Jack Johnson's Mother's Day Song

Wednesday, May 17th


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It's his radio theology. With hub pastor Darian on 995. He Al back to radio theology here on 995 CPL Darren early wind here with you with lease and Ryan producer Katie happy Mother's Day. We love you mom's even in May be debuted this has been a tough month year for you just not and mom and not very well listen we stolen vehicle in ocean end zone here all right so we want to lift your spirits we are weekly dose of faith hope love music right here on 995. EPO and one follow us on FaceBook like this answer and all that stuff. The crazy part of improper about eight months now right just as our second week though on Sunday mornings. I'm shocked I ran out this takes has taken you up artist how many celebrities are have become huge fans of the show so many yeah it's amazing. Chris Martin will call in every once while on the cold play. Yeah. Hans on Germany and India is a big and grade and John Bailey has been on the show he has been legitimately here yeah. Now she is our first celebrity guest and a are this aren't you an island is now that Jack Johnson. Is you know we didn't know come back also. Big fan of the show huge amount knew we deal in this whole Mother's Day he was like I'd like lion. From Hawaii. And in coming in studio and do a song rights and with a rag as UN jacket collaborated in this time hero for your mom he hit me yeah I and he was like. Views and then let the right on you know despite the uncertain. The victim in Khalili. And elect and his so called mom's there were like let's do it now so he's actually here yeah let's bring it meant OK Jack and you know doing it is what is it. All my songs is sound is seeing it that's being caused. All this seeing. And moon. To Johnson's. Rated. Thank you. It's moved lose deal and dads have its own foreign. Since she's housed U 49. Months. Inside heard you rude. Let me it do we booed out podium to that put him the it's to break no review also mom easy. And it's. On really you look beyond June thanks. For your problem. We gene used she may need your knowledge sounds about fair you take the 21. Brunch. Lou. It's literally the least you could do defectors. Yeah. Everybody out there we put out birdied two ended up for BP and send a Brit known of you awesome mom easy. The communities to. On reboot the that you know okay this one goes out to all the husbands out there. Storm by your wife and then on June ring. Unless you want to do it's that you and those. Fans and news. We all know that gifts for you anyway. So all of those moms stand go band class. Permitted to drink wine and then she that. They haven't slept in Florida deputies. Everybody you want to go there we go what do you do and it doubt that he. On Marie do you or do you oh yeah. And Jacqui now that man well thanks Lou good gui some Don coupled that in Hawaii you know right now. Jack before you go back and get that article as I know they eat you loved it whom I mean is there. Anything else you had or maybe a shadow specifically to Ryan's mom made me oh you can't the O word she's great men yeah I heard she loves to. Drink frenzy. Who enacting do download that those who. So look at the if you listen in. Run loves you very remote console to. I don't know. In opt out I'm jumper from others today as an pandora. Charm for pandora. Bracelet I didn't you know I think get a shout out from you know Jack Johnson.