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You know we're from the smiley morning Jim and now he's got his own show. The radio theology is on CPL. Gears called pastor Darius. Yeah. Yeah. Dog days under these cylinders. You thought it was a day. I'm starting at 64 cornerback that's where the championship. Team. It's broke bachelorette. Yeah Carbonari did not go to college. Boy are we shouldn't. I just can't keep a good man down. Or the Pentagon. I'll let you know this is six or suddenly I hope it was funny at 64215. Is Jack yet. I that would you be if you imagines is like bring your bat sixth and probably need to hit the gym look. At the label I feel so loved your president. About you got a battery saving airline but yeah dad got to pay this amount Saber the world they said it was nothing to look what I got. There is actually description you'll test that says it now what's that what's the quote there ransom he was nothing that no nothing to look you're the one coming up. It's got nothing that we should desire him yeah something like that but I hope to think that means that just as he didn't have like a nice car writer yet all right Campbell wasn't the latest model and the animals down. But I hope that still means he was six or just jacked out of his mind got twenty twos on this Campbell over. Check it out got the spoiler and everything I had gone through a full. Load. This Jesus travesty you're listening to recognize radio feel our weekly dose of lethal. Ask right here on it now and I I've got dearly like your hosts here is always with Lisa and Ryan if we make Lisa lap Harden up the night. Jim I should his baby straight out of possible truck a few that he was moving on the way over here in an era and it was like gore belly is. Jump at least is 86 weeks pregnant and and exactly how pregnant if they weren't contracted while we were laughed again I'll see if I get free to every time stars lap and she grabbed system it has its like its outlook and remainder of the yes I'm that if these are screaming weirdly it just means the babies here anyway radio alliger. It's Easter Sunday that is endowment to about that throughout the night it was mentioned last week yeah we talked about producer Katie who's part of our whole procedure you now and have you had a good eastern. That are not here with us you Meister and it's an hour. Earlier Easter dress on and everything that the Oscar walls or. Come. He has to skirt. Last week like what I loved about Katie being on shows that she was let national can't she wasn't really up with what palms and it was about which was last Sunday council here heard a theology right where you're where your weekly dose of faith hope and love music but what we wanna do is or maybe you're listening tonight your driver you're headed to work computers doing errands around this central Indiana area and maybe electric -- talks by the Easter I know they guided that program got some eggs and bunnies and and an 8 on this morning yes I have a heck does that mean anything to do would Jesus and why should that matter anything in my life. We're gonna see if we can delve into it tonight and have a lot of fun and that tonight we wanna hear from you as always. About what it would government and at least human worked on Matt's night. The media's idea okay that we are going to add disc as and we wanna hear from you the worst way that I. Yes you know while I imagine headlights are gonna get there yeah that was the worst that I eat and if you happen that I numerous main investment Lance. How would you stage and resurrection well life is so if you're and that its new partner at worst Alia to commit. Worst way to die and how would you come and how would you come. All right I like tribute to Jesus he went right to crucifixion. Then just come out and a pack two yet. Show up to a woman who had been had a bit sketchy past which was it means pretty cool some in the culture wouldn't have thought was appropriate right so I'm you know what I was into I guess my bottom and wait till two we get back they've. And you know this great tune come and actually I like to always open the show with one of my favorite artist because he's. Bruno Mars disease. And so okay so screwed. So yeah. Even there it's actually living there but we don't know what you've done and trying to not let it eat dirt I race. Did that part about acting was that Daffy Duck that's what I did today is the promenade and senior Jimmy. And my best to play your best and now you're all up right now. I had that grows on me and I refused to Wear pants that's I guess I always a good. Easter plan grade at -- and and and I've seen you know Darren early when you're with Lisa Ryan a producer Katie and you know I got roasted today on my kid's gonna church when a rough so I got dressed my wife she lays out the kids outfits they're on their nice little shorts and but Hampshire she's got a nice at least address on I have to dress myself which I do after a guy. My button up shirts and my skinny jeans gala that's that's just par for the course nailed it ranked. Rated put on my cool great boots that I like to Wear that says I'm dressed up but I might be here to party right. And I think to myself you know what it's springtime. I can Wear sandals. So why are. No producers Katie spacious thing I can't were. Sandals and skinny jeans and so I did I look my I I asked my wife and make guys maybe you can understand this you say things UF IK's is OK Annie. If she glances that you and she does just fine. Which means I am not paying attention nor do I care. So we get to church money from Mercer a great Easter so are we get out of our car or walking in in my oldest son Cole was he's like I'll global debt. What's happening with the show with hand. A Anibal what's the deal I'm just it's at their sandals on the angle and then mighty my middle sometimes kind of our fashion needs to in our tech in our in our family. Is I know dad listen this is not okay you can now which like so and isn't he doesn't work abort abort it back in the car guys let's get a mostly just you sure don't want to beauty of the sleeves rolled up this is not cool dad and I look at my wife like defended me I'm getting Rocha diet. If she does it like my wife is standing in the like. I got caught and I should have helped maybe I'm lying I'm not sure what's happening she gets this kind of smirking smile like I'm I'm embarrassed face and with that all snickering gay guys is that. Oh that was in the India and as I. Even if Jesus comes back from the dead this morning can help me with roasted by my kids. You're grown up. Look at you iron I'm not okay anyway so don't out of your guys is east Lisa. Mine was he to be went to church name. Without I mean it was just easy breezy as he was most upset though enters convincing when the sun. And asked beacon church he has nothing you know weeks and. The. It's not like there's a lips only chance there's a body parts and make it rain within hours of music signature to plays like. Come to your praise be Everett on my Ayala. All right sees things that all week immense evenings every time we editors now she's the airlift sung. She's as appointed she may have shouted several I've. Combat. And. And tonight we don't get to chew that is accurate as a matter at west Ohio. But it was great Alley wonderful clinic and we atlas and your hair. Ryan rather than in slather up with Ben gay right and yet I got to sell that story that we'll stick with us later we heard that story but alliger Easter it was fantastic Lauren took an amazing meal I was completely useless in the kitchen and we'll get back to that but my mom and dad and sister came over Olivia Lewis just loving life. Thus was just an amount who he is asleep most that and it was great we an awesome that we did church last night at Mercer Rhode Island time nice. Yes it was a low key dated it was a lot of fun vertical this generator at the odds right now analysts say you know what that's cool that you visited Easter but minus totally sucked indoor I didn't make it to church this morning because I didn't want to go or maybe I slept in May be applicable to many drinks last night whatever might be and maybe your momma you're Graham marsh some fame member has been bust your chops and sand vision Olympic chant this morning. Here's a deal stick with this at this commercial break become McNamee to give you the radio theology thought of the night it's definitely Easter themed yeah guess what. You can count and I. Took my car bomb for thirty minutes. Radio he thought of the night coming back Brad this break now and I'm five Tzipi Al. Course. English or from their. It's. Still pretty theology thought that night. Everybody happy Easter