Full Tessa Burns Interview

Wednesday, May 17th


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This is radio theology. With hub pastor Darian on 995. He Allah welcome radio theology here on 995. ZPL and act as admit Tony guys we have this event on May nineteenth once a month now in the community doing something to to just bring a little extra faith hope and love into our city. And dad that's called pub theology we're gonna be epic at alleys ale house and Noble's bill on May nineteenth. End Dow we're going to be doing an event and knock out cancer and we're partnering up. In doubt for the benefit of an awesome sixteen year old girl here in Indianapolis. Karma. Earnings tests and she is is battling leukemia right now and we're on the phone right now. With her mom Jill and tests so Jalen tests so welcome to radio theology. It very very cool what tests that I I dislike. And know that we're talking about the fact that you are aired just given a big right hook to leukemia and not in and out but I wanna know a little bit more just about you. I I got on your blog and out brawl Armand in a looks like you love food tell me about that. I had guidance mentioned yeah I learn it. What do you love about it I'd write it. Yeah where your blog says says it tested just a girl on the health mission trying to show healthy. Is fun. And by the picture you post you do make healthy stuff look really fun I mean sometimes it you know you think even help these gross either like you bounce an awesome dude on there. All in. The other night and in you and I that. Very cool on the disk I'm going to right now on me and I haven't had lunch and so your your your pictures are Macon Macon me hundred eat healthy today. So it's a test I hear your into you might be and a boxing too is that correct. What what what do you like about boxing. I've sort of an individual are now. Right on and on. Or excited to to have action title boxing and I think maybe use you work out there sometime they're gonna be a part of our event on May nineteenth when I think the folks from. Title boxing to for for being a part of this but. I left fascinate you your your active your healthier involved in so many cool things you were active in the student government at car mall. And you're involved in the dance marathon for Riley kids but. On doing so much cool stuff but then earlier this year. Back in January things. And it took an unexpected. Turn and Jill would you kind of take us back to. Do kind of what started you guys on this on this battle against leukemia. Well I mean letter very weak and actually. And I ran ran on our he had it about eight. Org and there on meet any directly. Planet. On them being seen Ali I trained by the and and week out at her out at a at what went up there trying. Out. I am really thought it. Land it in that and that's where. As. I had it blew it she not. And into the in round. And currently at that and Aaron Meyer about a month. Oh my gosh Sears so you're going from one day. While working out push and our south part of the jam and then literally 24 hours you guys are in an icu. We had an incredible pattern neatly again here. I. Ain't it great at it and if he's not. Even pat and I. I meet day to let her like you know. And I bet that your whole. Army of it will be now. It was. I can't act Allah. Man oh man I mean Joseph for in Ida I've got three kids myself and in all of us on radio theology. Have kids I know as a parent. I'm one of no one of the greatest fears is is as a pair business something a bad is gonna happen you know to your kids so. There for you guys this had to be Sacha a crazy month because you guys are dealing with. All the diagnosis in the sand that you know she don't leukemia but. Herb protests as she mean from the live from you Tom minister earlier she's and that in L a coma basically in so. You're don't with this kind of in the first month trying to figure this all out without her even really be on the process and mean is that. In that I had to be I can imagine what that was like as a parent. Yet he can't. Think of it ain't about it and all right I not make up. She knew it long meat and luckily. At. Any age child. Are easily. And he's going. About it. And I get me out now. It while helping Ed. And Egypt having our own arm. When I. Don't like an hour hour and there. I didn't. Eat and I'm who shall I. Yeah. And now the IRA. And rent. When. We pray and hope you are not here I. I and there. And she won't. Absolutely absolutely line know being you guys being on the show today there's going to be. Thousands of people you know tests that are gonna begin praying for you land for a complete healing for you and that's in our hope and our belief in and prayer for you do this but. That's a preview when I mean I can't even wrap my mind around it when you. Woke up basically after a month of treatment. What what are some of the first things that went the your mind as you're trying to kind of catch up to speed up like what the heck just happened. Our. I. I. And China India and iron eight and like they are that aren't true. Oh my goodness it's February OK here we go up. At least you missed on a crappy weather during the with the winter part of their right there's one I guess one high highlight may be trying to find a positive. I. Oh well tested do you have any. And this may be a weird question I just thought of that right now that. Did you do you have any like memories during that the month that you were where did you have dreams are just anything happened you know. During that time remember anything. Yeah and I remember a lot of it. I think and in our journey and kids and that it. There's an. Ya right I. Let Bryan we share hourly lacked. Arm when a hectic at it like. They need it. And see no added move ahead. Let it show. What's once. Then she yeah does a let's listen to your favorite music. Some Tom Petty. I think he's in concert this weekend I think here in town. Would you like your. Are you going. All right good for you tests await ago. It. That's awesome I can think about I'm thinking about the Tom Petty song I won't back down that sounds like you in your battle to lap to beat this leukemia which is awesome. What is I am what is some contested that that has kept you focus. Did he kept you motivated to it to beat this leukemia was something that gives you motivation focus. Our. It. So be entered at your siblings been nice theater in this time of they've you know they've been good siblings are they still kind of you know reg of their siblings. Edit and. Well your mom says that finals are coming up for you rated that intent to kill and I your files are not a matter how do you feel about finals coming up. Our. I have I can carry out if you every. Then it got it and. The awesome well Joseph what what's what's next right now for you guys what's next on this journey to recovery for protests. I checked our thinking ain't error. And it you. Are a lot of art a critic of she'd. Actually over and and she air and to me. It and then I thought. We. Absolutely absolutely I got one last question for a test and when you beat this and they say listen. You're cancer free and EU I have a clean bill of health and we're gonna pray and believe that that is gonna happen for you. What are some dreams and and and plans you have for your future. All of them were you gonna go to college. Somewhere. We wanna study. Are you know I had. Science maybe you are at the science of like healthy food hedonistic that your your your blog raw amen to the next level. I plan. It awesome what tester. I mean when I say we really do believe and pray for the best for you and in an email listen in to radio theology if you are. You have a faith and you are the praying type. Just add tests and to your prayers. And believe that they guide can and and will he'll herb and bring us through this. In tests idea I'm inspired by your fight and tired termination in were. We're excited to have you as a part as this knock out cancer event on May nineteenth. And I think so much for being want to come on the show I know last. It's kind of weird you you have your own personal battle on the in some weird of the you know now calls as a be on the radio so thanks for their courage. And the Willis do this I know that your your fight your determination and inspired a lot of people this morning. And I got establishing guys will see you on the nineteenth. Enjoy Tom Petty. And all right right out I.