Pat Godwin In Studio (Part 2)

Friday, July 14th


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Thank god Winston studio and again. I'm on Twitter app and got wind would pat moon and back. Grows she's got braids in new. Goes. Not nearly a minute to the back and then I give her in the back of my hand. Yeah. Your country station we may have to echo on mr. I don't through countries face for a grilling out and the good the little tiny gun every night turns a good little yeah. And it turned six. It. Scotland and Gilead debt and crackers not because yeah Robert brought rub of the big one manages his right and Dario led missed the warehouse again in 1932 at the end. Man I love you then I got easier than this of the classics I realized who now it matters he notes and losing the music dance and tell me. It feels like that it's neither but. Thirties and all the old man but not now nor does pat are you. Do you unmarried or married man well you have kids in the what York. I do our thing goes according to plan. Okay. Activity that series that is yeah comedians adult but you're gonna yeah I do I'll be serious I don't want Iran you know divorce argue yeah but not with my actual caller Kimberly and Justin didn't know. It she gets a it's rough right now yeah. There was really and we have a six year old son so I have to be civil she doesn't have this kind of platform to it's yeah actually she just doesn't to her little different people anyway. I. He works impeachable. Feel bad about that Denny's at clap them except what was it pizza delivery what does this. Mind you. It's rough but you know williams' son who you know it is just a lot older than I am and so but I know you can then I guess that's what. We should be should be dead and czar does but Mangini was born she goes do you think earth and we'll have your hair color and I said well if he uses jets for men legions. Generally. Are you serious about the divorce them. And let your music I do love your sound. I do I was I was searching on Internet and solid on New Year's have you and now you're right tends at angry and my son Jeff for four albums are there that's our life you've done a lot of things here I did a series officer's career for ten years into a store comedy just 31 in Philadelphia is that how seriously seriously your serious thing. I was I was a serious singer and I still those songs come to me easier than the funny once a funny it's hard to real yet but I I didn't open Mike. I just a couple of impressions together and then boom this morning guys that can you write that the funny songs a daily basis and I Leyden say yes. It's a big game what's your favorite. As singer to do you deep Obama gosh. Well sort of the classic rock I think at a pretty much do all of them except the really high high crazy like that I fall set like an hour and five yeah I know that began to rushers from you know the glass and when I was like really constant impressions it was like when I first started out I don't. Concert as much anymore played pretty good Bruno Mars went like Michael you know I realized I was and I was doing impressions are of like Billy jewel Tom Petty suggesting that analysts and you know all those guys from the you name anybody act like it's the same one she got hot yeah it's. Peterson terror that price too high Jack Stahl yeah. They do need to be anybody still. That's an idea well again it's like to fill the horn player but yeah they've started Asian karaoke. And and the Philippines yeah. Chicago is outside of Bob mould. Asia and are you bring vlan can't do math. You the news about RNA smiled as the senate Curtis tied 99 is like to be done. I'm sure. And yeah. Michael did a good McDonald's the Mike and the nice Donald here. Rude. That's every song and and pretty much neck and edit. If we're and that seeing Ali and I wrote a song about a marvel hero of that and you hear Aaron emblem. This song about him it's trivial to notice again. Nowhere noble is yeah yeah and I'm sure singing. Bob brought us all refine. Men that dig decades indeed in the drop me out of my mind now let's see him on the TV dancing and some. It's black hat on now is bad thing on. Human animals they. What is that. All evident now must face this little mole or tumor that was already know does he moves pretty. You met in the home runs out of debt that's spotter is well I think he he he and Erin have who wouldn't. Convention. Yeah and face tattooed and now he is nice oh yeah he's always had the prison that's what's. He killed somebody in jail because sent to jail in Italy and now. You'll mainly there are so tales about wild on the skull zero gloriously and had a day on the air are not normal. I don't know I only knew whom you don't really. Scenes and oh. It's beautiful ocean stuff. To argue that song like in a club in the disturb you guys is like the perfect audience and yes I imagine they're not like who I know what we play in contemporary musical or we Austin we have we are your vehicle trenches cultured. Yeah Rangel and now we turn the TV on the radio. These kids on the phone at the shows are you really. Is everybody's on their font yeah Barneys I coming to a shower and I like I don't know way I have and I. And standard thing that all use a sense of nice phones it's got the Internet on the Doumit favoring Google manners. And right now I got a handle Osama. Going to a concert we always laugh about the people are their own shooting yeah. I. You are there and you can find a way better quality version. YouTube underwent abdominal watch that video again yeah he did I hate those millions. And why they go to clubs who need whatever he had like there shouldn't many have you. I are talking to somebody become like an instant song. Vulgar than the things are out there and I'll come out like they need is six and YouTube versions of this piece of grant and. Yeah. Yeah. Okay Tom Petty Amitabh that it cannot I don't know guys the anemic constipated sounds yeah down at such an epileptic. Lectures to companies as early tortured to have been in the latter a cast