got a question for him are you afraid to die if you are. Under ever wondered at ever wondered why. I think it was maybe Shakespeare who said that death makes cowards of assault. Now there are some people out there who tell us that we don't need to feared death these people say that death is just departed nature. We come from the dust in one day were gonna return to it end of story and the same post would probably also tell us there's no afterlife so don't worry about that. The answers just to live which he just eat drink be merry because soon we're just gonna die anyway. Now if you're afraid to die you feel much better just don't worry about it but you're just dirt in. Now if you're afraid to die you don't really a better team. Because something deep within you keeps being pulled towards a possibility that there is an afterlife something with. Death is wrong and it's unnatural. One of the ancient writers once said this what men fear is not the fact that death is annihilation. But that it is not. Somehow you know that the end of life brings an end to everything that's good about it brings an end to relationships and relationships are everything because as relationships. Will we experience a lot. So we feared death for good reasons. But here's the question. What can Easter Sunday due to help when my fear that. We'll start with you get the candy I eat a candy baskets I mean the peeps Cadbury eggs the chocolate bunnies Easter egg hunts and listen it's all great but. Yet you're right it's not really helping with your fear of death. Well what about what everyone keeps saying it church and I read on FaceBook and mr. Graham today there's a saying they keep saying he has risen. He has risen indeed. Now you might be caused the candies maybe the bunnies but this he is risen business right in my sound a little weird. First off let's ask this question who is he well he is Jesus and so what does it matter that Jesus came back from the dead well. It might just be the single greatest event in the history of humanity. Wrap your mind around this possibility. Could it be that god himself came down to earth to show us how life was created to be lit up. That Jesus who was god gave his life and across the crucifixion to pay the price Parsons you know. You're sends its all the stuff you've done wrong in you do wrong in your life that make you think that if there is a god. He might not be real fond view and if there's an afterlife. You're probably not gay men well here's the deal. Jesus died so all those things can be forgiven so happy with the Easter story is that god guide for you never. If the story stops there that's pretty much a tragedy right they have want to say got guys for humanity now what. I mean it's not that I wouldn't be grateful and all but they got dying from he really doesn't help my fear of death. X specially if god still dead but what if he'd guy. And then defeated death itself by kicking a whole lot the back of it coming back to life now that is something worth eating pizza over. What if he has risen he has risen indeed it means that God's alive and got near. What if god is actually forming unite against me what if he's risen he has risen indeed means and I don't need to feared death because it's not an ending but it's actually the ultimate. Beginning. What if he is risen he has risen indeed means that is personal loving and sacrificial god is actually alive to be president in my life. In viewers and it teaches how to live life as it was intended to be live. What if he is risen he is risen indeed actually means that this cat will walk with these I faced death. Not to dissolve did not mean to actually be transformed to back which I was traded to be. Listen friends it might not be true but if it is it's the greatest state in Q could ever hear Jesus as risen from the dead and he's a line. You don't need to feared death pelt or the great because got this year that is near and now nothing can separate us from asthma. Happy Easter my friends. Happy Easter indeed and that is your radio theology Easter. On the night. Radio theology math and five ZPL were back alive and it's there you guys. This in this Super Bowl. Have you ringer and now look at every time zone or I don't Angel its wings. And and it's like sneezing and the sneezing via the angels. It's the south if you need to it is still leads to a foot got a great Easter Sunday. I know I did had a little Easter camp this morning. Grade at the house of what church from a friend's house was really great. And they came in here Lisa expected have a one for radio show that it is Easter. And it is ideal theology your weekly dose of pay out Lebanese 995 we get so many. Tens of thousands if not hundreds about the people listening. Who may have landed on the make their way to church didn't want to. We want you to know radio theology. It councils count in debt as they came into the studio I was overwhelming I would say almost. Knocked on the ground as strong strong odor and odor that is is very identifiable. When you when it reaches your nostrils it's the one and only smell of bin game. Athletes and I know it surprise. So so let's just at least say you're pregnant very pregnant Mary there could be may be needs for being gay summer on your body but you stretching his muscular stuff you don't have even jail on an okay kid a year twenty somethings around very flexible and still a young man is that I reason for you to use in gay today. Okay we'll bat I know that I didn't slather its large parts of my ID now. The liberal amount of ten guys so there's only four listen this is so right did you explain why you that we you've abused our nostrils today. Like everyone's looking at me. So two days ago. Oh my god yes you know their belly fitness and answers we're doing a little bit of a leg day routine that was on this on Friday. Friday it was it was not a Good Friday all life is his crucifixion storage pools so. Would like day and you know. Thanks my dad I've got that caps today if any guys of their can relate as monster that caps just years of cut and practice today and they you've done it the other noted I have no ups whatsoever but anyway Jesse's Lagarde to job measly 23 looks like a marine and he's disliked you reducing tabs as like side note I'd never work on the cavs to the monster he's like are now what you gold on the series Kennedy won Caffrey is on the first two on the second three on the third and I'm counting as he stock in my. There are seventeen stairs here. I'm trying to remember like algebra two and I'm like I don't know how many it's going to be but it's close to eleven million imprisoned here. So even halfway album like you did in just a note to have to will relate to my client to Denver doing this before you got it. And so I think I sit in my legs like jelly yesterday it was a little I'm like I'm a little more today literally could not stand up out of that. Meanwhile. We have two children under the age to my wife is cooking dinner for our entire family it is like it just crazy firestorm activity downstairs and I'm like. Yeah ma. Any crutches and she's like oh my gosh are you serious right now so my dad and my dad came over. He's like some I wanted to give you this and it's it's industrial strength bottle of them get up. Obviously Robin that liberally on my dad calf region around feels great smelled personally I think it's mills I was I was attached to testimony came in but don't read the real clear and I I guess the more if you want their star and I feel little. I. Didn't know if anybody needs any proof that this is actually been going on his landlord and is infecting a day. I hasn't totally useless yeah here's a picture of him getting stressed out to buy his dad business avenue in real time late donate a little tweaked out on radiant let them back I L was pushing you know like him he's like well like in the NFL. Here's a look about. You you don't want to see this but I went as it's an instant about there we are just about over a thousand people. If thousand likes mark on our basement yachts and he's gonna radio theology dot com and like the page right or either view on FaceBook right now does a governor is search radio theology like our page we if we get over a thousand likes tonight yeah will pass the totally totally won a seat in the picture itself smells too well ahead. Yet. Right out here in the Digital Storm granddaddy used. Anyway the week that we come back your radio theology we are gonna we it would back by popular demand is Bible add lives. Madly as the Bible madly and we're gonna take the Easter story in just a little bit of change. Possibly just a touch of sacrilege but. Too much mostly on mostly mostly fun. Stay with us right there