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No we from the smiley morning joke and now he's got his own shell. Radio theology is on CBS now. Yeah. If you think I'm gonna take him my own backside dinner and a mix of guys that's certainly a bad thing. And down you know trips and the older or lose sleep tonight I don't know why don't smoke the other. Knew that though you can get your brother just maintenance and beat him. It's really hard time. Our kids pick up the those guys got a taste. And that the money look that'd the way it's wanted to go to a different year by the way. Sometimes I think and here's how pastor Darius. Tomorrow night and AM. And and that's fun. Because toward having this anymore because I know we are we're back with it we are local we are alive this is happening right now jobs that recorded. The can't. Here right now retired to. And I went to this topic again just like you are. Welcome back to radio theology Euro weekly dose of faith hope love music here on manhunt by Zito dearly want your poster with Lisa and Ryan. And as always producer Katie reverend. What were we are ready to bring you guys quality quality entertainment the next three hour S top notch top notch. It's it's going to be good morning we know this because leases already crying it's him. Yes I am. I am lacking a little yes I have a newborn. So there's that and then just my overall lack of emotional control. She'll get asked any great degree like this before kids yes I'm at I tried I everyday. Had tried like the expected I don't know yet if I every day to let it out and have many emotions. Right. Man I was I was surprised that which I mean that was so easy like in the commercial break before we came on you mentioned some song and country saw in the country music. It's everything has like I I thought these triggers Lego. I don't know it's over Lavinia set it out loud which is I started and I you know all me out on himself as the only an athletic and Britain passed right might have been heroic and you might just have some in your a little Galley there that. It should be I think abundant and. Cleveland if you can identify with leases issues with trying inevitability here this morning heavy pressure from the going on in your life than just an issue regulate you know I actually am crying about this and I could use some help. We're always here for a year on radio theology and give us a call all morning 317. 228109. And I would love to. To join your issue maybe help you with the tears who knows look at happened we didn't give us a call all morning moderate even tweet at us that radio theology and you know works I think guys don't know if you know we you know but. That the wonderful listening on its doesn't. Brand new sponsorship here for radio yeah. All of that now serene university right now and I'm five sepia. Pretty stoked about how that they've been a sponsor of the station they've run ads for quite some time and they said you know what we see what's going on with radio theology we fill the momentum. We want to hitch our wagon to your guys is rocket ship now we have to be serious debt. That is going to not work bio way hitch in the wagon to a rocket ship. That is that's a little 705 sing that can't definitely an airplane. How many I don't all of it as a marine thank you very exciting. A failure all awake listening yes and go tigers that's true and we became dude in the city agrees to redo its sponsor radio theology. That's when that's when soundtrack did that that's a path for our first sponsorship here radio theology. Like to thank everybody made this possible. All the listeners and instead. Of this he helped me. All bonanza rings and all of that and and first and foremost the biggest most famous as a marine. Jesus christianity and he went a little bit yeah. And hang out this right there and radio theology we're gonna do lab Bible roses come. Talk about. Parenting what happens when that leases Democrat really isn't my day to. I and a feature Ryan was that can't Kate he's been you're having a birthday that's right it's going to be pretty epic stick with us right Aaron and I by GPL is radio theology from seven to ten we're gonna have a blast you're gonna have a blast. Welcome to send him. Welcome back what does a trip to the lake a trip to the beach in a trip to the campaign. Have in common well we're about to tell you yeah. Radio theology and and a 95 ZBO Darren early wind here with yeah with Lisa in Ryan producer Katie is behind the board pushing the buttons making it all sound. Wonderful this morning. And it is a radio theology for the first time my friends present in my holiday Mazur you. That. Idea of new sponsor on board listen if you ran a university or maybe just a company looking to bison mediate in your really into what's happened with radio theology after we. Got a deal for you effort re competitive price of gas markets by. Spots and a portion of the show may be like the thought of the day thank you know what I want my company associated with a father today must. Have we get a deal reviewed at comic that call is Cyril said you'll get a grace oust him Tzipi anyway right here back from a week he can't talk to us about it yes so this was very busy camp season for young life which I oversee the in pup just up the road and fishers Indiana this is right now we're talking Ryan used to be and straight no chaser band out of I used yup traveled the world singing a cappella music cannot. Publishes at the Booth could that happen not many people and then you're resonant Fiat is actually got a now is off the road Iran's young life a great organization here with it was apparent the southeastern high school he's got two kids a wonderful wife and go back your story. Yes so this this is the at a five years that I've been on staff again like this is the most kids that we are taken to camp over the Summers we had 243. Kids and volunteers go to three camp trips now from our area and so I just came back from beautiful camp called some rural flake in Michigan. It's up in northern Michigan and we had a handful of kids up there and it was awesome and their they're actually come back a little bit later on tonight. But it was good to just cannot see you know the fruit of our labor over the course of the year just really connect and kids with their leaders at camp and while we could have accepted Christ and made. Positive steps in the direction in their faith and so it was an awesome trip and beautiful weather had an awesome time at. I love love love. Summer and I mean some of the greatest times in my life this is something about is getting out of your like regular routine. A little freedom away from your folksonomy you're with your friends he's had chance to and a reconnect to think about the states today you know you locked on a cell phones that was Al Ali Al out of gas and and vaknin and now we had at apple watchers to that so we ask you had to get out there I ask kids to surrender the electronics about thirty minutes by the time it's camp but it's cool one of our committee members she has like that ease with their names on unlike it looks legit sort of like what's this boards like. It's to put everything electronic and so you. It's stolen camp but also says they can be distraction free that's how we sell it to death and actually when we give them back to their phones it's like and has deep and I'll check on your Altec answer him later. Which is kind of cool 'cause it's like an opportunity when was the last time. You know fifteen year old kids. Were given in six days technology furry guy and were able to be. You know young and free and kids again not as pretty cool river but at least human on the leg jet skiing. To me as it was a vacation with my im nice. That we're dealing aren't strapped to the front you add it occur in my husband was island period where but not so I knew that in mind with my family and I didn't have my baby the whole time will now yeah. Is a beauty and dynamic nation with a newborn is like you know it's like past the baby in you never get asked to meet. For overnight of course we are going to a party in your husband passes your baby after the stranger to now yeah that's right I forgot to bring back our readers can't. I just am. A different rule of as a stranger and his pass today right Stanley the Stanley he never did. OpenId Adam liked is I think after the bathrooms and something else now who was amazed at the baby when guys go. We were Hadley and those are nice and immigrant parent company is meant to be in lose it was really fun to watch my daughter Jersey's almost three. And a deadly the first time in the hula she's like clean to me. And then ID two she's like text and yes I south of the I can't you know savanna like OK I don't have to get in this freezing concludes whoo yeah I am an island topic I need to live but other than that. Nothing against you got them to you so brain but it was awesome watchers and I jet ski that settings. It is sediment