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You know we're from the smiley morning joke and now he's got his own show radio theology is on CP Allen pierce talked pastor Darius. Welcome to radio that the you weekly dose of faith held on lab right here and I am and I've ZPL. Yeah I'm gonna do on your hosting and day here with the one the only Iran dollar it's up there and Howard good evening Ryan how are you a great guy feel good so good to see a producer Katie is here today how you Katie and get wonderful and the wonderful Lisa grabbed. Not here at home with the flu. And obviously Hank. Oh yeah. We got a picture from Lisa which he's got one of those one of those surgical masks on her face out and guys yet and he said you know what the what and stay home with that Lou. You keep vessel including yourself and par for the course that tears and she did she was trying to heal that had to got she's pregnant with the flu she. It's okay we're field for elites that this is radio theology. With hub pastor Darian on 995. CP LOK so this month. We have had somebody comes on a morning show in what this each week to just on talk about their spiritual journey to eastern coming up here in a couple weeks out and what I've noticed as I've been in the end of the as a pastor for a fifteen years is that. Is it there's just some natural like Evan flows of and a spiritual pursuits like usually. Christmas and Easter and right are kind of a major way points are people think to themselves you know a lot like. Maybe I should give this whole thing a Trier see what it's like I should probably throw on some nice clothes etc. et yes. In addition and that whole situation can be pretty terrifying because they were do you start. Is this is this one does this one bad whatever and so if you know as a lead up to Easter at least is going a little bit of journey with people we know people you know and and as that that everybody's journey you know with. I spiritual things transcendent face kind of stuff is very very intriguing to me and very very different so Mickey we ask you to come and your third I'd go around on this deal. And off the air he said the Euro the Euro a kind of spiritual journey kind of past three chapters yes so we're gonna search up. And you lay out the three chapters. Actors worked cults. Okay okay okay I'll day one and try to find early in the fit and screw it. Essentially. That the title and and I think that I I want is I want to read it. You can now gonna hear it. Yeah yeah it's gonna happen right now. So we had we had the call we had he had the journey electorate let's figured out what this and we had you know what to screw it yet so let's start with the Cole yeah that's a little bit. This to say unique yes airy so take us take this back. I young Mickey. That and it that journey with being in a coal. Also I grew up in aid church that. Is nondenominational church as we were told it was my mom grew up to my grandparents doing it way back when. And it's kind of they joined it it was led by guy in the global church I knew this was now a local such a I'm he had his own religious radio program he would disseminate our program all over the world so it has had to hold on now. You meet on not how I I owner it's called the in my in my statement. You might be ignored the doctor can I get out of it and guys that this is overnight to lead and today his good friend of the night number one headline OK okay. And and turn it when it at that time. It was kind of sold as is getting back to the basics like hardcore religion if you like it you know gravelly and this is the church for you yeah so they joining Matt. I am and if you've ever heard the analogy of the frog in the pot of water good drop a frog and pot of boiling water it'll jump out. Use out of frog in a pot of cold water and slowly turn heat up it doesn't know until. Boiled that won't notice it'll just suggest. So flash for you my mom obviously was born into it the air was able he had an again global church so. We kind of did things a little different so instead we didn't celebrate Christmas Easter Halloween. I'm pretty much anything connected to religion we are allowed to celebrate Thanksgiving. And then we had our own related Airpwn holidays I like to compare them to like if old school Judaism and jehovah's witness had a baby. Are you work. So we had yet we celebrate things like passover on there was a thing called the days of on leavened bread here where we were not allowed to have any lessening in our house whatsoever like literally to the point you to vacuum out toaster well. As like an idea of god. Missing in your life he was eleven inning you couldn't eat anything like we have to bring her own little lunches no in out. Any court or shall finished as a frankly needs mostly old testament yeah as far as that goes. I mean there's a there's a mixture of of some Christian as that old old testament stuff but. And I you know as you read out that's what you read a pessimist have to like this makes no sense but if you go back and really digging you realize okay guy I was trying to keep. Like at a a group of people live for a long time with the unclean unexplained stuff but still things things made sense but I final lap times when we. As kids we grow up and seven when there's lots of rules oftentimes they're not really explain to a salon now it seems like. A bunch are really weird it's a sewing as a kid you was asked that explained it was account like why can't we do Christmas we can do Thanksgiving what's going on. How. Are pretty equal and that's one thing that I was really lucky. It wasn't very strict religious upbringing in some ways but my parents because we're what are the things like I was lucky is that my dad. Group Christian reformed and now Holland Michigan. And he quit airing my mom unless he converted into the church so some heat. Parents are not thrilled. All processed but he didn't have my mom and so we did have kind of its. Great dichotomy from my parents are mom was raised is certainly by Abbott say. And my mom in some cases that we too and so. Great about explaining it to as they are also great well making sure that we didn't feel different. And if we did feel different if there are moments where you. The town Negroponte was incredibly Christian religious. Everybody went to Jersey didn't go to church or weird I'll open. Editor I went to church on the wrong day went on Saturdays I was a weird I'll I do all these weird how things and so. They were always asking skin. I'm like I don't think so yeah. I'll tell you I don't know I don't know. Yeah that's and that goes there. Yeah it's ever happened to me all the time and they were great about helping us even as you know five years old and you to say. Time and not denominated nominees old church but I still believe in god and is just I going to dip in the and we don't celebrate holidays and I knew. As. You know that lovely Santa Claus yes yes and I knew stuff other people did that I was older and don't tell people that's what how they could be and you don't really. Admirable might have been helper yes. Things like that tonight that really worry about that because they think I'm mom. A lot of issues growing up where she felt so out of place and different because of her religion. She