already are theology in Anaheim five Tzipi now. Yes parents chain smokers that by Tzipi unfairly line hosting you here with police and Ryan. Producer Katie happy Easter is and oh man it's good I guess I started my day I don't usually each other days before I have coffee but I did today it and I had Easter mass from left look me up again at the same little cubs have my boys got that's cute man. They get like find kids stuff and I guess expect beer need it did get an estimate the angling like oh yeah I think wings brand new here in India I think it's America's oldest brewery amount of his made that up art and interact pretty shirt is lose well done here Tribune and a little. And make at least a day smiling on the show and I made it a thing called Bible mad lips there which went over like hotcakes people loved it and we thought you know let's bring it back because there's a deal we know a lot of our great face for radio theology listen Jersey bill listeners. They may be curious about Bible stuff but aren't real up on you know Bible stuff right. So what we thought we would do -- we'll give you the Easter story tonight with a couple adjustments. Maybe make you curious to see what did the Bible actually say yes that was what we ask. So what did you after the Easter story if you wanna know what the real story is just go to John chapter nineteen that's were ominous start received from in a basic towards the rest Beijing John nineteen to the end of the book what really dissension up real well. Let's get hit. To Bible mab that is. How proud. Their radio pay out. And maddening. Owning. On obesity yet. All right so here is the crucifixion story from. John chapter nineteen. With a few adjustments but when they came to bond now and found that he was already. In Tempe Arizona. They did not squad his legs. Opener of the at the instead one of the Jack Daniels. People. Here's Jesus is knee cap. I spoke. With a knife found a hole. Bringing a sudden flow of Cathay air America Condo. And blood. Accidentally went into. Bible mad little intro guy begins it's valid that excitement that's campaign he can use it anytime you back. That was the real story of the crucifix in a team. Brought you back at past that's apparently a the next segment. This student. What happened. Arrest and act and I. Now after Independence Day. Mary Magdalene in the other Mary went deceive the Beagle pup. And behold. There was a great high school graduation. For an Angel of the lord descended from payless shoes. And came in rolled back the lipstick. And sat on it. Missing the angels then led to the women. You guys gathered to use these Jimmy chip. If forgot how much they love that part of the super. And it is delighted many people for years. You're listening to Bible amendment. On the island. We've gotten through the crucifixion out about it on an alpha resurrect and that's fine now what happened when Jesus that you. Who is friends. Yeah. Hamburg really hard not to repeat here in the eye and pregnant and it okay. On the 641. When the Gypsies were together with coax locked for fear of this fighter. Jesus came skipped among them and sent to the asthma season. And then snow than his but act more. I got Ali's little feisty after you'll resurrecting a daily readings in the great release that chip architecture at the Atlantic but. You heard it here first. Harmony of the island it that last. I've gone mad layups and brought to you by. A lot of crazy people pop up on Red Bull and coffee before they came to the radio station and tune in next week from a. This call yeah. Let me yeah man and gotten it eliminates. Per any. GM and a five Tzipi out there really going here with you Lisa Ryan a producer Katie. And they weren't a great time that I'll Easter Sunday. And he's counting was gone and he was one was for a while now he's. Jesus. The risk the seat she's two. Christening. You know here's the aggregate judge if you listen and seven minutes and you listen you heard great condition a Bible madly yeah and don't get through tweets that people eleven bad my battle Matt lives and here's a guy they're probably right now maybe one and a half people out there might burn up in church really loved Jesus. But might be really uptight about Jesus stuff and they don't listen to our show and be like listen. That was really funny but I kinda feel guilty when you guys are making jokes about the Bible. When I wanna say this echo is god made us right. And if you've noticed were the only thing that god made that has a sense of humor and now I don't listen pretty funny stuff. And I think sometimes he is laughing at me again but he doesn't have a standup routine that he does you know around the neighborhood so I think it got made is in his image and he gave visibility to be funny. That he probably was laughing pretty hard at Bible man you just just a little bit if a will be in B equals C then a equals the that was fun I was logic it was logic. Logic and you know if you were invented it laugh with this right because we we we don't take a lot Syria and definitely call in because we let yet to ever really offended well and it loves her defended Krishna that we levied a -- -- but analysis I grew up in the church pastor's kid I'm actually a pastor legitimately. Back Friday and I get to perform Tony and Dave attorney for the spot and one half. Oh that's awesome yeah and I actually still preacher wrote churches but here's the deal. We I love the Bible I love Jesus in the whole deal but we like to have a lot of fun and and so. That's good stuff I get a shout out to at Trevor underscore Pete Trevor Peters says on Twitter love listening to radio theology and and and and file on my way back to Purdue. Everything from the Bible meant that to the whole Congo on Ben gay yes yes that Trevor thanks to a cement yes and beat me in my driving that's right it was at a stoplight problem are you hearing anything in millions from 65 years from Purdue in martyrdom since its. And. Our goal line Evelyn F and yet he's he's been an NF a bright bright with the idea yet and. So as somebody not super church seemed yeah stating I'm. I have a question please happy and it's I hold gist of the Easter story Jesus dies comes back part 20 yes all of this stuff. What is the whole significance of Mary isn't Agilent. Yeah what apple significance of her okay. Wonderful question about firemen matter Mary Madeleine was a woman from the city of I I know this story right away a topic is because Josh preached about a Mercer this morning in but. She was from the village of magna I think it was callers on the West Coast a Sea of Galilee. And she is said that she was that Jesus. Cast out seven demons. And so she had a pretty rough life in that case she may have meant he did actually. Cast seven games it could amend that she just really represented the seven kind of you know deadly sins like she just had relived it very very rough life yeah. And in that case in that culture she would have been absolutely. Ostracized and really rely on a fancy word sorry. Unfair to work go ahead what's Osce would have been completely kicked out and she and I got it in this idea is and the Bible times women did not have there weren't weren't a very respect a lot of rights anyway. And so Jesus I'm reading this lady say assert that cast these demons a house have a whole life and if she becomes devoted follower of Jesus. And which would have been very kind of counterculture. That why happened why would that been our culture because -- because of the life that she lived and and being sinful whatever she would have it inequity she would have just I issue would have an outsider no one would have invited her to be a part of their inner circle and Jesus did got to the other thing that's really really significant is that she is the Mary Matalin is the first person that actually gets to see Jesus after his resurrected. So in that culture. For one they would have never had somebody who is seen as as sinful and broken in society written the story. They would have never written a woman into the story you mean if they were trying to make it. Into something that was gonna blow up they would have never put that and ostracized woman was the first person to see prison geez if if your first century writer making up a story yeah that's not the way you would do it got that would not have been accepted in society whatsoever. So it's one of the actual proves that people give that the Easter story in biblically Easter story is true. Because the fact that you see that their writing and what really happened the other positive about it to see is no matter what you have done in your life. I Mary Matalin represents the idea that. That if you have done all of the