Guess The Punchline: Wine Fest

Wednesday, September 13th


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I believe ago now it's time ladies and gentlemen the smiling when show presents. Guess they'll play slide line it is along candidate. A ridiculous line there is a wine festival going on this weekend's if you have whiners you know senate does go out there checking out this like 200 wines. And foods. And you can sample all the steps to one pricing going their news drink away this happen finite level that I loved it taste wines you know like expensive wines I like cheap ones. Osgood gets me. Ground. Read that down and it's time for the food is that I have been to any wine festival. And that's why is that like a Fuzzy happy yeah it is written Tyler loved it yeah have a good time I used to drink it's okay on the phone and kids that. Our content really used to drink and I got up again this week and our idea tree dead end Travis as a question guy at Travis. And these were guys eat little cute or what they finally be a or. Saturday three to 5 PM greed that fancy wine tasting tent oh wait now I is that when do you keep sends at the VIP tent. You'd bet you don't know I mean and now you can they're not gonna put Jennifer and it's an arrogant and it. Because there is a 1019 I don't want them to think that you had at Sabina. VIP just to meet you they did anyone with the people on a regular guy it will not be met by the regular. If you will have callers will be Biden met by those eleven of disposable income to unite as he had in the VIP. Be I'll be out there a right around our interest costs on it onstage entities that music and stuff like bottle so do they have music yeah entertainment out the ones zoo while pat. McAfee V there he well and he's in the new band condos and live. Does a lot and they'll be performing from four to 5 PM and then later karma. David. It is up on the Internet now I just memorize that because it's my event. Kindness and while you're but I recorded it all together and I hear about yeah. We got big rounds be stroke. They'll be. The B cut now Iran's best cuts on your party's cluster jock that's and not meaning that almost sounds like cluster F word yeah now yeah. But this food tastes like you're new and anything else. On dubbed blue lagoon the blue lagoon is that that evidently track that's fish out of attract come watch practice OK Ed dark horse grilling catering Jersey girls I Italian ice cream. And there and Xenia yep now Blanc OK so you're gonna get to be guessed the punchline Travis gonna play the game here and yet three out of five right you do win tickets to the big show the big line a festival pan am plans do you give Travis you get it. You get the game. Would have been ready area is the first. Yes the punch line would you call riesling if instead of grapes they used p.s. I. He says dumping it and don't it correctly he says. Hogs. That pods and yes honey go ahead. EG's. Link that's correct easily. And he's a weak reasoning. And it made out okay. OK getting worse than that. Account is do you get on track again at. I guess in Travis guess the punchline. Would you college charted name made for a whole horse excusing himself for belching are trying to move through a crowd. Are. Party name highlights that again. Pardon me at the end of our heartland now I could not get that goes trying to think it. Proven it couldn't. You're gonna fit right in an idea he wind test and are heading into S. Yeah testing line Leon not tasting wine you're tested it yet and then bring your own spit bucket CU because of its garbage you can just spit it out nine can't tell wine works sometimes you do get some garbage one ignited this festival none at all Patagonia to list items producer wills VIP tent REIT is he does blah. That's not playing pat Mac if there and ends. Lou book you share they want. That's. OK here we go out what would you column are low fur cap. Furlough. Time. It's funny. That's really good also get your cats drunk. And here's you next on you only need one of the two to win that exciting Travis oh yeah. But it straight men as gamma Moyer. You are great god is great everything is good. What do you call Sherry. It was made by the lady who created the lovable children's puppet lamb chop. You have to know who does that. It. There's eight thick. And yet. That's correct diet science. Is okay all right this is for the win boy this is cut to close status. Would you cubs and and down if it were made for not people who always broke Jesus is rules. Now. You are going to. The festival and be sure to go on Saturday continues Friday or Saturday but if you go Saturday and he pretty swell that sends test tends. The whenever it and wind testing. Also I may or may not have any information correct. On an ally we have more to get to and VIP tickets to the test to attend this.