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Friday, May 19th


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She's going the distance GO Lieberman. And her husband away. About a man a racecar driver Indianapolis 500 pence running well she's run the Indy 500 not this weekend but next weekend there's a cost qualifying on pole day coming up here. Italy went to depend yeah that's true that's true. That islands this question my enact anti religious. But that she is partnered with Susan G. Komen raising money for Susan you come and had just did the run block the other day to have moved or I'm sure you're out there part that is canceled it was and so that's why would there. How am I lying I. I iron the last Aaron and a curse or no answer to their ages yep I was on like app for house sleeps I got up I got through the channel at least adding that it in my arm my phone starts blowing up at like. Notification that the race has been canceled. Went into the race direct an athlete Lian I'm like hey is there anything I can do and she's like. Loan all season whether dynamic at Kansas and extra packs that yes he's like I've. House. Now I exhausted. Pilot's seat is some with dale Coyne racing who has any teams are the people on the team yet Sebastien today we try yeah. A name yet been set that to play as some of the drivers like we don't talk to very much is because we can't communicate very well with them. Maybe you're one of those is a little language barrier as president Mary pat downs is a rookie he's been having a regularly writes that's great so he's and a teammate this year I saw that it Jay Howard had passes lap yesterday at the track and that was pretty cool we have and we we used to have him on back you know 56 years ago when he first started running he had some challenges there but that was great he got a fast laps pretty cool it's like Japan retailing and battle on down the ethics element things and to get better and you know it's like he's been a great team as loud as he had a great day yesterday you suck that up. Obvious and joy that so that we got that here and play a little game any chance to win two tickets to the race and on the phone is and that. Yeah me so excited that. OK separately Greenspan. Who some of their drivers. Are ready. I'll address and so are those drivers. A guy. Last payment at aka team is Mario is the father of yes and then Michael in Michael and that's our job guidelines down called Jan Michaels the son of Mario. Mark does the SATA Michael yeah. I know that because I found at the my birthday was the same as Mario Andretti one time minute decided BofA and the injuries because of that on their. Yeah but then I met Emerson Fittipaldi. I don't know life today. And that's we grin edging out in here Scott and Emma his his wife Dixon will be in studio. Alexander Rossi will be here on Thursday and Buddy Lazier is gonna stop by as well excited and it's going to be kind of fun OK were to play game it's called pit but packed up pickled what that's right okay so you'd have to. Your play against a commitment. She's gonna give you a clue buys in with your name's and it's always going to be pickled substance. That's right I figured they were just replacing peppers with other two syllable. Pickles some think Barack. The original thing ticket packet pickled peppers and this is now Pepa packets pickled something. Does that make 68 cents a share a year I don't know that practice at forming around today as starters please try it. The pathetic pickled whatever. Got Burton figuring out Nalen isn't what's his name again guys. Around and Everett factory. There in and then. They're never been here and any or is it never say starters. Spitzer. Doesn't. It's on the computer screen name is an area and write your name is there and name of eight hour. Don't work then. Stroke after like in the middle of right. And not touched not being alive and a great year ago first round pick affect bill and secondly what is they got a buzzing with their name that's right today. Okay. Be competitive you and I are very excited employment and I'll answers there's gonna what you syllable keywords here we go. Jeepers scrapers really loved is. As Italy and and I raise it yet. Pick up packet. And tickled. People. Yeah yeah yeah gamers I know I did that ain't right yeah. That's a tech. Signaled something. Now that this case it's aren't picked up peck of Reynolds. Hours Tampa Pitt a pet. They tackle a pentagon it attacked her tackle its impact of pat nickel. Now if you picked out a little bit but yeah. Pick up as an all I mean like quantity OK let's go back. So it's okay to pitch a pack of pickled peppers it would be picked. Peck of pickled it's of two gallons or eight drag courts. And I just what do you say they generally say it again. Who. Hip not pack can pick old peoples that. First. There is no. And yeah yeah. Who was already clear that this guy gets it and moaning like we cents one for pat Latin zero or