seven deadly sentiment completely kind of sum and has been cast away in society looked down on. That the Jesus thing and you're not last in in my kingdom in my in in in in my kind of the connection I have to command like all make you first you'll be the first person that I say listen I'm back. Now all your sense and all that stuff doesn't need to defeat cute because I'm alive. No matter what do you want everybody to do I do okay in hanging out anti. That bad finger I think that's that's that's the demo version and they didn't release of digital event. Help put on skating I. I appreciated. Mine and well as somebody who has a lot of questions and that's just. How I am and I think that it's kind of very well with what we're trying to do here especially with the new couple weeks that we've been working on some things out and I really. You know I really appreciate answers more than anything rather than just on the same story over and now yes thank you. We love the questions about Purdue and in the segment every week I'll ask a pastor and lastly went off really great and I felt like it throughout the week only on tonight's from 68 that there might be some changes. Coming to the radio theology universe that we mesa about later rounds but if you missed the show but you have a question you'd like to ask as you know I don't you go to church it's not set up you know like are your hand the neglect of hey. Disagree totally at that. It. And so if you have questions that you allowed to ask pastor you've got to question the guest of god whatever you can send him in our FaceBook go to radio theology on FaceBook sinister question. You can tweet Mattis at radio theology. You can colander in the show tonight 3172281099. Will lead to take your question live we'll do our best answered. But we just won a crane about army or listen you've got lots and lots of really good questions and we'll do our best had a decent answer if we don't maybe I mean your caller may be a listener can help us out. Or out won't go do some research and come back the next week opened with a with a decent. I answer. Right here on hundred at the judge ask the pastor 31722810. And I do an agenda tonight you can now FaceBook is modest about that. The C do we have time to go to the meet. We got a caller on line one he's looks like he has something he's. It looks like iron out and it us. You guys cracking curtailed. Or do it'd be Indiana University. Well I can now listen we were not talking bad about Purdue now rightly says right Ryan was and as it a transplanted Hoosier amendment but I don't know. It was is produce light whenever it. Ernie isn't very good engineering school for. The community was glad that the it is now. Actually I worked for the airline or five years and 90% of their engineers came from Purdue so. You know with them in the Helmand what they did. A big deal Purdue correctly pretty got a great 88 and cool and I love that well and I went there but I was very fortunate enough. It isn't about them because of the connection that I am working airline. You know that I EU produced. Straight no chaser which Ryan is a rumor I'm proud. We may not compete with airline and they know what. And I and I've heard in and I heard him perform actually armed wing warmonger I've hundred. And they sound good and getting a good save you guys sound great kill. And I like the factor of what you guys are pushing across here late I'm Jewish first dot. So where were a totally different world by a factor is that having something like that on the air you don't see that all the time and the big deal. You have a happy passover. We did. It pays off as a lot posts and Alia. Yeah of course it's it's a big deal and armed you know I'm not gonna get into it hereby. I'm able to say I'm actually the target were from my mom who'd been in recently diagnosed with alzheimer's disease and that the world has really hit hard and it and it really really big deal. Now what's your name which name by. Jeff. Awesome to me and I just wanna say thanks so much on indenture and that with casino went in effect you are out there listening to radio theology tonight. Let's take some time maybe this week if if if Jeff's mom comes to your mind and just separate project what your mom's name. Ian. Seles beat transfer manager and that's huge he stepped in to be a caregiver for your mom and that's again. It it's something that term at the at where I'm where I was there when and how I didn't expect she'll be eighty in August and it's been a it's different world out overwhelming to Italy. And I've had to learn a lot very quickly and move. Support help that I hadn't been amazing and it gets better and better every day. It Jeff you mentioned this is trying to you mentioned the prayer support is really really helped double what what some other things you know maybe if there's another listener out there he's got a family member gone through. Alzheimer's treatment and just the prognosis of that. Well let's welcome now is actually the prognosis started out and we had it been about a year everything started going on. And that the weird part about oil as we are watching things. Change right before our eyes we didn't really eat you know I'm feel that anything major. By. And we had actually an appointment with her family doctor to. The. What was actually going on and she didn't she ordered what they called it near what they call nearest psych test and then nearest psych cat I'm actually determined. How well your motor skills and how well. A lot of staffers working and they were able to pinpoint that she did definitely have dementia we just didn't delicate. Exact degree. In the neurologist was able to pinpoint that it would call moderate to. Early. All diversity. And I'd been watching. I'm agreeing watching a lot of that that the term totally mind boggling and just the way that the defeat. Take and goes and I mean you get to the point where armed bid. Whoever it that your caring for they don't wrecking if you mark. And it's bad in the fact that. Where the body you have a body that's been functioning shape but you gotta bring it content that. Well Jeff I know that. Your mom. Even if sometimes in her mind she doesn't maybe recognize your it's certain to fail I know that. In a heart her soul she knows she's loud that your therefore in man I tell you what that's an amazing thing to be able to. To lay down your life your time to love and the members so. That's amazing god bless you man and I'm glad you had a great passover and this is radio theology and now high fives EPO whether you're Christian or Jewish whatever. It counts tonight. It's his radio theology. We pub pastor Darian on 99 fives he's he yeah. Fortunately it so far we've had really a bang up show I'll break I don't know this is the Super Bowl Sunday of Christians Sunday. This under the d.s came back from the dead movie editing you know Christmas is a big guy he was born actually give gifts and with a great ally against you know teetering trees in our house which makes sense we decorate them. And take lights that use the inside her house at least bring them out in our trees outsized. All of these make total sense do you think about Jesus and then. He lived for three years rat race in ministry active ministry right and then was it was brutally beaten and crucified yet. Died on across that was on Friday Good Friday and then today we celebrate that he came back from the dead in his currently still living. In wrapped around that is by any of them who don't lay eggs. Candy. And searching for all of Adam yeah yeah I so hope you understand the connection there and and I would pray that in service and we're done. It does sound like a Bible Matalin you think about the weight give me a mound. Bonnie. Actually and other now maybe a food that buddies have nothing to do it. Eggs hard boiled eggs with. Are at it now work yeah yeah Delaware every die am. Dying in our rob gray that well. Is it isn't so yeah if you missed the first hour you know we every night on radio theology we your fate we your weekly dose. Of faith hope love and music Karen manhunt by GPO and AK sure one if you missed church this morning listening to our show. It counts as you get church points for the did you find out for a second that is nerd out and Libby to write this the perfect time it's not about that OK so I I love being an at a Margie class in high school and can bugs. No that's entomology entomology is the study of words grass. Meaning event itself. The word excruciating. Yes speaking of which might Katzman badcaps hurt. Just under excruciating and they actress ratings have been gay and it's very nicely and it you know they are a little tired I think they should have a note that