Pat Godwin

Friday, July 14th


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And studio is a comedian and I think he's funny. My mother does not. And that got went yeah. I don't want in his or dancers Rosario every day when. I have many things. And Kathie Lee do you yeah and look at that is around out there that happened there. How death and actually allergic to alcohol at those old vehicle deal once well. On the act together and at the moment. What does that rose bet we don't argue from here. I was born in south and so hard you're kind of a hoot and right yeah we already live now. Eastern Pennsylvania all right I was raised my dad taught at Notre Dame and he went back to kings. Where he's from behind all experience yeah that was very fancy leveraging announcements on the ticket if I. Notre Dame fan absolutely yes I went there to be a touchdown Jesus right now yeah I always hear about this touchdown Jesus but I've never seen the attached on Jesus. I walked honor Rudy kind of situation when hasn't exactly as global and went to shortly flight seven traveling maybe let alone and that it did not share a year aren't as you know you. You walked onto the net for the football guy we had a great high school football team and play and over the noted and watt power. Well I think that's cooler than you be in a dvd we do this dying on the way out really well I ever to hit lately can play like a short person than me into. Feel like a special pats sign at the bottom that I would formally invite cleats and I consulate here larger. Really drink in one channel that's its school late. I don't do it for legal reasons you gotta say cooler yeah I think we have a proud I. And it was a chance you pass to Reynolds courtesy. Reload my favorite story had a comedian and here was has show on fox show any yet as this story. As remember this was mad TV. As of now. Minority Lange as an issue I love Marty Lange is so Dahlia and I don't care when she examples of some troubles for a man it mussina is still as TV show us now. I noticed it TD slash radius or whatever. No no not right now I'm glad I think for a bit that would Pete Holmes as shall yet he has aren't doing very well the Judd Apatow vehicle absolutely and then Mina Al offered little but again if you. A lot resign. That's currently well a couple of budgets look there are a lot with little more than Rosa in his. Needless Boone and now I didn't try to kill himself to any young man now boy that would surprise us I gathered yeah. Yeah I always be fired general militia and rose to death to overdose. At. All piano again ideally article was drinking rose Witherspoon. And it's just the click the one I'm addicted to heroin been at gateway. But it might tune in if we're gonna tell our lives a mile oval look let me cemetery gets that she let me ask you what Tom we should black yeah go ahead I I was at Schultz on one does that make human grandchildren. So I didn't score I know all the stuff I know yeah yeah I do you know that's on from San hot Sam hunt the country got a pop country guy. Oh not necessarily call it a body like a background. Body lag at Bagram. And then yeah. I'll have my hands out a break and break. Well yeah and in Jamaica dealers on if you listen this on he always talks about this woman. As braids and only yet. What is it about it like that yeah. You have a song about that could in five minutes let's think about it I it is easier to say that then that she seventy yeah. It's so funny say that yes the iconic Beatles and Paul McCartney's own torn now he has to change one of his songs were he mentions about a girl being seventeen yeah. And he has actually change Uighurs yet ultimately here what you guys all probably know the song it was like the first it's like the first or second Beatles hit. I will well I worked together now and we'll also take anti Beck show I haven't heard out that I was pained me is schematic and and yes things did happen that are. Paul McCartney somebody five years old he's intently tonight but he still socially conscious he's had to change a few of his hits in utterly you'll Sudanese. We'll Sheila. Let me see. When she looked. It was way. It's all or. Or three Reagan got. Rate in the morning and heroin in the afternoon and that dialogue. Let beat of her bad Beirut and error that it. It was bin Laden and feature that he really a problem too in all I'm going to be a lot of rock and roll songs are very purview but look at them yeah. And peaches and cream. You're sixteen you repeat what I you know I didn't you know a lot of times you hear sizing your kid need in now and we're dirty or that there's a song girl a flyer Rick hello. Only about a thirteen year old my gut check this 'cause it. He Mary's cousin is 41 that she eased past sixteen years old. NN. That he had this real psalm dateline want to. Hey everybody good and there's a little area of gin and smiley morning should all look. John the like got Kerry got eleven that they Jagger well that wasn't working if you're shall we had done your show years ago and not that many years ago we had additional Lugar Tony shall lube and yeah. Well they could call for a while I what's this show is among my mom yeah yeah yeah and I got a playing in airlines now. He's a jacket. Way would I I don't now you and I could not be contained I think he was full of the rose this morning yeah yeah track and rose again on broad and the port cycles and we couldn't stop here is as badgering him with that I K I only not from because you know it's just don't do that via the the book that the singer was carrying over the Brit Hume and the idea and we. Did suggest him that he's like stop. The only reason that was a good interview and for those who had been talked a little.