eviction notice this in the whip cracked you know on the Q how does not I'd straddle the you know right away and it. And here I know this show you the thumbs down to get. If the cutter outfit that wherever right now and it does that mean back. Yeah impact from the late time with the fan yeah article us and radio beyond this morning thanks to listen into to our show here and and I by Tzipi up. Maybe your coming back from a trip may be driving in the state line you drove overnight get home you listen and maybe give us a call 317228. And 99 let us know maybe when he your summer vacation stories I would love to hear maybe your on your way out for vacation. The war will will be your sendoff today's your head now the state here on CPI guys got back last night late 1030 at last night from Myrtle Beach you can't count out you do I this and someone brought towards in the week that was put on fifty cents and and I got to let me and that you know let's try to head cancer but the what happened in my world in February. That would just got to -- agree went down there with a twelve you Fisher's express baseball team and walked up on a much teams from all over the nation and then we had been championship I'd really really great team from a south Jersey asset Jerry suggest jazzy it was more than nobody in the team and it's Jersey accent really I was really opens going to be they can't we love the baseball and then. There's no axe hair gel fat hands yeah does it not develop until later in life I don't know they didn't I have I don't candidates fifteen NF. So you play baseball down Myrtle Beach by birth but baseball haven't have the top number alive from the beaches ready plaguing baseball you go back and hang around Myrtle Beach in the phenomenal treasurer and a moment from I got some thoughts on TV from the start the day. Later about just just the difference of median at Myrtle Beach on the almost my are my entire married lives when we vacation and all the time. This the first time like and my kids are old enough to have a bunch of freedom at the beach his is a little bit differently shall we come back and break your gonna give us a little bit idea that people keep telling you hey this early parenting stage this and you're gonna miss this out but you're gonna miss now being in getting moved on. And and you think. And maybe that's false advice and we're gonna chat about that and that would love to hear your thoughts on to stick with us right here on now I and I cry. Seeping out beyond that well. University anyway welcome back to radio theology and I'm five Tzipi Daryn they'll finally cigarette rhino were in producer Katie in the mix and the year weekly dose of faith hope love and music welcome to the show hey we love to hang out with you guys tonight we have on core on the roof every Sunday night this summer downtown. On the region's rooftop and guess what guys we added a pool so what oh yeah got a roof top pool now you got a pool on the fifth floor of the regions are downtown and yet it. Get little inflatable tunnel there it's it's a big one it's where it was thirty feet by thirty feet. Getting it down there and get your sense that you can change Jackie FT splash from the apple just Anderson's that would have won it yeah will be down their starting at 4 o'clock tonight. And we got great DJ is NB economic time get down running Elvis Carter for this money morning show yeah assistant producer he's gonna hang out with this well. And so what will be done that in this evening. A bit hate. At least that you you've got a blog on tap. Yeah and that take as a ticket at this journey you have right now about young has been a lot of our listeners. They they are right next thing you know phase of life that York. They're there thirty some things they've got some kids may gay kid on the way and and there are think in the yourself what have I got myself to. Yes that's what I did in every night I'm. That mice and is almost seven weeks only hands as almost read. And lots of people have been saying. And then also the self imposed like I sign up for this I should be enjoyed every moment as they're saying. You're gonna miss this miss the stage and while last. Mum and then I I hear this country song in my head over incidents and anti kerosene and out loud and that is berth in the tears lets us on you're gonna miss this. You're gonna want this back album all blocked. And I. No I'm not I that's I. Are you crying because you're against it are you crying just because it's on me she says happened all of it all I have no clue I am all of that don't element as are you were you suck at. And tenacity and you. In the shut up yes I as a processing through this I wanna write a blog about it Adam. And I've been asking as a base that brands like. Your moms that are older there in the difference is that means. Are you really him as like. If you can't platoon. And I got to find the tissues released an LP. Do you know if other cars out there are because this song registration act song yet he has no idea right this guy comes if I would stop talking here right but that's the repair and I'll play valedictorian at comes to our house kids are screaming everywhere but he's already got old kids. Analysts say here's what happens and and you know. And basically. Here's the creek course in the course coming up about four. Hang out. And in America. As. And are denied any artist and a little bit and it makes me it isn't true. Are you going to me are you going to just as like am I going to miss. Having. Newborn. And a toddler at the same the same time yeah I. And I guess I I want to hear from Amman who says yes for now I've heard from some based upon them said yes you're gonna miss this so dearly curves this Arie and eyes eyes out moms AM I gonna miss this and is Ryan's right Lauren who's in the exact instant means is you get an assist him. 317228. And 99. I need now hook up a. Just to maintain your rooms in it right yes we will hear from Indianapolis so if your thoughts and maybe your this morning get your kids are to get up and if they mess up what the heck is my life let us know maybe a different states I got some thoughts on my kids a little older but we want your community Annapolis. It is Lisa gonna miss this stage. He's got a seven week old a three year old to the early toddler years. It's gone 317. 2281099. We wondered oh is she gonna miss this did you miss it. Policy let us know what's going on and we can wait the conversation below 72810. And I gives a call right here on radio theology. Sponsors present them all of it as a university and an CPI's. Because interview. It's a good one you can check down on. As he peeled back on it and and you can check that out. Orders go to iTunes insert the radio theology India the interview now Warren. Is on there as well here and and I and finds he got radio theology. And that we're discussing whether or not you're gonna miss the young. The young toddler newborn stages of parenting. And Lisa is voting no. He's not gonna dead to miss this. And now Alicia is on the call is on the phone and she she's sort of agrees with its check out how with a Alicia. That way silly. At some point at least at some point you USA one month. And and and one Euro. Guys line. Mike and there at thirteen months apart so I. Well. Now it might actually turning well. I really act like they know I. Hit his Mitt. Allegiant are you police are you are you good interior right now. And that is negative trait it's that that song or is it because that's genuinely miss those times. Like hey I'm part like. And it you know that kids you know learning pink together. You know. Sitting on the floor holding on my board. I you know I went out the first time he met her you know the look on his diet yet ready to play whether it. And the current current head. Tell it well you don't know art at Elkhart. Being at all. Burying him to be a bit sick and firmer and dragging her around because all of sleep and and I like that. I I you know like eight. In a bit that this the quiet. He he. Well. Well loss and listen listen thank you for calm on any given issue respect we'll see if anybody else Indianapolis agrees it do you but I enjoy your twelve year old and you're out what almost eleven year old right. Almost eleven out. And my. While an act like Oz. That's gradually it's basically the bone man. Our the sees me she's kidnapped little there yet the stimulus and or and value we wanna know from you are not our. Should we miss these early stages of childhood. These and then to top their state is 3172 to eight and 99. Because. Lisa says that this song but it's probably not true. Don't forget it's not relaxed attitude to 810 and I let us know if if if we're gonna miss these stages. If we should. If we should say goodbye to them about the move quickly to break. We talked about this on on nine yesterday it was your prep for the show in an it made me think about. About this on this last trip I just got back from both with. When