Paul George 360 Slammin'

Thursday, April 20th


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Yeah honor the pacers and Paul George we give you 360 slam and when it is signatures slam dunks gas. AB. Sixty. I'll jump at C. Slams Obama on Wednesday it was. Not since the sixty degrees VD today. Those days. BJ. 36 he's glad it's her. Six feet. Way over. Danger he's. Cars are got. At least sixty degrees. DP CNN. Sixty. Turns people he's the yeah yeah yeah dogs alerted her that he. It's putting the milk and he's kind of bend it instead of Korea would be my. Yeah. He's around the building wind speed or wanting in judo. The cast of get. Seeing. Early sixties I. Unhappy. Sixty. We're told CN actress she's very as a journalist and the next great. There's a video out there too if you search for a new two birds censors the Internet and you'll find that thing now yeah. He had the chance that holding pro jet and a broad net contractors DOJ program that drove tractors out but I do it winds Scots on you know it. We've heard it done entirely grew at.