you have you know as reach their maximum level have been gay men than they ever have on. Is that I went excruciating literally means pain so severe that it is out of the cross the the CR UX part of excruciating deaths this year you see whatever. It's a Latin root for cross. Credits crux yeah an X meaning out of so it it next time you stood so don't say it was excruciating. Unless mustard dying on a chronic. Pain so severe that it now like that inflict on someone and I don't respect and an arm that light note well. Wow wow I like it Leonard out like your nerd out about a crucifix and Easter stuff in I'll raise you one OK email address that and next push your glasses up her mom's. Little. So a word. The word passion. We knew we associate that with many things like for instance. About nine months ago Lisa and Ryan became passionate. And now. In a special a special way and mommy and daddies do ya and now she's 36 weeks pregnant she'd. Halo I. Oh yeah. I was listening nation's networks anyway back and so hash and right is the Latin corporate sales which means. Suffering. And in fact if you look up sapa passion in the dictionary. Many of the most say that the number one definition of passion is the suffering of Jesus between. On the on the cross the passion with the BP every day and so here's the thing Alex tell people is like whatever you're trying to do in life while attacking the same I just want a decent and impassioned about me that they love it they have a lot of fun doing it. Is to realize that switcher actually looking for as good looking you do some in your passion about your looking to do something that you're willing to suffer for who like that right because usually if you're not passion about it once he gets difficult guess what. Out yet quit yeah right so the cool part about Jesus he was so passionate. Right actually about. Redeeming loving saving the world and no matter what this would not no matter what the excruciating. Like you run the entire front the bad weather might be a professional talker. That I worked out anyway outs fund and yet when will look we lost all of our listener. And let's talk about words and how dislike playing more one correction. I'll lock those. It's radio yeah agenda I'm by Tzipi out there and they wind here with you Lisa and Ryan a producer Katie. Where every week for you guys in the were on from six to 8 PM every Sunday night. But there may be and we should tell people artist he's at that there. Are going to be some changes about radio theology coming up on Sunday may seventh. Alum right now is to it in Lisa is it crazy and our drummer. From rope. After after much study group. And in excruciating amount looking over the ratings in and when people feel like this show would be the greatest show ever yeah. In in petition signed across the the United States units and when you hit the people of when they really wanna hear radio theology they've decided. That sent an actress 68 good that you know would be better that every single Sunday morning from 730 to eight. 10 AMI. And like and saying that's fun I get the belt rank and who were gone and and I only can everyone who's got the addiction to the jelly filled government and pat myself as Ellen yeah. All the announcements this anyway so it's like those moderate and relatives say nice 68 you're gonna have. To wake up earlier download the podcast maybe we can partitions EPO the replay like a greatest hits from six to 8 PM. But we're gonna be on starting may seventh Sunday may seventh from 730 to 10 AM so if you might go to church or you like sending money to drive around whatever you can quickest on Sunday mornings. Listen to us wherever your driving around in the AM and we're really stoked two at it were me add an extra half hour to get you know thirty minutes more of us. Every Sunday morning I'm seventh seventh and it's coming and you are welcome at a a so you with the after the break we we economy Easter but you know the deal as you study came back from the dead which are top of this week if we had to have our own death and resurrection on how would we choose to have it done right Serena that especially come back from the break we'd love to hear from you if you've probably never thought of this but you might right now on the next I meant in Colin. 317228109931722810. And I if you had to die and be resurrected how would you plan. We were here at 722810. And nine cost of radio theology and nano iPod Tzipi out. Frat houses in the group and a movement. That was really choreographed dance number we were on him really as I was saying it sounds as if have a voting for us I would say that yes Iraq. Radio theology right here Nana but Tzipi out Daryn they wonder poster with Lisa Ryan and producer Katie. We're talking about ways in this is Easter Sunday happy Easter yes he is risen and ultimately. Yeah. And dad all the things is a church. I go to church and that's a game. We talk we've had it was been really cool. We talked to agree Jewish Brothers and ninth Jeff Jeff Jared for his mother. Who has all time which is really create a great passover so Salome. And yes about salon usher thinks it's done anyway hope you have a great pass again. Figured I had wanted to sponsor announced a saint or may consider me dude here's the deal if you're never attended a state of mail do it. It is amazing really awesome such good food and good tradition and saying in this wine and there's the flat there's quite a bit of wind. There's alliance and I wasn't. I wasn't ready for my for senator Mel and I about perhaps half Mike I love this later and I was like oh. Probably pour that next one a little bit our program. There's like. There's like grilled lamb and there's who's who knows it anyway so it's Easter and in Jesus at the if you don't the story of Easter no problem will bring in real quick. We believe unrated cut Jesus some again comes earth was a perfect life dies first on Good Friday to begin as of all our sense. Past present future. Recount then he's dead for like three days and Easter Sunday yet he comes back to life meaning he's actually alive today blocked whereas wow they didn't see them come and now. Anyway and so we thought it would be good press to discuss if we were to beat killed and resurrected how would Beagle about him. The ideal. Optimal way to go yet has come. Here's what I'm thinking you guys are directors I think in just up the drama of that and I'm thinking I'm exploded. Well I like and a bomb. This had these. So they're analyzed. Guys was is OK Darren last they have guys and I and I knew there was this time I think that it is and I found. It's it's as a bomb I'll how you. Three this is low iron crab you didn't know it body parts everywhere on them gone for three days everybody is like to Jeter would have to Darren. He tableau that. Within three days later I show back. Hood back while pegged out. Wow that's cool that's cool that's a good definitely like mr. potato head though like you've got an arm coming out of your year or like are you like it how you were before I know it's full of the way it's supposed to yeah yeah yeah hair's still look impressed on me yeah. That's actual people they're kind of free data Bab like asked it is your Mac is here smooth. But he got blown out. I must somehow product ads carry easy. To let necessarily England and Sarah are you there. Sarah how would you be killed in the resurrected. And not why I never thought about it. That's okay we we aim to please. But it. Oh. App. Go really quickly. Like it came out all right. Horrible car. And I don't pummeled like all of. Are you know I feel bad doing it. At the same time I know I would want to act but why. Have it during that you know there. That's your taste in them. And lightweight either quietly in court did it here all opera thing yeah. I hope I'll put it. In and what's the brownie moment. Yeah like I wanna add to that what do you what do you say when you opt out of the casket what's your first statement. Odd. Yeah. Look at all like hey have you guys started the dinner in a. Like what are you. Not gotten too. Tired to hear a lot. There you're just you're just as demented as we are thanks for gone I don't know. All right so Ryan what. What do you buy a bass are lovely decent Bourne movies like any time there's like like oh a good guy against the Baghdad and there's nineteen each other like guys might move. You know I kinda wanna be in one of those movies where Mike protecting people may have a family you know here and like I'm chase in the of the bad sniper guys see with your story I don't think we can have the tuna music we need like some kind of yeah actions and actually yesterday actually get an adolescent at risk of this adds an actress