my kids or my twelve year old Cole was down playing baseball. Down enough Myrtle Beach, South Carolina went down there and a great week of baseball such great we have such great relations are betting on a baseball team is really really cool community. And that was so fun to watch them play but it was a different trip for me to Myrtle Beach it may meet as a lot about different stages of parenting it it in closely for today's thought of the morning. It's the thought of that tape asked Aaron. So anyway like I said I just got back from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and down there and you maybe think this here's the question this morning. Would you rather your kids are maybe even your friends choose you because they have to do. Maybe because they need something. From you would you rather than choose you because they actually want to. And I got back from this trip to Myrtle Beach mild dissent calling this a must on the plane. Based on a turn and Myrtle Beach when my favorite place to vacation my wife and I've been going their effort for vacation really is we got married sixteen years ago. And this trip was different in a really cool way. Focusing when our kids are much younger I remember when my kids never left my side. They want with me because they chose to be they were there because they needed to be. They needed to stay alive in those days like my greatest fears were they fall the pool and drowned they get lost on the beach. And I can remember those years when my boys when it jumped to me in the pool and they would jump. And jump and jump and had kids and put them back in the pool deck and act like they did that probably 101000 times a day. Then there are those years the afternoon naps in the diaper changes in the absolute melt downs that made no sense whatsoever. These are great vacations but they were stressed out and my boys were always with me because they had to they had no choice in the matter. They chose to be with me is they needed. They had to be. It sure was different issue was weird because my boys are old enough now that. They could be on their own my to a liberal my ten year old that walk around with their buddies on the beach they swam they played well full ball on the ground. They really didn't need me for anything. Should they could even go ordered their own sherbet Shirley temples from the bar and I got a little expensive. The one of my highlights of the week was in my seven year old Knox he asked me to take a couple laps around the lazy river with the he shows me because he wanted to because he had to. It's actually what love looks like in you know what it felt really good for me as a bad. But I high twelve and a half hour drive home yesterday I got to think and about my relationship with god is he got doesn't really need me. Or anything he doesn't need anything from me in fact that chooses to spend time with me because he wants to not because he asked him. And the scriptures say it like this that the guy who made the world and everything yet amassed in the sky and land doesn't live and custom made shrines or need the human race to run errands for. As if he couldn't take care of themselves. He makes the creatures the creatures don't make him the starting from scratch he made the entire human race and made the earth this credible with plenty of time and space for a living. So we can seek after god. And not just drove around in the dark but actually find him. Doesn't play hide and seek with us he's not remote he's near we live and we moved in here. Can't get away from him. That's actually what love looks. And that relieved feels good. To me as a site. In a child of god I hope it feels good to you to friends and this morning. God has chosen you not because he needs something from you or because he passed he chooses to do because he loves he's near to. He's four. Not against. An actress is your radio theology. Out of the present in my element mastery Karen and I find the. Have you ever been in church and had a moment like half I thought you just moving it he's just saying I came here and become a little loss. Here we. Who knows Fijian. As a real. Cast your real last rude and Darren. Welcome back to radio theology again and advancing our seven got asked a passer and we got a great question coming in all the way from Canada this morning at the right what did you have in the conversation you can't 3172281099. There's a questioner received on Twitter. Are this is from act arena underscore leave she says hi as recently listened to radio technologies interview with Niall Horan. From one direction and discovered that radio theology also has a three hour Sunday time slot on the CPR radio station. A mainstream pop music station. This is really fascinating to me because I am also a Christian and I have never heard of a mainstream station. Giving time to Christian faith based program at least not in Vancouver Canada where I'm from. I'm curious to know how as a Christian organization and you reconcile the music that's played in the lyrics that may be counter scriptural on the radio station. That you have and all of that you have an affiliation with your values as a Christian. As a Christian myself who does listen to appreciate pot music. It can be challenging to reconcile my own principles with what I enjoy listening to what would you say Christians like me given the unique position and opportunity you have working with them. Mainstream pop radio station I think you would really have some great insight and I would really appreciate it thanks so much for taking the time to get back to. Awesome very cool thanks for the question if you about questions similar to that or maybe just different points please sent to us on Twitter would love for you to be a part of the conversation you can always call and I wanna live on her 317228. And 99. It's a great question you know as they as a real deal pastor and us as a team here on the on the station Dickerson how do you reconcile. Some of this that the songs that they come on I Democrats and people ask me alike to show but I thought it was funny you didn't like your thought of the day and then. It went right into you know sex by the kitchen or whatever it's called sex by the fire with you know. With the and a Greta that she on the floor such an employee. About brand of music it's it's very versatile his topics if it. Is you know my on this is for wanna I wanna think you know as he PI think she's right I don't know into the station that that is given us a platform to do this and in anywhere across the nation so I love that. As he PO you know takes the wrist a list and try to fill the Airways up a little more faith opened lob to make our city alone a better place hopefully encourage people but. For me I try to put this in the the what I call actually is still on this from Wayne Jacobson was on our show a couple of weeks ago. We because that the Jesus lands and I think one thing we have to realize if you are Christian that you got to put on the lands of seeing everything in the way. The G is would have done I think when things we miss is that. I think as Christians we completely lose our privileged to be offended. If we're actually trying to make a difference in this world. Whereas I'm if you think about everything that Jesus all in experience like when he is at a wedding party or he's at a dinner with the with Pete with prostitutes. Yeah like. Let's be honest like they were actually prostitutes. Via what. A legit that was their profession. So am I guess if you're at a dinner with notorious centers set right and some of them being prostitute. Probably there was some conversations happening around the dinner table that could have been offensive. To Jesus and he wasn't necessarily endorsing their life or their conversation. But I think because he was their to represent love and and and and that the bridge she was building to folks. You see that he gave that his his right if you will to be offended until you hear on the show for mean. I'm not you know we're not creating Bruno Mars music unless they're going to burn marks lifestyle but I loved Bruno Mars and he has the right ability to. May be tapped my foot and make things happen and for us. These for me here on on on a radio theology. I wanna take the opportunity to to make God's love accessible. And applicable to your life. And and if I don't necessarily agree with some maybe being set up on on. Song played after we do that that's OK with me. I'm not. You know making that music and I'm here take this opportunity to it to to use the opportunity. And and go ahead and let go of my ability to be offended or have them all of my values. And on top everything. I get that I mean one of the the first things that we are trying to do we set out that when it was easy peels like hey do you wanna have a radio show about got a basically really. What and and we and we all kind of jump to the opportunity. One of the things that I remember you saying in