Missed Connections

Tuesday, May 16th


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Stuff from his connection at my favorite segments here on the radio this once as producer will get a sexy voice not a serie a romantic voice on. And he's got these greens these right at a Craig's list cities are local hoosiers in Craig's list. Not right now an ad saying hey I met someone this weekend and this week or whatever and now I didn't connect with them I didn't get phone numbers in exchange that. But now I'm like I am I didn't do that so that we we read these on the air hoping that we can bring these people together these are missed connections ads. On the smiley morning show. This crucial school. This month's it is. Sexy leaders chilies and list view Chile's guy is not camera man informed me and asked me. But he courtesy. I hate flying foot in inches still at a single aged. 53 each element Herbie Mann Decker eight man aged 55. The information. You are very attractive he's a leader chilies and lastly. And later Aileen and enhance and read them. It possibly. They're telling him every attractive he he leaders chilies and listing and nineteen men with one family on Mother's Day around 730. PM. And I Cullen I'll. I AMA by mail. They don't know line but almost ruin Mother's Day by telling them because I was bursting. On the inside ornate cellular tightly. Little NS. Eight to declare first African American. And X. It never been attracted to me in in general but you're six C a but but I notre doings you asked boneless. And I said definitely bone in. US. And many did and US to find one it's also on the side stretch commencement it's. When love. To view a map some. A beautiful eleven outlook was. Six you were either choose to. Remain in sweet street love a chilly. West some of that socks on the side and a in his span Gomez went stretched don't sweat pants I was he married. Top Mother's Day. It's analyst appetizers Tony and Billie Jean to ram that could not be remiss connection ads on my own morning show listener is one says this allowances. Black girl working in blended in May and Fuller. And he's a man art news and age and in the night. Wow beautiful black girl working and nursing home and lebed and meet utility. He gives me an opposing it hold my arm when he showed me the facilities. I only wanna live there if I do see their beautiful black face. This would have put my parents over the bowl if they knew why added that situation or plant room. But they've been alone did. You smelled like shutter. And I've for sure it would buy you'll pop. I think. I still have a little gas tank can have learned had a level dominion night. And it would work and a nice black girl like yes. That was called plaques are lurking in Lebanon named Fuller. A 78. Command pilot a bug lady. Yeah it's counting man for woman as guessing based on the context clues president again is that I'm guessing it sounds like a nursing facility responsibility. In nursing Alia as a working in nursing woman Lebanon now nursing home and you give me putting him on my arm should mean the facilities. So. Think it should be. Apparently there's letting. Though isn't there always but he did it and soft desserts ticket buying kid to be putting my putting really an issue. I should try again you like odor right NIC under well that is just like good like putting is like Imus. It is out but as the pie of yogurt and a lot of they have let the other day and an intercom are stationed he had a special treat after the show. There's like shots prided yourself and oh yeah it's really had a bad putting shot. I don't Iran he's electric more play it felt like our boss was shoving him getting up and I. And Abbas I like girls like and yes now this is last this company's getting better and better. I am getting a little hubris you know what I'm saying. And I mean we get a little cocky around here adding that everybody can be drawn now just six. They've been giving you feel like guys yet now you guys keep that for help I doubt it will be the drug what they very much. On the ATP business yeah. Either beautiful or did you tune in this is disconnection and these are hoosiers that are looking for love and we try to. Put them together. This Lawrence is. Jessica at Tom Petty each room and for a woman. We hung out before after the Shillue. You were wearing short shorts and have a sixty aunts and attitude. You had a birth mark on your left away where you're asked to make your. Hoping it's a first dot Arnie tongue connect the dots puzzle that I currency. You were with Jermaine and meet with my wife. Felt like we connected a bit after the show. We shared a swisher so we geneticist multiple. He is well. And you have a talented method really none of blue I'll housing low making rings hello. My wife and I individually pleased ourselves together only got home I was thinking about that. It is reason. I imagine pulling those shorts and diving. Interior receptacle of life with the place where a taste food. I don't. I made a real or do you want my wife of imaging what it would have been like to have any days. Raptor and my day. I had little graphic yeah have you back from you. I decided to cut off the red tail. Com. Well. That that woman was killed on Jessica at Tom Petty gentle man for a woman. If for you that this threat to Allah for you as a left mart is I can't quit imaging what it would be light can do it one more of these or missed connection dance. This one's dual. Hoping you see this in plain view. Man for woman weight 200 and like six foot zero. Age forty. And no union for five or six years since the first time in Baghdad and thinking about what you and your beautiful so. In mayor edu where Mary. Went to a bitter divorce. Had to move to Plainfield motorcades. Listed prostitutes destroy marriages. Through it all you see Stroud and never let yourself get down even when you caught him with very large and wash prostitute in your mayors today it. You are way prettier but anything can happen with men. If you ever need anything in you can tell me your dog's name I would like to text or email you don't. I can make spaghetti do they didn't like to make that meal for you immediately. At least since we are both in a close circle of people I would never ever mentioned this to anyone. Hope you're happy with your new life but I hope I might be able to fill a void in your heart if you could let that ever happen again. Your friend no matter what happens. Now what was called doping you see isn't playing field and from Wachovia to. Because that's who didn't. Got. That the prostitutes in destroying their cancer has got to can make spaghetti eating as your dog's name. The deal like on it. That's pretty much my requirements dating. The other example missed connection ads here on the smiling morning show.