Love Train

Friday, February 17th


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Get ready for the left me. Jarrett knew that says this kind of march 11 and this is where we transfer the load across the city. Via color random numbers that's numbers and dad get a hold of somebody and say hi where the smiley morning show up. We love you and attracted your pre dated and and then we invite them to. Pay it forward if they gonna share the levs for the left yet ready athlete let's do it and I don't that you do you do. In recent numbers three. Opt not you can't. We're seeing more and zero. Hey I wanna let you know. I find you very very sexy don't be weird about this go ahead guys you seem like you have a very theme and tone Bosnia and muscular. I think you are Smart can't summon rugged. You seem like that kind of guy that we'll take a bunch of compliments from a morning show and not hang up afterwards. Good morning how are you. It a problem. Well we are radio show that left compliment we love our listeners. I don't know if you listen and are you and your listener we just it's not random numbers on the on things they do in Indianapolis. I inherited a chimera the smiley morning show. You have written aren't. Oh I NE yeah. Rickey smiley. The other smiley town I was here are. He smiley is a guy national guide night and in Indianapolis okay. And I'll be cool are just very sensitive about this listen we I'm not Ricky smiling I'm Dave smiling and that producer well Tony I'll. Ricky or another show here in town but we Latvia all of you got there tell me what is your name and there aren't Colin do you mind if we Collins another number. And then you would you done with our and it's and you would pay it forward by I got was daddy you're gonna actually compliment someone else just like we did he do. Oh okay this is the smiley morning show. We're gonna dial in number right now can. Yet play along assassin and happy Friday in a good news. Yeah at my day off. Our. Do you do a little bit last night. I hope not a bit but I'll you don't drink. Now I agree that rampant over there. Aren't aren't out yet so. All you as soon as someone says hello use drenched in with compliments. A lot of movement. Levitt. The call it caught the number. Yep. A good bit beyond not trained and I didn't want it you what you're happy Thursday. And tell you that your beautiful bride and you can make it anywhere you want lives. And you are at the hit. That's about it. Hey how are you we are on the radio right now where the smiley morning showed Indianapolis you're allowed true. Yeah we do this thing on Fridays where we call people it is the sale give a great day. And we now know from one listener to the next even if you don't listen we're all hoosiers I think are yet eggs from here in Indianapolis. Onto. South Bend OK if they're not. All go to heat he do you mind if we call another number you do the same thing did Aaron Alaska again. That was a Colin. Colin thank you very much you have a green and I'll end. Cynical you do the same thing and we'll call another number. We and. Yeah. European Cup picture and a great day in great morning. And explain to. Trying to either get so. These are there. Hop it's out there going. Feeling great. Me and I expect it. It was drug tests. Good. But it could well yeah. That morning had a great problem which if they hit it into a bunker. Empowering her and invited you here on it. But we'll script. I think that influences wish you good morning and hope that Jack and a great day and it's like now that to doing that pitcher might in. And tour and got an excellent. Cool. I. They've ruined hung out. We. So forth struggle and just read the lab that unique and you're great. And I hope you have a great weekend and Datsyuk or the Smart if you gonna Google lesson where up here in Indianapolis the smiley morning show host Indianapolis. And as not that not not the others not big he's smiling not Rickey smiley but the date smiley morning show itself and Leo we love you very much. Yeah but I. Can't say we're not trying to. After Gerald.