and it all depends on need to make them like the perfect shot yes you know Americans ranked keynote. Half and then before I know it. He's already a couple steps in front of me frank and you know the scenes where you get shot through the scope of this or not seen that he has I think that's kind of cool flick and a weird way right. Yeah and then I would come back. I did you know what actually didn't think about that's a bit silly the way you would like to die getting out shot by another sniper yeah in your eye. In my travel through the if through the Cisco logo through a scope though aren't and then I didn't really think through the resurrection that it would have to involve. Falcon of some sort because I had a bucket list thing where you know those like sweet leather gloves that fell from his old aunt. Hold a bit of peace and meet Mike Fister and awesome bird comes swoops on their arm yeah I don't know how would fit in in my resurrection and I may be I'd be the falcon or BCS senate. Yeah. A giant Alcan as one of those sweet letter the last. I was down from the sky it's your family in you are a little falcon. Didian on the I'm not easy now is he human being or falcon in human being a giant out of rolls his wrist is holding a one needs to Malkin in the large bowel Kenya is holding holding Diane yeah resurrected I did you hear advantages immunize him and you know what happens then to the falcons hold on. Yes and rams the falcons went. He get sniped. But to and brought us that's great and then all of us hunt that the bad sniper taken down earth credits. I don't see this limit aims youth is like that of the heat's Jason Bourne movie yeah right right maverick Israel ideology an announcement Zito we have lost your ever loving mind and no we're talking about. This week we are planned showed that you might like to join in on on just. Looking at your own death and resurrection asteroid and after here in Bryant story I'm thinking worst idea we've had never. I also just thought about it during the commercial break Obama should have some. If you have a good death and resurrection story we'd love to hear today's call and three when 728109. And I would love to hear you know and I mean I wanna be blown up so wanna come back it's really dramatically had to come back together the pieces. Ryan wants to get sniped in the idea by a sniper but a hi I'm hunting him yes he's just better out three but I win in the end because I come back and a giant falcons get out. Which is the plot was I wasn't ready for that's all Lisa it's only so now it's terrified to jump in the did the demented. Line of Lisa decency Lisa had you had do you let die and become connect the. I don't mean this is ideally it now but I think you know through my shenanigans and and finally. Wrapped up in a bag. And fountain and a trip and yeah that is costing the river now we have and Shannon. You're a mom. You're no you're choosing this yeah don't have to hit in the head with a hammer. The little rare for this. So. Likely event that will have to address my safest thing to eat into existence just in case even the concrete issues. Children yes yes the bottom he had ever act now and the like and nonlethal no doubt I would wait he has now I don't. Producer Kenny has rented a whole different dynamic as you said clubbed over the head though an app which you would know you drowned she went with concrete truly can't. Okay yes I take a pack and online economy knocked out a cloud over the head hit me in the head of hair like a baby seal. All are if any got a baby seals out there I would just as an adult agreeing Pete I come back yeah yeah yeah the tea. I wanna. Yeah. Ice man like you know just to freak people out like a frank and it may not like and again you need you know exorcise the demons and have. And spinning a little more about prank people with your post this yes. You break first ever went well definitely I and it used to live India and he's got a so more poltergeist less X assessed right exactly just for fun and then I would and act and has its eyes on a bill like. Am eating every rock and hammered on the outs are much in Netflix announced. And Magellan. Early watch in The Sopranos anyway I have to ask what went Allen had a putt was there and you get kidnapped rapidly that they need Bunyan had three in the river. In three days later you did shoot out of the water adult yeah. Can do or something like Aaron that's not a pregnancy and I was just I love. And so our. I already and as big as well on that and I'm Pleasantville where telling if we were to discredit it into the mind of of Jesus the hole if we were to be dead in resurrection how we would do it. And I think we just need to apologize for this whole show down. Art. This is that I'm by CBO will we might be back part of it. Chase drivers and Coldplay. And I by GPL its radio theology lie that local. Weekly dose of faith hope love that music generally wind here is your host with Lisa in Ryan and producer Katie. It's Easter Sunday guys. That is evident great time and time is risen he has risen indeed earlier tonight we told you that there are changes coming. To the radio theology universe my friends since the month of October we have been with you every single Sunday night from six to 8 PM in it has been quite are quite a journey for rank its then. A lot of fun. But you know what what about it even more on yet we're gonna make honor. More fun more fun. More fun we are moving my friends not a different stations still we're going to be right there on the number one number one station Indies EPO but we'll be joining you on Sunday mornings now. Gonna add an extra half hour to the end to the party and from 730 to ten as you drive around on Sunday morning so at your own reckless and I listener. And check podcast may be called the station as they could you play the re players something and highlights that's on tonight but we're gonna be with you guys. Every cent in morning starting may seventh. From 730 to 10 AM excited about the movies and hang out you guys in the morning for morning drive on Sunday mornings. And if you wanna stay connect with us what we're doing please go to FaceBook Ingle like our page and radio theology dot com. Like the page of your on FaceBook right now districts rated judges I'm almost a thousand like followed up right now we are yeah we're like only twenty Ed do we can do it c'mon you're out that was an if you even cause I liked our show Coke and if you are tell us right now yes. Right all we know that your texting and driving to dispose of the way not ninety's. Yeah and do that we can do that you let's go eleventh let's sorts a 1001 I like it let's do that let's go 4001. Can make this happen and it's it will be like it would be like Indianapolis in surrounding ears like you've given us our own kind of Easter basket and that Easter basket is is over a thousand likes. Would be great what it's like an Easter baskets what's your jam in the Easter basket what what what's your favorite at least what you like finding new Easter mass. I like whopper and the whopper eight from burger can golf bags on I would take area and take over 200 items at any day of the week. I am exit this morning in Jersey Easter basket there are some some things I looked like the whopper. And in light on you have so excited it was almost. I. While I am rounds bubble gum and brown wipers are brown. App for that priest. Oh they are eastern their age eight and there are died and spent Easter at like I got educated they're more value out of I'm at my gym sour patch kids who was very yeah what did you. You know on the dark chocolate fan but I don't mind you know I do like jelly beans. My favorite candy those dots in the hazard on the movie theater in the you painted on the tape no known not to do little tiny deathly silent I don't even know what that is. It's deli dad standing LO him in France my unity yeah. Yeah that's you know I think Andy to puts more bend Gaiam might have simply a little clinic where there's original please dump yeah. It doesn't it's Easter Sunday early were talking about ways it may believe fake her own death or resurrection I just to kind of you know get him with Jesus and stuff and the C I think we have 999 likes I was so sorry we have to Oregon I'll go to. I got them tonight. Thank you Indianapolis for make it happen now we will post that grounding in picture of Ryan's dad stretching out as cabs and I. He gets the keys if you lean into the phone close smell some than Gail let's go to found that Jimmy Allen some online one. Radio which two on and cal. I do I wrote a note. Guys and I read awhile back about I'm like like Iran that rhetoric Gloria you. And Mexico like. The whole you know. You