there and about like what are your hopes that the show can become is is helping create a conversation about. Faith about hope about love that becomes normal because sometimes and Nikkei ended Syria awkward when you're talking to people about anything related to church or religion or faith in god or Jesus any of it can be immediately walls go up and what were really trying to do with the platform that we've got is just really help people understand that like that doesn't have to be an awkward conversation biking can actually be stuff I mean we've heard on the show collars. Who who won story inspires another caller and helps them in their life that day and it's dislike what a cool bridge between. Really hoosiers to an and people around the world I mean this came from Vancouver. British Columbia yeah you know so. Trying to help people understand that and if I Justin Bieber song earn a share in sorrow DJ cows are whatever is is coming up after we're talking about Jesus like. That can actually happened that the two don't have to be mutually exclusive. And I think did the trick goes into like well are you condone that no we're just on the air talking about things that actually really matter. And that happens to be an edge here and song talking about now my bed sheets smell like you thought you. The Witten which some of your experience that no. My youngest one knocks me in the I. Speaks out antiques I know that's all figured out and whatever nine the acquisition of get better is he's like with a quiet lad is his bed sheets melt down and I'm not not a camera to Israel now. Yeah exactly. Where the authorization which means if it's like your. And like I would protect my kids from this music probably you know because I don't have conversations like that and I absolutely have to Shia and Alec that's where Michael and but. Three as I and yeah you know but that's Graham liked that's characterization which agents and house but for now absolutely yes. Let's talk about love and it's an open up in it. If you get if you got some input on that immediate and the question always column 3172281099. And give us your thought on that but and I we do we to ever ever we tried to this asked the pastor segment that you've got something you've been thinking about for awhile and maybe you know my attends church isn't conducive to actually raise your hand and asked in a question you can always email us. A follow us on Twitter isn't isn't direct message on Twitter are eaten column 3172281099. And we'll do our best answer your question when that was on him again grind that that was in front Corina Corina yeah I'm to Canada. Ask all the way up. To the frozen tundra of north Canada America's apps that's true. Does that mean we're worldwide. I think we are international Wii than on radio theology show in the world at least at least North America at least not Emily yeah we need someone. Mean that's the one from the U typical next. Anyway. Yes that's our segment got asked a passer and will be back in a little bit and we're gonna leave you with some terms include. Because I know how much of Charlie and this is that an I five C campus radio theology. Radio the and by element now answering university right Aaron and I privacy PO let me tell you what you're doing your drive and right now it's a beautiful beautiful day it's going to be 84 and sunny today courts against it Grayson a year and the cart would you kid. Yeah practice and asked me how do you know that I will 'cause I nor target demographic and not. But you're a young mothers driving right now around town maybe you're gonna breakfast again had church may be it's a sporting event I don't know you can also be a dad you know. It's a driver and you think you're such you know what we're now making a detergent mourning them and and if we did I would feel really opera have a conversation with my kid about said church things yes yes so what we've done here radio theology because we're gonna serve record help going to be a little faith album let you liked each and every Sunday morning and and that. We're doing a segment we call. Stories blow like that yet but we -- basic take stories that might be it's kinda hard to understand if you read the Bible may get about what has went to the thousand those who like what the heck is that about yeah. And we boiled down to a kid's story. So you can understand it may be with your kid they can understand it. Little fun time in the car presented by radio theology and now and I'm five EPO that day yeah. Read by the one and only. The cigarette such a good radio now. That same night in amongst the other starters suddenly a bright new star appeared. All of us are in the dirt and this songs on your employees can and hanging in the evening and concerns campus trying to. Accident there when he Nissan was born yeah. So hanging on him. I know darn silly he's gonna wait to can't. Easy catch the new gas can keep opinions to himself he's been waiting on these long years this moment and now he's won it's everywhere so we pulled out. All the staff keeps sends angels that's how Mary the good news he put a special star in the sky the show where his way west. And now he's going to send a big choir of angels sing his happiness onto the ground he's here he's come telling C have my little flying. Now we're would you send your splendid iron to a big concert Khamenei or Alice perhaps. AdSense is a little. He'll find out and a little town in the middle of the night and he sends all of those angels sings her racquet the old friends afterwards watching Nancy outside of in those days remembered people used to laugh it's never say favorites now leans on the other remains I can't actually mentioned here. PC people thought shepherds were nobody's to scruffy old racetrack but got must've thought shepherds are very Britons eat because they're the ones he chose to tell the good news to parents. That night some shepherds were out in the open fields burning themselves by a campfire when suddenly she started they were frightened eyes and olive trees rest. What does that help clean. Turned around peony and pregnant and the huge warrior of flight lazy in the dark. Don't be afraid of me the brakes and you me and I haven't come to green I've come to bring you happy news for every one every. Today indeed it's a town in Bethlehem got hands in the morning you can go see he's beat her. I maintenance costs strange dwellings time except it wasn't how it was angels troops into groups of any injuries aren't life. And they were seen beautiful. Glory too fast to guide be shame and honor and column are her rage. And is quickly is the appearance in just last shepherds stamped out there for iron left to their seat raced down the grassy hill through the gates of Bethlehem. Down the narrow cobbled streets. Through bring her down some steps cents a steps. Casting and rounded corners through ahead until lasting three weeks. Tumbled down steel. And aircraft and then quickly leaked intelligence that they know amateur hour. They had heard about this promised child mount this here. Kevin's son and maker of the starts baby's sleeping in his mother's arms. This stadium and he liked it happened right starts hanging in the night sky. A lights to light up and pulled her on T seen wage hour and helping people to see. In the darker than night act and brighter that start with shine on non. Our time. Yeah like a NASA Mac app. That time it was it investments in the past as somehow I'm wearing a ones he's up a jam up. What is going on. Lisa you've got the best radio what are you could sell anything on the ratings. You're saying. See there's an answer all while that in mind as the uncanny your voice turns like I just I meant I meant. Somewhere gimmick great story and little warmer warm and Fuzzy. If you'll love the yeah you can't have that conversation a wet maybe just ask them what they thought about that is a great chance need to drive and have a conversation I've found in my life even as my kids are older than some of the best conversations that you have in the car with your kids aren't a what is it's like to adapt actually looked face to face the dispute on and that might like no direct icon I did that at the end of so don't look at and don't enjoy it have a conversation and a courtesy of us and maybe talk about a look at that that part of the story the where where. The good news story comes to people who. Who you know would least expect to get good news may get a conversation your kid. Who in your life right now do you feel like maybe just needs to hear some good news maybe for the end of the day you could call them say something encouraging to them and be a messenger of good news and you guys have that family discussion. Wherever you're headed on this beautiful sunny morning. This is radio theology present relevant answering university and 99. Celia. And start where lives back. Welcome back to Reagan at the object present about it now as a marine university here on