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Friday, May 19th


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Let's bring in another driver or engines. Pumping and bumping into ladies and Jeff Green lights driving for dale Coyne racing now for 6300 car and we'll get an average. Hey. That's. Panacea it's good to be back here on the shadow I see the pink on everyday and I asked. Yep got it going ganguly totals one time here he really not like a girly girl. Policy don't even really wouldn't Wear pink before and now it's like yeah Susan G. Komen. Eight. Up now hoping to the racetrack the Florida that I should they never voluntarily will end racetrack only that you know now it's it's kind of become the go to so. Now not the command she and her sponsor Susan G common so. We saw that knocks on a direct answer here and that really. Why he's there are definitely good harassing me into every year. So partner that. Yet so the difference between a pot and the sponsors sponsor pays you money to put their name on the right stuff. Isn't he coming is actually an in kind donation made by my team Alan a dale Coyne racing cup logo on the race not then we got to raise money for that. I love that suddenly I'm out of the way I see yeah yeah that's I don't believe you should because he had that try to remember this next time that you meant it makes me now. But be weird if Susan G. Komen was putting good because. Another nation. He's the breast cancer there and I also agenda and indeed you. So how how are you raising money again this year. So this year. Actually dying at a slightly different way declares doing it went on Indy got to the past he has been wonderful but it was so much welcomed me district. You are always like as you were doing different tiers if you donated this much. You get an autograph this and maybe unions that it be you know it huh. Annan fattening its it's kind of similar to a little different it's being run by auction clothes on eBay this year. OK so we buy it now items and it just the same as the full like that he has the option goes sending out in my house on a long relax ousting mr. So good good you gotta you relate early backing away prizes that cinema can stamping every day. 1000000 responding only emails and I had this funny is the last time I saw you we were at goat cart events. Andy you're sick as a dog and you like like crawling into the event that a V turner era plans. So are you know immune system lend your. You do I mean media posse this is the time you need to be you know working on that car and and they concentrated on that ranked. Any other thing minivan Allison dean is its today so we have these reliever equal auction items we have signed stuff from the other drivers we've announced that wave of listings right now. And then next week which is race week we have off both wave of listings eloped and that's gonna include things like a helmet I'm about our Nina was 500. I gotta go up for the race and finish after the race my race one seat erase warm gloves we have several items in the debate gonna be signed by the full field of study street drive as a beacon of the outcome and it summons. If she wins that thing man I'd be pretty neat to have that kind of thing you know. War and Saudi pretty bad ass and that'd my man cave what is the you know she's a woman that's the only girl out of me. Quite stunning to be allowed and so does not that's not to do you know at a -- a man is currently the second. Fastest female driver in history. At the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with the fastest qualifying lap speed just below 230 miles an hour while. It for. And I got to ask who's number one. None would be Sharon actually there this yeah. Cool sounds yep number Lima beast Arab we actually hoping to try and take down their reckless may be this year in qualifying gap. On the we have a little bit of a tough runs up honestly and held as well evidence the no calorie arraigned today and then get a possibly rain all weekend on gasoline might end up qualifying on Monday and we might not have the chance to really get the can't set up in qualifying trends is going to be knowing. Wrote something equivalency at six yeah hump day. It's a real shame because like it was so close last year. Yeah how close were you. Astle last year on Foss Friday which is the day before qualifying I guarantee 29 point nine non officially is the fastest data okay I'm and then on Saturday qualifying. Through time wore on I was on fatigued when he nine point nine and then ten team my real windy laminate to the college. You rewrote that you can't I am I remember how does that mean it came up not all that was made kind of a SER. So that the race kinda backwards pretty violently up and laminated it was and it's easier. Candidate machine. That was pretty much the avenue up to woods that not everybody though you had one of those railing and we'll look round and looked adamant Santiago's stunning to peel a little bit it was like. Boom and I can't access you really had a chance there. We he would close it back so this you we help to do it and then he just. Abruptly with weather with a high Temps again win the win he had a win last couple days for that and we had a couple is that a few little things with my car earlier this week two's that's just like. This week has not been fun so fun it's fun now and I think training Indiana I don't number I'll look in night. Not this again back out there today. I don't know you have with the rain depending that I guess to dry out pretty quick right yet they'll get that I have out there seen that stops it looks like we might get accounts to run hope we've immune to the maps new. Now and then the chances of rain stopped to go. I have got nothing yanks that a man is in studio she's race car driver she's not run in the Indy 500 this year again we're excited. And we learned a seeker last year that she's married to a man and it's also been racing. There's a secret and yeah. Secret memo that he'd join another team or something to it and make America grazing in the aisle or she'll yeah. Secrets I know guys notice himself yeah. OK let it play tune and then now we're gonna play games next and act in a trying to say and it's it's a parody of that. Pick a pick a pack a Papa pay yeah that's right but it's unclear but backed out. Nickel bloods. Yes Isiah at the second pickled Lutz so what has his work so I'm gonna give clues were replacing peppers with them are two words. That's what I shackle me Packers so that pickled something that's exactly OK at that now give clues and PayPal actually play against the listener. Our power to do so the answer is always going to be at the packet pickled somethings I'll guys can be hard as us but whoever get the clippers chime in their name and yet fill in the blank aren't the only way to get it right. And he's a pit the technical. Whenever it is OK okay if you understand call now he's an athletic event. I got tickets for the parade which is awesome I'm busy very cool that's fun to be on the afloat and relatives and crashed about thirty. Cool and like you know you have to look at drive and got it into have to look at what a label late through the parade yeah that's an idea and yet I can't figure dominant racing him. Is stronger who's dead dead bird in the front of the grand Marshal do we do now I just forgotten and I forgot saying. Yet Peria. AJ chill on all Kazan navy's coming. Maybe I don't know. It not so good you just exit the trade you'll get tickets card they could see a Barenaked Ladies with us and Jesse Miller we handled it takes to practice day and a qualifying day as well so game a big impact chickens if you wanna call trying to play against definitely be playing against him. The picker technicals.