Aaron and Maine senators and you're next clue as exists. That. All. Desserts. Acne begins at the. Get up packet pickled pimples that's yeah. TJ. That is now you know we don't want to yeah okay aren't too sure. Tampa and zero. He's the next this amnesty does Aaron shot name. And then give yourself second. At Long John Silver's hush. Or baby daughters and sons. They're protected it tickled. Puppy. But again. I employed there Hernandez says. And two floor. That a man race car draft night but soon analysts are using next line. Prince is rained or grimace his skin. Oh yeah. The detective Kurt tickled purple. Looking for purples but it's up their calls again. You wouldn't say Apple's normal in the town are using natural and spent this is now. I'm on the bottom. Yet but opium flowers or Dixon's door and not that I go ahead. They can't tackled pickled parties. But the man wins. Now we're gonna go I give it to Paramount says it. Hey Aaron on a starters and guys when you view it tickets to. Qualifications and practice there at the parade and card did well I don't think regulation. Doesn't mean this to get gas these don't. I'll be there anyway and then you have the the best seats may have before you go ahead. Oh yes haven't been back on the funny ago at errant error occurred unless India is there. Okay down and sell you secure a big Andretti fan this fundraising campaign leader and we have assigned Moscow come like assigned to not go 118 congress signed Michael cap. Those items on eBay signed Michael Andretti cap look for the get involved campaigning you fine and you'll be helping us raise money to seasons he come. Her this is Greg gets yet I currently live right now other Elvis all eyes this is if you go if you beef is to remember that thing you get to work and go search warrant on Twitter or social media. I act Pippen man yep okay Apatow Manny to find out of the links to all the stuff. And also imagine you're gonna decide that it. Was it Sarah Fisher stay. One of the big things I wanted to kind of took all of your listeners about this morning is some kind of got lost this year during his campaign in UA and having all of these will auction items is we still doing all of the fixed price stopped not that expensive trying to get lots of rice and involve. And usually do like anyone despite a lot of you wanna might still idling down like that can't. On that we've been struggling tip like get people to realize we still doing access only interested in the auctions. And so it was a trance on the inside of the competent marries up paying with the names if intensified as breast cancer survivors under the names of loved ones lost. People can take pot in that over this weekend the rest of the names going to gallon before race day. Case that out of Canada Canada how to get that involved in that. A gang just find me on social mean yeah out of the man look for the link and it's colts and the cult hit pink OK okay and then we have accounting night at Sarah Fisher is customize some Wednesday that their defense right after the Indianapolis 500 out a couple of days later yet I mean to me that whole evening hanging out it's opened not in every want will leave namely buying. If you win yeah they're gonna come back and luckily I don't I know that suit can't hold late night TV show and Atlanta I gotta go back and. I don't know yet I'm buying everybody about fade in about evening I'll be back hanging out sounds so when I met. Get people to come out take pot into the deadly day in and out of that you can cartwright and again. I don't know about mania I'm only not. I'd love to see that I have raised at pebble I've been in the car we heard she is so fast is your little cards does electric and entering or they asked not be quite aghast at speed wind up cutting his hair facies new counting as he lay on main street. So new venue farce this year I'm with trying to get more people and end of the floor it's only 45 bucks to come to you that yeah. It's awesome I've been deserve fishers go carting it's a multi level checked soon so you go up to this little hole and he come down. What's Conor Daly recess and it was it was mind boggling I was terrible you know I kept hurting too soon and then like sliding in a while and they don't have reverse on the cars sit and wait for somebody to come sadly we will wait. Mute the way how to out of people I get publishes it to do anything but only five bucks 35 bucks at knife point. That's a great gift to if you got friends that are big into racing and things like that have yet. Not fluently and all you have to do is sign up online and then come out and join us. I'm gonna shine but to get a little gift backs everybody comes out as well maybe with the little 160 fullest I cost. That's going that's really cool and have somebody else to that that's to. Is that the Internet. And get your car laminated properly and let's do this. Yeah man we appreciate you coming by here this morning. And best of luck to you.