wake up in your cap department all right so I would say it and I'm not I want to hear about how you know. You don't allow art to allow an arm at the funeral it be like hey only. He looked at it right and then all the light at the end and then beyond. We have to open and I'm not here. Spotlight coming up time and UE one the healing and in rocky I ever played. So you like distinct and I speak around the ceiling fan. I am. I don't require. Them at some point you're like let go into a land like a superhero. Probably like it. Who are ranked. The plant Utley and articles. I like it held its good to know the people at their just as disturbed as we are man things are solid and have a happy Easter Betty you're room. The thing surrounding Carol. He's on the ceiling fan yeah. I loved it it was this yeah its days. Yeah no way account was not on this we're gonna ask you. I can't believe he's in. The Middle East is in Lancaster right now. If she thinks so grand Lisa what lets him that would have not been done here. And the announcement today. I agency killed again. You can run and I'd just hugging you know smells like to engage him. What. That's the song this makes you wanna driver on electric. Merit Steve Jobs announced. Any time on the difference in early. Sound than throw an Easter candy to children links help you for the call add children in between make an app fake. Death and resurrection stories so of them and just say no we're not saying jesus' death and resurrection respect received toll real witnessing leeward is trying to get in the mix. This I probably at some point prior to decrease in the world like. You know Bob sent holy spirit had to talk about hey. How's this gonna go down we write reconcile the world and bright bright and maybe they had most of stuff may be used was like I'm thank you may do they blow me up then he was like who would listen it's gonna happen more like can. 33 AD probably not gonna have explosives by then never you never know you work on the flood in the arc amen work on how you come back yet. Other that there are a lot of myths actually there's a lot of things about like. May be why the resurrection it didn't happen you know like things that are thrown against the resurrection of justice the sale maybe he just passed out ya know it's like. Crucifixion wasn't just to make people pass out or like they're like oh maybe someone maybe his his disciples stole the body elements like. Right yeah maybe they did outsmart the entire road Roman military the most powerful militant. In the guards that were basically station there that like LA and diseased beef fisherman I get this place yeah yeah while they were in hiding for their own lives they've concocted the most elaborate play in the world has ever seen this field has not yet. I'm not trying to make light of it and say like you know there there you've got to thinking through and I think a lot of time christianity. Is is a faith that gets. A lot of will a lot of flak for maybe now being rational or logical leader intellectual and it's like well actually what. You know none of us can prove any of its okay as far as like okay. It there are matters of faith that you have to get into if you're really gonna use your mind on this you got to look at it from different angles we'd we talked this week about a write about in my file of the night tonight at U misty can download the podcast is coach search that radius theology on iTunes that was it's about a no fear of death and afterlife and stuff and like to be will say hey you know just in to back in the data or because you know. When you die it's over there. There's no afterlife Israel and you know eternal life. But the point about that when is that you can't prove that. Yet that as a statement of faith in and in itself gas so we asked so many statements for you know and get sometimes against. You know. Belief in in Jesus or faith by saying well. You do Seb blind faith but can we say things are what is known apple but we can't prove that either so it's talent we come up to places where there. They're we have leaps of faith on either side of the coin right right. I think on the one of these silent about the resurrection story is that in the history of man does not records of of of groups of people. That have willingly died for something they knew to be alive and and all of the what's crazy is all of this I was except one of them John actually were where were martyred for the faith in him they were murdered. Some of them and some really really heinous ways and means. I wanted to disciples was crucified upside down the ones where where were ground assault into and it's really it's terrible things that happened to these and the women in many other Christian too. Would actually it would be able to disapprove. The account of the resurrection because they were eyewitnesses so you're saying if they just made this stuff up they wouldn't willingly go to their death yet so that a lot I would be. Correct spread in popular if your reporting and in sending out a lie in the like Hayward knickers by upside down your eye in the history of the world if people are defending a liar at that point elect. You know what arm angle hadn't tapped out we made this up. Yeah. But if you're gonna go with yeah I'll go ahead and be crucified upside down because I don't find myself worthy to be crucified the same way that Jesus was you're probably defending something that you believe to the courts are being because you actually saw it happened. So we come back the break we're gonna it would this Lisa and this week in the spread to tell our favorite we're gonna wrap up with and and the signal we've added this last week called ask a pastor. That's a much tweets semi announced comment if and we're gonna do our best answer a question that came in from a listener if you've got one may be questioned you wanna asked is Colin 317228. 1099 he can be a part of this week's ask the pastor this is radio theology or listen to radio listening to but. And they go up faster. Tzipi out 99 point five. Office. Hidden Easter Bunny goodness our center is used to running into mineral park mall is more convincing just jumped around. Knock me down Flamengo is under a lot of pressure. Per. Capita on an and a 95 is the it's it's guys and got a great show if you've missed it I'm sorry it could it change your life rather bash however. We've got to deal pre. Just go to iTunes and search for the radio theology subscribe to the channel and every single week. You can have the full shall sent to you or dislike highlights of the podcast. Like twenty minute version of the shows it stay up today. Are or could also go to Debbie Tzipi dot com and they posted on the blog which is a some and you get into each and every week witnessed this segments coming to an end because Lisa is just about. To have this free debate. The elegy is on 995. CPS. Now an update on the ever expanding Lisa asks what it was before. And ever canceled a veteran of the first entered that it was like old as me. At the guest on the show is like little. You how. Do we hug you now. Yet they meant me. So Lisa you are the only one pregnant on the show and you are thirty. 34 and a half of forty weeks pregnant aunt. And watch. Similar okay probably it feels like has begun its lack of as. It has but I had not amnesty and oh yeah it was one of those forty one's renowned trainer and it's a cute. But they do every day when I'm at forty is probably treaty with the media forced here's something I don't know if he is like a hologram. 