back again. Getting the oh so the end. Every song to settle the four fights on to the senility here's another song similarly it that well. Yeah yeah yeah. The difference on. I used to torture kind of a punk in the B is it from coming out of Florida some wonderful stuff he meant it as a great documentary on him it's really exciting the girls don't. I'm Rick because that's I learned it at that event to our gas. It's generally not used to tour I bet he ordered up now this one of those three go on a number. Yeah. But that's the only way I really not a analysts use so we went got tech. To get we pay a lot of money for it as well he we had said OK we'd go see him or Chris Cornell and Chicago like let's go to Tom Petty before he dies always buy out car. We are ready say the kid would need the down. And they're like yeah. UT thirties who solicited between you and IA July when when you monuments in April. If final case who you're really in the music this is going on every OK when you look finished. You're an air. I've come under yeah. I'm an older man that you're younger girls. He authored a Jew and I'm more for the past. Sure you remember the you are aligned that's not the way to a solid time. In the who missed it yet. Album. Cracked rear view what they're like hits from when mountaineer. It was a cracked me and I was Alanis Morissette had her alum out duty and an all out. All the time and resources records against and who isn't in ironic that I actually the first concert that I ever went to see Eric lines person. Yeah I sister drag me to Alanis Morissette yeah I. I ever being upset because it was a dead near record Klipsch now whatever knew I was standing right behind the H pillar and I couldn't really see that pay you never forget that this at the age doesn't that. Yeah. None of those examples that song or irony in unison there yet they're bombers you know and you wind yeah I don't know that's alcoholism. And let CD and a day fan Dave Matthews and you do day. I'm not Dave Matthews that in all those guys that imply that no doughnuts onto final love those guys employed. I'll start off with Pearl Jam them when I called the the the real soon and sing it to the ground we shall I say this this word entitlement animals the jackass style singing at the grunge kind of thing I've ever. I'm gonna start. Here's. I was singers sound is loud the longer. Hello did that resentment and and moan and and then it clears. Right back up now on that he doesn't launch your pick them that about a coming out of central heating. What is certainly got Doris. Just what is he not only two hours Manny so yeah. He didn't like good save and Tim Reynolds right now and in the system rules that guide our customers know little or whatever. Yet as guitar. Yeah and we're psychedelic art shows aren't acoustic enough yeah. And I you know it's hard going on for iron hot. Same guy excuse me. Let's listen to me last night yeah Israel is now on light at the end the tantamount senate and Alabama out in public policy so grunge is good. Gave his good what is in the American newer artists that your do we saw her come every series number Dumars my you make fun of Bruno he's the king and a no. I knowledge and like though when I paid attention to all the impression stopped when I started to do. All my own stuff because I just like a power to do people who were contemporary when I was really start under first play I was start to sound like only veto well I was Elvis Costello and people that and my song started to take on there a vibe. So it's like an island in early days of beating Aggies copy of style attack ardently in just harsher sound like yes. BC's Casey case that's a good. So like you know this brings you they still don't Springsteen from time to time and they had that but these guys are now sixty years old and you need now. You don't for a Democrat on the conspirators and use her argument so I just don't care original song are you talking about myself. I want to the TV it's mark or the poor Lady Gaga that's what I just I just did that was totally versioning aren't I just did that whole thing we go to the beach and that. I have a video coming doing the same thing the league where you up against in the hole the do the whole thing we are against I did the whole length but I did yeah you're not supposed to says don't. I I want with a bunch of people that were working the ship and they kind of knew what to do not and not get in trouble not to die it was it was terrifying. And I think it was right over your head and that would not happen in the United States. Yeah well there are no doubt Obama. Let's go walk up to all parents to. Do you. It the thrill the excel at a particular she's a tiny beach and it's also little topples at elections go wild and women after topples at that to the beach and saint Maarten where this just happened is this tragedy. It says if you are topless your drinks are free so that. That bar is as a leased by estrangement opens tomorrow is trampled all lawyers than like a girl. And that and then they have a schedule when the planes are taking off and landing I think the landings really exciting this woman passed away and take off the jet blast sail on Wu. I didn't do that actually did with the thinking men and so it's about we got to adapt again I guess is tied up my son and I am settles. Yeah on the plane she was there with a spoon and a needle yeah. Yeah let's talk about federal none this. This played thing now and our assortment let's just behind engine side I don't us and I'm just there yap you know so what can I got knocked over Iraq how she got the jet blast away actor into advanced concrete canoe thing. I hope humanity's first and doing. Not too and reducing and reassigned into delegation regular. Kind of model there tax the red aged school yes yes stand and here in saint Maarten on Jindal. Weigh in full or planes. And I can. I just god blast didn't. Instead play. I don't know if I'll be back again we'll garnish your today. All right you know she has not been like yeah. Yeah. Suited up.