nine and I EPO it's a beautiful day outside right now it is sixty degrees and clear. Your forecast today 84. And have it beautiful it's me a great day sixty H a low. And the next couple days chances storms but it's going to be a pretty good week coming up 8687. Nine the court on Wednesday I. He sat out there INS are not ready SPS well by. You know what we we Colombian as a party your day party your driver wherever you're listening to what to our show in. Every which try to give a little bit of faith hope and love. Inspire you a little bit me making a lap in between songs. And we love getting calls from listeners may be you got some that your going to India we try to help that's what we do our ask the pastor segment and that we just gonna mix things in the gonna be helpful to you we had a call command a little bit earlier. And I think got mixed up and and then. We lost the call and if you're ever out there and you do just maybe have a question about a relationship you know we kind of joke and say they're on the Sunday morning struggle bust happened. Once you know that we love you guys stick on and we to look to be geared to help you have we can't so 3172281099. If you ever wanna call and or you don't wanna be on area when you can messages on Twitter. Our radio at radio theology in I also want FaceBook to FaceBook messages to search radio theology on FaceBook as well. But now we're here for yeah losers at. If you don't have an Arab is still wanna call and have a conversation with SP would ever Riley tacitly at W at him like oh this doesn't mean recorded them and we plan anyway let's not so it could still call yes it is still can't Palin 78 and nine. That's absolutely. True say you know what we love doing the show for you guys on Sunday morning Sunday nights we do a host a party got hot on core. On the roof it's a part of public theology. A ministry that I ran back that's reason to be opened in the north the intro Marceau says that you know pub pastor Dan you mean like why the heck do you call the pub restaurant. What Hannah because on Sunday nights I host I host a party downtown and a great thing you called other regions rooftop. A GPS habits on the fifth for the region's rooftop we got a thirty by thirty foot pool. On our fifth floor of the region's rooftop sounds amazing it's going to be great we're gonna be down there tonight you guys can get and five dollars to get in at the door and actually know what color nine right now giveaway free for packet tickets to tonight's event encore on the roof. You wanna call and come party with us tonight party with a purpose and the purpose and every bring us from George your life Sunday night's going to be. They start off its four clocks afternoon goes till 10 o'clock if you'd like to come to encore on the roof more information you can check FaceBook. Or instant Graham what's that now with that number again their 317. 2281099317. 2281099. That would give before packet tickets away to come down to encore on the roof tonight is gonna call and do a seat at night act and but at least you got summoned force releases pieces this afternoon. Morning and I damn well I'll let you know how celebrities. And a sometimes use their celebrity on a variety of ways. Mostly negative everytime a slippery is an economic asked its app for sure is it. But sometimes celebrities are doing good he and I always hear those stories and a so Adam driver who is a he's in Star Wars. I guess he's he's as the villain and you. You have OK I was like wait a second I know the name but when yet we ask you let them out and I am deviate he adds heat is is a veteran and Adam. Right before he was was to deploy to Iraq he got injured. In a mountain biking accident while there he was never able to go with it is with the troops and that always really like empty and sad about that. And have key partner but Budweiser who of course the list and make America cry church during all of our camera on oh yeah. I'd still leaves me I don't like the popular kinds down. But the but they also have a scholarship program for kids have wounded veterans witches. Awesome and totally American yeah and and I'll folds of honor so Adam. This John Williams as the veterans and his daughter Hayley is Anderson's club. She's in her final a year. And because if John was he was about to go to desert storm and he was injured in a training accident. Most common ground with that driver yes and he heard got back was never able to go Ali start with this guilt and because on the medical bills they have. She's really struggling to pay for school right he really is inspired tired and most people. Oh you can see where this is gallery and I think at some audio from Iran yes he had this is Adam drivers and showing up to their house our governor alleged plot that was drops them. Hey John yeah. Based out of listen reaches a minute think. Who tried. You know trying to get that all the time that you that you showed people yeah. Lower your high low ran from Star Wars I don't know I don't know at a back to the beauty and. Believe yeah. Yeah basically your letter I was in the the military to. You were in the army right or right before desert storm winds are right here in yourself and same I was right before Brussels and reports. Iraq with my universe I felt so. By the guilty that I didn't really get to finish my service I the first person that ever said I understand truly understood. I think now you're here in school known yet and that's when you reached out to the folds of honor. And they they reached out to me and they told me to let you know that you got the scholarship. Wow it. But also in the Budweiser and I thought vision afterward about school so Budweiser is going to be covering here all remaining school expenses. Floods. Out of work right there analysts and the rest the video there hanging out together hug and kiss anything crowning jewel analysts asked about why they're hoping. At the end of a couple of thousand dollar scholarship or whatever applied for a rise of 44000. Dollar line it up now where ago out of driver but I. In that's awesome amp a there's releases visas without his good today it out like that idea except scholarships. I didn't but let me. Anyway that's please pieces here and Anaheim by Zito radio theology wanted to. Oh can graduate Michelle rightly she is headed down. Wrote if you wanna Jonas were downtown regions rooftop just go search on core on the roof on FaceBook or it's aground. It's our Sunday night after party to Tzipi out Carter missed mine and wanna show will be but this tonight as well. End you can get in down there as starting at 4 o'clock in the beautiful pool party it's 84 degrees you don't need you don't you don't have a pool but I've gallantry and on the floor. Other regions truth tub scene down there tonight and this is rated theology on 95 Z via. He's. Customers and our lives again. There there was I think it's a club and a Miami you're something like that that this past week and DJ played this beast best mosquito the F ten times. And maybe it was a night in Venezuela is a ten times and at night and people in the club got so mad they Beatty not the well my I'm not condone violence. That is I bet yeah but he couldn't take it he played he played the agency to ten times in the peak gusts erratic they beat him in the bill went into. Let's get. Apps to beget yet you watch out for that song as if it's your jam if you play ten times you may be assault but at any sound. And probably is on 'cause I'm Ozzy have a nominee though are. Doesn't it didn't doesn't he returns in it's always likes his pursuit and he they were really out there. I don't know Spanish he wouldn't sing it though to meet the water bought water bottle that. The natural to not hurt them via Indy was like hey those ciento via all I did was walked into the studios ingest the Zito twice and then cashed my object in normally is it just you know it's Tuesday went astray with ideology and and I by the PL a you know what guys. But in the land there first sponsorship presented. As a marine university. In that really now at least a year that's your. Obama on American guest does my alma lighter in my place. And I now you know and ran pretty easily based on a minority yes I think it's on I mean let's shoot out with Indian Wesley missed. A counselor joked yeah I was a field to be sponsored and managed to so what did you know eyes when I think everybody made the sponsorship possible to. I would think they sip of tang her tuition so yeah mastering unit element. And having diversity can pay for the sponsorship death. I would think I had brilliant funny and have a great here I'll take out I don't think producer Katie proficient all the buttons to make sure everything works every we gonna show. And I wanna think the supreme mastering. I just called them with this Lucas and renamed as Iranian Jesus Christ. So yeah violence later years trying to. Yeah actually anyway love that we are sponsored Malamud Nasser and