Like no no no no no like everybody's got an amazing story just to hear yours Nikki. I don't think it's one that a lot of people would normally. Feel comfortable sharing so thank you. Welcome them how to do because I I want people to know. Especially religious people there are a lot of people like me out there now and you'd be surprised and so yes sometimes they seeping out of them wearing show. Mean your religious base that offend people I just want you know it comes from something out and now I never mean to a and people it's is where comes from and I yeah. I'm Lisa whose home sick I get better Lisa that those wanna Brcko she she wanted to know she Texas and he would you pass on Nicki like. How is your relation with your families like your mom and dad. Nodes wonderful item amazing parents that are so much fun. If a friend like the parent I would say my friends. Come home with me I don't repair Hubbell actually off the captain is my daddy's sail boat captains we ought. Drink tequila shots the captain. With my mom you know like we have the best time what's your mom and authority that they call their door and doesn't like the name dot. Sort of our great ally and my sister lives out in New Jersey with her husband into beautiful daughters and I get to visit Camelot and we faced Camelot no. He did nick because her husband's Filipinos OT death is Anthony's Mickey and I used it to hang out and then my brother is married to the girl that he walked into kindergarten first day and said. I am in a merry Sarah Brothers yeah. I. Think they're married and she's wonderful team and they're living in Michigan and amazing and have a really great and we feel very very lucky in Raleigh you you almost kind of the way we all went through a little bit of war together yeah you go through a winter it's weird and there's not a lot of people didn't get it so yes we talked each other about it yeah. That builds amazing community when you that this guy and I mean. So does this mean I'll get your crystal ball if you or your magic eight ball whatever you wanna say like you know go into the future of Nikki Reed and. And I didn't and I'll go to I gave yeah. Yeah. And there's no cave involved anymore. Defendant there's no you know summer camp situation where do you like where would you like to be you know five or ten years down the road it in your spiritual journey. Honestly a lot of it depends on children I don't know that kids or something that I wanna make future but I think that if I do end up having them. I want CU kind of own something and more and I want at least be able to provide life where. They get the choice act there is no right or wrong answer. Explore and and and find out where you go and let fits in and what makes you happy and so for me I begins. My main goal now until at least something changes is to live in a world where people feel comfortable around me to be themselves and TB. As religious or not is or whatever it is they wanna be and that I hope that I give out as much love as. Possibly can't guess at all that I have really planned. I think ethic now but that's beautiful Alina I love it. No I hope you guys have enjoyed this week it in this whole month you know and I mean an end I'm you know we. We we we were so honored that its details let us have in of this little slice of of their airwaves when I think JR and in GM Jeannie everybody yet and I hear Tzipi Ellis has been a part of this that you know he's he does the number one station here in Indy for a reason you need that great people that run this place in a big part of it Nicky as you guys inspire in the morning show that you guys Phillips. And we're just honored to build that little part of your week end. And we hope you enjoy our show we hope that the night listening to that maybe wouldn't you know hearing courage maybe bring some hoped your life may be. It affirms your face or maybe your faith or maybe for you with it it it stirs you'd it to question life a little bit. We really always above all else we hope that when you call into the show when you listen to the show. That you leave us after two hours you say you know what. I have a sense of being loved and being a part of something that is loving and but the so we can do three every single week and down. Yeah a Purdue and yeah. We wanna connect with ET so if you're on FaceBook. Twitter answer and weren't at radio theology re confine our podcast and just go to the apple iTunes store. Search for. I. That thing yeah as somebody who genuinely chip breaks out in hives and I have to walk into church building. The fact that I'm here with you as a hope tells you that you provide an environment that is accepting and you know. And I just for just anybody you could put us weekly it's a very good space to come and talk LeMay with the best compliment would ever received. And on that note yes it was not gonna get that's been an idea that god bless you guys have an awesome week we led to god loves you will not talk to you next week and radiating out.