010 that alone. Thank you baby disease like here at Amy I got a question about ultrasound. They you know they do it from outside in the Cisco you're seeing them like the kind extreme version. With all of the camera situations they have like if they would at this vita camera you know the nether region. I mean could with what can you see coming out Lang do the imbalance cold believe sack and what's it called. And attic and had access couldn't see your baby and that they do think that adds you had the first down the camera involved. And I camera heard super comfortable with a camera wouldn't work because it's dark. I disagree I think it was a light on the map I've seen those those Scopes cameras and on the cut and I think. You wouldn't want to break greatness I'm not saying we gotta get aggressive and Bennett like to see some footage. And location. Yeah so it's got to back off and Katie it's an act of utter. Failure to convert adult figure out here Thursday August idea but I think he's I. He's measuring five pound and gain half pound a week like a baby please be gentle town here I'm. Are we gonna burn the linebacker right exactly. Lincoln but this week. No crying out probably aren't that important and I lose it tell us controlled anything and I'm glad. I love hearing him. We have a couple over for dinner. And their teenage daughters and there were very eaten I joke a complex problem and so I'm costs and in an amateur night tying them and and popping. When you off you know. As a woman as pregnant and EP a little right but I and I edit science I think it is it is and the woman office. And just in Canada's you have to answer right after it used to control something right now all of the all of the women that are in releases them. That are listening Carolina that's right since you out that's what happens this as an every man that does not have had not had this information is like. So if Maria is getting more and more confused talking about as. You people out about his Capitol Hill get pregnant Angela they say you'll you'll hear him. Let me tell you. So it cost me in not just coughing. And coughing violently trains and my children are so Andrea so as violent as my confident that held island post game and my down the Obama and little is an understatement. I've teed the whole thing. The dinner table. Everybody. Dare I excused as of obviously to the bathroom if there's anything left to come out nothing. Did your guess know you had teachers now ever when you ask did you have to announce it earlier I did I announce his what but I prisoners. Why is Ireland. Is bright eyed. Okay here's why I had changed my close great try to leave dinner the other thing that comes out in different look. Maybe it discreetly said you know what that choking. My it would help or. Hurt us and an increase of kind of backed out of the room and then maybe maybe that wade or smelling rinds and Gail oh yeah. I replied I commercial break we're worth worth thinking person might pick up the smell have been game but look what happened you get a discreetly lap they give it oh she choked at sat in manager on the could about themselves. I think you had it out yourself. And I came and different camps right. Agent wardrobe change that I like between scenes around and actually changed those without and hunts and available that's what I did and what I was like rent like hey if you need help you know with you're choking problem prisoners here in the head. Owners can help me when I'm coughing and being quizzed him because he gets he's helped. You are I mean you are with shy yes you are pre Emma right above. It's a woman it's a sugar bombs or Obama if a pregnant woman stroking them you know and I'm like how deep can you can't I'm at in Idaho. And I can't OK he's gonna him now and my parents like seven or eight years now it'll act. Things we did in ninety TJX if the person it's choking is large around the middle OK now. Either with child or were just morbidly obese or just slows don't and it's with dinner at yours was pretty much hit just right and bright at the bottom of the rib cage. So it's just you know a fist. Well the problem with the right above leases rib cage there are some other stuff. And then I would assume there and I don't know. You're just gonna dye designs there's a lot of inappropriate things that can happen and I don't know what to move that it's as an actor who games. I thank you very gently pat on the senate are both you know what you're supposed to do is that makes go to further comment on what are we invading. Were you eating this retirement I think by tenth mountain water if I'm a pregnant woman and I give myself at the table mantown people. I'm accidentally taking my plate and dumping it on myself. Not all of the spaghetti all over myself I'll be back in a few minutes Hewitt being beak as you could. But clearly like I'm in the dying now so I mean it's gonna cost instead of an I don't care what else happens the rest I plotting or my hair. I've lower out of my suits your pregnant I'm not that I embrace your urinating all of a great guys and view it as. At this testing helping your per airline. At Atlanta little animal control of anything after that in my dear Jesus if you love me and all right can you help me have some kind of dignity before this and that's what's the best thing about pregnancy is that you start with some dignity you lose at all. And then by the accident at a time of the baby is like. Randy right. It's a great point I knew that I could never be a woman. Because like I there's no way I I can my wife has had three boys and I watched the whole thing happened and now and if I had to go to do well check this week and I was concerned that she was gonna make just like checked bird make sure that the fellas down their didn't have any you know outside the fellas I don't. Testicles right. That it and I its concern and Iowa checked she was gonna check for testicular cancer and I import myself like pumped up like. A right this has happened to do is she's a doctor it's fine to start pants. Thank god and heaven it didn't happen right but. Then there's act as I want to recommend what the story and she was like you are pathetic there's no way I could see why and yeah. It isn't just a few weeks like you it's going to be it's going to be a show for all pastor tires nurses now use Matthews nurses and doctors actor and in essence I woke I've been I mean it's residents now because all this and gave him and it that's half issues thanks in the other day again. And Lawrence like try and this is verbatim she goes after having a kid. On your bib every three hours. And that being sliced open to get that kid out. That being on I'm sure that after. My body looked at the steers a 162 additional. About element. I love you arm. Low lying we were supposed to do and our segment on basket pastor but we got derailed by pregnant urination. Which easily studio fifteen was a NASA does it. Eating all over it's just listen overall lack of but we can get this and men and half so we reduce the senate got out of past the sitting in real quick tonight and Ryan do you have you have to ask the pastor questioned us from Caroline long time listener and she says they would Imus posted do if they feel like I'm trying to be on guts the path that got passed for any yeah I. I'll kick it off and beat us in job if you want to by the way this in a radio theology and I'm by easy pay you weekly dose of faith hope love and music and we're just about done give you a quick asked the pastor segment. What do you do if you think you're on God's path need to struggling I would say welcome to the struggle. I think it's it's it's it's a fallacy for us to believe that they're walking in life is going to be somehow. Easy or that the easy stuff is what we want earlier tonight we talked about the and demolish your words right Ryan was talking about where the where they word excruciating comes from and it comes miss Capps. I was talking about. The word passion which means suffering and so I would say if there's something if you feel like you're actually on God's pass spear path for your life I would say in brace suffering and struggle because that's something that you're really passionate about. Is some in the gun will sustain UN even when he gets really really really difficult they said. And I would say. If you're on its path and it doesn't mean you have to keep moving in on the act there's nothing wrong with resting right there on the path. So I just don't feel like you have to kill he'd gone energy going to struggle just. Struggled as a lottery yeah. I like to repeat that in Tibet it exactly. Let the yes of the right yeah I would say don't don't legalize that your and it alone you know even though may feel like you're alone you got a lot of people around yeah including us here in Rio theology we love to. Help you guys out as you listen and we've even had callers help each other which is really really cool so little courtesy don't don't buy idolize that you're in it alone have to be in alone and yeah I think god will reveal more more of his will for use as use. Keep going forward absolutely. Hey guys it's an Easter Sunday it is easy Easter Sunday thanks for hanging out with us is with us tonight on radio theology wanna remind you starting may seventh where moving from sunny nice to Sunday mornings. We've been with gas and nice but we I can't wait to hang out with the guys during your morning drive on Sunday mornings will be deeper 7:30. To 10 o'clock 10 AM. Every cent in morning starting on May seventh we let you guys have an awesome week check us out on radio theology dot com banks or companies getting over a thousand. And at UN check out Lisa grabbed Lisa graph that comment or blog mines generally wind dot com. And Ryan's is a Ryan writes songs on Twitter at. And would let the guys have a wonderful week we'll talk to you next week.