maybe you. You're looking to do the media by Andy Dick our show this have we got to deal yeah yes stick tab we got a deal for a anyway and radio graduating every Sunday morning from last sevens and two at 10 AM and meant to be beautiful day 84 degrees sunny outside. Welcome to sunny morning in Demi we've had we've had a really great morning. I'm coming off of or just I know guy in last night 1030 from a little vacation in Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. Out and when on the for baseball term and if there's at least travel sports parents out there the only. Drink the Kool Aid plane in the travel sport has in all of Saturday as nominated and yeah like we travel sports and family yeah. No great read on the plane based we're Fisher's expressed a view that played great are right the American can can I do humble parent brag record I have. And it mix Aaron I don't I don't. I went anyway and I threw my my son Cole so Pratt yes. We played a whole week baseball he was en Fuego my friends that means on fire all thank you yeah free not a negotiator who's in this news desk the CI. Adamant this that he took the Quito which means little bit a little bit. Anyway so nice and cool. This is crap on the ball this week. I say them on the radio ads they just started they would like eighteen for 22 hit out of the cycle during the they're in this. Singles doubles triples and Astro man and a danger when you aren't you went yard. And you if you think is that dads are gonna play it cool when your kid goes here and a billion in Boston I know you're now you're gonna jump around with their hands hands and here's. A I don't care task easier that's awesome anyway we just got back late last night and it was great I was what I woke up this morning at 430. But by the sound of the dog barking. Are at your eyes your round it was my Condo it was a back door what what's your dog's name HBO putt putt Pompeo puppy and I think trend begin play on it does Ethiopian ministry yet did what low I was Theo went down the back torrent and there was cash. Just stare and Theo you know you can't get because this plain glass. And so I thought maybe he's barking and crying at the back or was just about the cap. So I went back upstairs to go back to bed because it was 4:30 in the morning tech writer editor and I know no deal was actually that the cat was just. Happenstance coincidence of joy for him. The problem was that his dog bows wolf well world were full of dog diarrhea dog out. Still good after it was trying to figure out why didn't he come back upstairs. I didn't glance downstairs in realized uh oh. I've got a 430. Sure. A little gift for area and well. The and that. Are. Anyway I've got a friend named in his who is in Chicago and he said that his his girlfriend's dog when they're when they're living together. His. His dog head had an accident when he was on but the heat didn't know that. He had set up the rumba you know those like rumored back on again off sending back and yet he said he walked back into the apartment the darted at an accident lawyers were while there was on he said there were perfect like. The sixth parallel grams of dog crap just all over the usually what is that but it so I came back from some kind of a great summer vacation hope you're 430 wake up call was better than mine with the old littered do you. Do you look dog Bebo anyway. If you talk about dog do you know just happened to be how we're certainly not a cost. Group. Great theology a weekly dose of faith hope love music and evidently the jokes. Right here and I arrived he PO. I like that it's easy. That's the Stephen crowd only song and all of music with like much but words can be in the air Bruno what you got. I got it out toward you know tired at his agent has that stud muffin. I know some only called my husband's a step muffin one. Like Ansar Al sowed the group. That could and step away at it and I did not meet dance pop back up grandma that might not enough economic. Yeah. Sunday 84 degrees and sunny and a warrior on your way to but I hope that somewhere fun at this as a radio theology on 995 ZEPO. I dare an early wind here with Gil leasing and Ryan has lost producer Katie love to see it tonight downtown at encore on the roof if for the region's tower we got a pool. Up on a roof we get the sunshine we just need you carpets my in the morning show's going to be there don't miss it starts at four ghost tilt and the get down there hang out with the tonight you can check and add that out on the GPL website and or on court on the roof of social media. We deal with less staying connected with you guys inept but if you haven't liked our FaceBook page for radio theology you need to do so you won't regret it were also on Twitter Ross on its Graham. Were all. The place my friends and sometimes on FaceBook we get off some messages like we just got from James Ryan what is yet to say yeah I says good morning FM on your show a few weeks ago and I enjoyed it greatly Al James hinted at delays and related to drugs and James goes eyes as I found being a game and it's hard to find a church where I am not judge I feel I can listen here and get what I need without any discrimination. I would also like you to say a prayer for my mom as she is just out of the hospital and needs some healing. I'm on my way up I 69 to visitor. How was carried out all of Jayne makes it enough that we do here that's true you know what we have like a radio theology in town this town. I can't go to charity counts you know there's there's no time like the president James is on a ways away at the visit is his mom she sick. He's grabbed that I 69 ask is to pray for and we pray for james' mom right now if you listen and maybe the praying type. If you're not just chill out we're gonna play. John Mendez and men at the end. What is gonna break for James and his mom epic this morning thanks for the sunshine thanks for Bruno Mars and so on Mendez and we thank you for James as mom. We don't know why she sick what's going on with their but we just pray that. She went down this experience a strong human pitcher spirit would bring strength and health and where life. We break for James he would be a great support in an encouragement to his mom we think you so much for his left for his mom and apparatus to be a special date from them. Fourth him just a mad men and OJ. Yeah yeah calling your request you tweet as you say this in the amount bone spur demand sound happens. And I like what he said she worries the slate tag it is the safe radios show for me to be able listened to enough feel discriminated against judge anything and that's really. You know what we're trying to do here in Indian it's been beautiful over the past what six months and months today as the forty X. Yeah but we're doing that I. But it's cool you know it's here in the hoosiers connect with other hoosiers and we get to be a part of that and you guys to be a part of spread a little bit more faith hope and love around its absolute. Absolutely so we were talking we were talking today about. At least is tear ducts and how they're always over active they are. And at least even trying to bunch and one of the arrangement trying to about is that this Trace act in songs tell us about that. My goodness attractive here that's for sure and I want to have his baby Imus after Bryant no I keep hearing more and more everyday at ten. Part of it is because I think I expected to keep getting easier and it keeps getting harder. And then this song comes into my head. In your farm road you'd like it to do well yes past yeah. But yeah I think this these days and I like I don't. And then I think this song out loud which is my first this. This thing yet enough like I even heard them to park your car each and this are you gonna miss this like. Diapers crying I meltdowns at these early times of the year might did not mean emblem put down my son and he does not a settled athletes them away and says simultaneous washing my daughter's mouth I was so. It was back and back at two years old Luke and these have openings and summarize any noble. You can read three asked says I'll look back and night out we lived so well yeah. So you and find out and wanna find out that just the vote in ready yet are you in others about it yeah animus at. Are we gonna miss the toddler years are Regan. Went back and act by an aura. Three and 7282. And that and I'm what I hear your thoughts do you mass do you think you're gonna miss the toddler years when they're gone in eight years or do you we do we wherever your at that stage of parenting. Give us a call 3172281099. We got a list on the phone let's see which yes is that. Waits. At some point at least at some point you USA one month. And and in their one year old. Hi Mike and Eric thirteen months apart so I. Now. Now and it actually turning. That. I really act I know I. Hit like this. Allegiant out are you a leash or use our union interior right now. And hey it's great it's a song or is it because that's genuinely miss those times. Like hey I'm part like. Amnesty you know that kid you know learning things together. You know. Sitting on the floor holding a mighty bored I you know I went out the first time he met her. It showed a look at his I gave him the pilot error it. Tempering kind of had it. LE LE LA apartment at out of our helping at all. Burying him via Netflix and firmware and starting her around because all of sleepy head and stuff like that. I I delegate. You know that this the quiet. He he. So. Awesome let's listen nation for calm on any given issue of respect to deceive anybody else Indianapolis agrees YouTube but I enjoy your twelve year old and you're out but almost eleven year old right. Attic and my clout and. Oz. That's gradually as a prominent morning it's. Good days and do you think we can handle and on line when we lost political backing and three when 7282 and a 91099. If if are we gonna miss these early years and I know Lisa I got a little bit of respect and I have that next in the next two weeks and and have a thirteen year old while our top ten year old in my six shows turn seven. And we just got back from Myrtle Beach do the two little based on trip down there and the thought of the morning M and get to hear a little bit kind of had a moment this week Greg could see that things were different like we don't hide they didn't need me as much as they do. And I can say I don't I don't necessarily. Miss. Screaming and melting down my Cadillac I watch this we'll get it at the pool side just only lose it yeah completely irrationally losing at an as I walked off. With a nice cold beverage in my hand and my kids doing whatever they wanna do and in being freaked I was like. I'm mature but brown an episode at a I don't miss that. But there are moments when now when it's like my kids. Like my boys they have they get to choose to want to be around me not like they have to do and and that there are some tough moments. And a and a. I was at the union that that's a wonderful if he never meant I was a busy yesterday with Olivia and she's just like left nothing the law says that he has like our active let's go and I just immediately almost. Start Welling up because I'm like man I'm gonna miss those times but them like seventeen minutes later she's just freaking out because of we have to put SPF albino sun screen. You guys payless little gender role in the world. And I'm like I'm not gonna miss that yeah but I want to Estes than her reaching out for me in Munich let's go do something fun together. Let's see what Brenda has the segment is a lot when Brenda welcomed their radio theology what are your thoughts shall we are we gonna miss these top of the years or not. You're gonna. How do your kids. I don't want any more yeah I. That Merck let your honor and a Y. It's friend. Power bar crowd ringing and how chore. End. It panic I don't actually know so. Where he doesn't mean. Am. Well but the least at least has promised her two year old is currently talking back yeah. He's. Advanced her her age yes abstinence acts that gap and have like I don't know what to you yesterday I grabbed so. And I was like am I wash him out I was hoping yeah. I look at it that bar so public with so what was that I did liquid soap I watch how you hold up I go to the store by the filming so I'll let them. Like old and let me their first Eliot there's not enough so peered into the bathroom and that's. It was like this really dried out and horrible process and then I just wears it around him out and think just the process of me pretty good at your inner rob Rasmussen around so. The human like it was so demean yet because I'm actually look at the thumbs that he's got the back just like. And I don't ask. I talked back to earth. Here are your corporate and I don't know I think I've heard of hot tossed two and I was there that's a cop out. That's called the Child Protective Services. Now you know speed down right out there yet Britain thanks for the cooperation it let's go to line 20 we get somebody else please see JC. Let's get thank. MIS. And 19. And an am new element. Arrogant and act and that. And a freelance. And just. And it just that. Everything is anti armor and honey and just anywhere. On. Something like that there. Every minute of me is that the. Gas that's I've heard from I put this on base but to asking my older mom friends like. What what about it are we gonna miss and it it was it was it came back I innocents in the worries are smaller. And gas and cigarettes are that sent. What yeah look you know that. Veronica de L. There are attempted. Arts aren't terrible. Palin. Her. Did you at the staff. Yeah I don't appreciate Casey is the year though I. Fourth or fifth mom that's called in and I'm currently staring at a mom with Lisa and every one of you as you talked about these years and missing them you'd definitely get. And I can hear the tears in Iraq a little bit easier reminiscent. Gas money you're chipping away at my resilience to hate it here I think. That's my moms tell my mom who I know is listening autopsies it church right now it is seasons the only player. Yes he had heard tell is I knew when her nostrils start to flare a little Angel moms get out of sight out. Okay thanks for on and we really did it. Say let. And the apple eleven air yeah. Asked. In his inside they get to the finish school did you go right into school Kirk could Casey thanks so much for Colin with an idea appreciate call. No man well if you got him at budget gone 317228109. Yearn radio theology. And that's influenced are the thought of the day and now will bring Matta had (%expletive) after this great hit by Sean May end as good break your radio beyond your present relevant as a great university a man and I'm fine. C PO I. The bottom of the tape master Darren Powell. So anyway like I said I'd just gotten back from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on. Down there. And you may be think this here's the question this morning when you read your kids or maybe even your friends choose you because they have to do. Maybe because they need something from you. Would you rather than choose you because they actually want to. I got back from this trip to Myrtle Beach mild dissent calling this it was down their plan. Baseball and turned and Myrtle Beach when my favorite places to vacation my wife and I've been going their effort for vacation really is we got married sixteen years ago. And this trip was different in a really cool way. Focusing when our kids are much younger I remember when my kids never left my side. They want with me because they chose to be they were there because they needed to be. That they needed to stay alive in those days like my greatest fears were the fall the pool and drowned they get lost on the beach. And you can remember those years but my boys when it jumped to me in the pool and they would jump. And jump and jump and I'd catch in the put them back in the pool deck and I thought they did that probably 101000 times today. Then there are those years of the afternoon naps in the diaper changes and the absolute melt downs that made no sense whatsoever. These are great vacation but they were stressful and my boys were always with me because they had to they had no choice in the matter. They chose to be with me as they needed. They had to be. It sure was different issue was weird because my boys are old enough now that. They could be on their own might vote for all my ten year old that walk around with their buddies on the beach they swam they played willful ball on the ground they really didn't need me. For anything. Should they could even go order of their own sherbet Shirley temples from the bar and I got a little expensive. The one of my highlights of the week was in my seven year old Knox he asked me to take a couple laps around the lazy river with the he shows me because he wanted to because he had to. It's actually what love looks like and you know what it felt really good for me as a dead. But I high twelve and half hour drive home yesterday I got to thinking about my relationship with god is he got doesn't really need me. Or anything he doesn't need anything from me in fact that chooses to spend time with me because he wants to not because he asked him. And description sale like this that they got it made the world and everything it amassed in the sky and land doesn't live in custom made. Shrines or need the human race to run errands for. As if he couldn't take care of themselves. He makes the creatures the creatures don't make him the starting from scratch he made the entire human race and made the earth expendable with plenty of time and space for a living. So we could seek after god. Not just drove around in the dark but actually find him. Doesn't play hide and seek with this is not remote he's near we live and we move in him can't get away from. That's actually what love looks. And that relieved feels good. To me as the sun and its shout them down quite a bit feels good to you 2 friends this this morning. God has chosen you not because he needs something from you or because he passed him he chooses you because he loves he's near to. He's for you not against. That actress. Is your radio theology. Thought of the present in my element mastery airmen and I'm fine TP. Are you can for pool party fifty feet in the air well I I've got a deal that's funny I am now. Delray Gloria. They're on now and I'm five ZPO I went and pulled party tonight downtown and fifth for the region's rooftop it's called encore on the roof which economic FaceBook and on against her gram. Part of this by the morning show will be there as well we got to pull up there he just swimsuit come down a sort of 4 o'clock Goetschl ten. It's a five dollar cup and again in the last few are part of the restaurant or bar industry and you get in for free. Orator caller nine right now and I'm gonna gonna gonna give away for packet tickets too didn't send ninety encore on the route it's the official after party. A radio theology is Apollo 93172281099. Hits in four free tonight on core on the roof with. DJ Cadillac G in the house tonight. If you know of would BJ's you know the DJ Cadillac G Izzo some. It to be in the mix tonight on the ones and twos are the decks now the kids they rank on the deck you've been on the next the decks. Lots and in and that's download hell my cool guys know. As I did it. Him. And it and I get it and you definitely the headphone on your shoulder yes yes only one missed just one that is on at that. That's right now I'm doing right now is hopeful that. Thanks Lisa it was eleven. This morning here Indianapolis and you got a beautiful they coming your way 84 degrees and sunny chance of storms. On May be of throughout the day today and tomorrow but pretty much gonna be a very very nice day appear Sunday whatever you've got a land. Do whatever you do in the come join us tonight for encore on the roof downtown but it's been a great show I think you had to be really killed and yes we. Of their ads as you would give yourself five stars out of five thumbs up. Know at some great calls we you know lease what's what's your blog by the way his. Lisa crafted dot com goodness and yes my forthcoming in blog is me trying to figure out and as active process through. This stage of life skin and and I find myself hey dean but also trying to like live in the moment and keep on. Like doing things every day like things I need to do keep. On key and I'll keep on we have college games to he's on 69 he's going to visit his mom and hospitals and easily healing and prayed for him and his mom that was great said the show's really connected with him and resonated with them and help them out so. Good stuff good stuff happened and people dead very very happy Erekat. I think it's by releases we've been jolted to journey with you know we had this with this week at least pregnancy our first like thirty shows as we we've been on the show since October. Are on the air we used to be Sunday night made this your first time listener radiate the odd to be used to be on Sunday nights now on every Sunday morning from seven to ten AM action present about Oliver and answering university sponsor hash tag on but them. We it was this legalese pregnancy all this getting ready for this baby all the jelly doughnuts all the tears at. All of my coughing. And now it's a journey through like I got two kids under the age of three what is what is my life right Ellen yeah I should say you're out and about yes had you pass he's down your shirt he's getting peed on. I saw a real time happen or at least a sneezed and. There are our family went over your family's home and have for a lovely cook out it was a week ago today I was only out anyway. And I hear release this knees in the other and she's like crap I'll be right back as like what happened. She came back in a different pairs short says like you peak yourself. Yeah I think that means I was and it doesn't do it differently at dinner yeah oh yeah yeah I've done it several several places you've done and on yeah one of your own blankets and home when the when you're in quarantining I had the flu you're pregnant. It is the united self honesty and your name and the tears. The current as much else our regular. Targets. Phillies like. Her relatives in Ryan's mom is here for now he's my second with a lot different to his net burst into its. I kind I Belize he's trying to hit piracy enlighten you and try not to look at me I'm Obama and do you like. I don't know I need to go back and I didn't like I'm so sorry and I'm emotionally and in the right now it's me Betty and I like that you know it is as. You know what though years I mean year and self care guru over here you're talking about you know don't apologize for your Phelan that's what you feel right now dislike let the tears for it actually you've got a seven week old in after the rains and I balled my way all the way over Starbucks in target is of course elf yeah yeah I hear like mid crying after. The limit. It looks like you need an adult. Here here that are free now she ended up at. Raised a monster expand the way they're out there listening maybe you've got to you know a gaggle of kids at home under the age of five and you just find yourself breaking down and you feel bad about it like may be and need to step my game out this happens it. We're here radio got a I don't blame you you cry yourself although at a Starbucks in a fire at that Monica. You take care you Brian may and best they you know have because evidently what we've said today and radiate theology is even when he gets crappy even when it's fair either when you're getting paid off. You will look back on these years and one happens as you selectively block out all these insane moments and you will still miss. Via the sweetness. Of the little kids as you as your kids get older because I drove twelve a half hours with a thirteen you know there might be initiative yeah you watched a marathon news or thirteen I know. And over and even make all. And COLT oh what's the six events in Iraq and what's the he was trying to watch all the fast imperious it was a marathon you mr. and yet headphones on he's watching movies in the man. In twelve and half hours I think my twelve year old spoke about fifteen words that. Do the whole thing now juxtapose that to years before where you're like trying to get them to stop screaming in the car seat and a now I will say the twelve work twelve words. Possibly more saint but I you do miss some of those early in the years and supplemental were helping out give real encouragement little smile little faith Obama for your Sunday morning. And at this trade at dodger pre every single cent in morning please follow us on mr. Graham Twitter. We also we we release highlights of the show on on night on iTunes to this but I do to search their radio theology and it listen. If you're a place in my pre trying to maybe get a spiritual journey started in India like oh we get be it little seasoning. On Sunday mornings you want a little bit more skilled too. The I am born to be dot com it's a blog it's it's podcast release every week we introduced interview I can't speak. We interviewed for the around the country our current episode is appalling young author of the shack. And down. The regular mid and deep that conversation that contents. In to check that out as I am born to be dot com and download that subscribe to eat and get some not so more content throughout the week when we're not able to be with you yeah you gotta deal with smiley every Sunday on. At the edge of the just it will update every comes this tonight starting at 4 o'clock downtown encore on the roof wanna think Hannah. Paterson congratulate her for one to four. Bring about some friends get interest. And I manner and an arm. And also got a question throughout the week for our next ask the pastor segment please tweet at us that this up on FaceBook. At radio theology Darren is a legit pastor I am even though he wears jordans and baseball cap backwards is true they know he's like the cooling capacity to me yet is because. We may not have the answer but we wanna help you find a answer in answer rather and yeah I can do that at radio theology and as a matter here in in Indiana America. Or Canada that's right but that morning to ask the pastor straight up came from Vancouver. Right no horse on the mounting. Playing hockey it's my favorite and she editing UN there and why it was like I understand my mom to me to ask this question and Susie Magellan. What's that as I don't I don't wanna know can't I didn't really Ivan and I didn't maybe you shouldn't and Tim Hortons is the jam up in Canada and they're starting to pop up and ran and that you look at photographer whole battery and other stuff strewn about this idea that the adieu weekly dose of faith album of the god bless you have a great week and we'll talk catch in next Sunday.