didn't want to feel that and so things like when he led the school parties like. Halloween party which by the way with most devastating thing he didn't care about Christmas didn't care about Easter egg on. Halloween one put those passes that was and I cried eyes at her. We left we would leave the parties and my mom got contagious at a school with and she took its easily pay you know like those kinds of and we couldn't play normal schools but he has her own sports teams because we were such a big massive church. The beef you know did turn lemons and Decatur and in Ohio and with our other church members can ask all our basketball I'll I'll cheer leading and you name it we played it while. And talents lows and I mean. And a lot. Okay. You had your parents like they they they knew kind of the predicament that you guys were in but it seems to me understand my it was very important for them tonight to now only education and and make you know what's going on but hey they really did care I mean she doesn't feel like at a place and yeah I was. Really cool you know it's funny what I tell people like group and a call their faces Ehrlich wants sorry I'm like what I noticed like I knew I was rent. But I didn't feel badly. Other than Halloween now L. And then we also do this funding to Sunni didn't do Christmas. But we did the east which was in the fall. And so for two weeks your job as a church member was to go and go to one of archer to somewhere else. That's so depending on your financial situation and my feeling was locking up weed and you. England and Australia and for two weeks in that church every day it's similar and Monica we're like. It a little present every day and things like that. Am but then if you didn't a lot of money into like Wisconsin Dells are you went like two towns over and went to another church there and fellowship and not. No ice usage of fellowship as Denver but it's not. I love that all the time and a lot of Ellis shipping in the end the call if they can get it right there at home and we fellowship hall and. So what are people come into your church while you were gone it's a. Actually the back Oca. I'm all that that's like it doesn't seem that bad the only thing I think that there are a couple of things that made us more call the scary than probably normal at least go on the cave. I holed up in Atlanta that. I'm about her. Practice or something you like that I haven't actual A leak well I don't know if we get away we get in and I'll tell us. I mean I need some time to soak in the fact there's a case. It would need to be this Friday morning so this is Nana Kweisi does radio theology weakness of faith problem we come back from the summer and go to the cave of high character. That it. This is radio theology. With hub pastor Darian on 995. He Al. Regular PR my and we are on the spiritual journey at Nikki Ricci. And imported items entry. Let me let you first image here we were talking about Mickey grip Nicole hand didn't know that to later on in life but there was a cave involved in the state is. And occasionally ask where I went from just interesting religions like oh on the and I bet it could well the larger. With that we were like gods one chosen people that we and we musings everybody didn't and then there was going to be a day. Didn't know land but I was in the like it's time it just you guys. And it all go to patch for Israel yes and there was apparently it came there. I don't know that there would ever actually like physical proof that there was that we were just was to go there and find his cave and a gimmick gave. And then got was gonna somehow closed off with a stone the big rock and the rest of the world with an eight except for arcade we were going to be so everybody else to be on. And then. The reason announcing the animals are not on how that works but then when it was time and gotten a blow the ram's horn. Roll the latest don't and we all mountain with live on earth. In the world tomorrow was what it was called it was like our version of heaven but it was honor. All the world tomorrow and is very similar like in those songs that we think it did great in the world tomorrow that we had her own song that's an. I think it's yeah. I know the world tomorrow sounds in the transformers hit it really is to cut the pattern you read is the he had the world's that you have right now that small worm rig yeah in the power of the world's Arnold people meters to be lining up like. You guys get your muscle Youngstown but you don't sports that they did did you read like did you guys read the Bible Richard yeah. But it was theory old testament so I don't right now I'm not gonna say that we weren't taught about it I don't remember really talking about Jesus ever. Got and so are all of our children's books that we would have to you know our homework and stop it was in a Cain and Abel stories that was you know what is it a it was a guy who tried. Evidence on Abraham. They were in and I yeah Iran or like I was very old testament story and that was kind of refocus it was a little bit more doom and gloom and like. Open your current magic comes and like. That kind of happened and follow the rules. I asked you guys did this chapter one you received electing your about thirteen when it wanted it when I was like OK time to fund turn the page well I was. Thirteen. On the way I understand it there was leader of our church at the time. You're the global church and he passed and the new guy took over and beast with like. We're doing is wrong like enough not listening because you know he believed that the church was taking a lot of money from people on being dishonest and doing things and really. True to god basically three disbanded the church and so. We split into so. It was a line drawn and it was if you wanna keep believing what we believed you can go out. And if you don't need this day and I'd lost most of my friends they weren't allowed to talk to me in because they went in they wanted to keep their parents basically. So we weren't a lot of talk to him anymore and which has occurred with just a thirteen hundred he'd like. You're the man we. Schools aren't we had to hang on and you couldn't do a Friday ninety over because. The CeBIT in sundown Friday night announced Saturday you know you go home we did church things entered now time. I didn't half of close friends like and I had my church friends and so. They all laughed and it was kind of this moment as a family where. We decide what to do extensive church community that we were in the method that is in church as a whole decided wise. You do your own thing so basic Christian religious beliefs here you go all figured out pastors do you thing do. Every need to do. So all as a kind of learning other than my dad learning is for the first time in and I still remember my when my parents are the first Christmas. App and a Stanley discussed in. So your thirteen never done. So we also OK. Let's do like. Christmas lights and no treaty no president. Has so I went into eggs when didn't he does so well I think I'm India and I like you're told this is the way it is period and a story now and then one day it's not act. And you just have to figure well his you believed in you knew the answer and then the answer was taken from. So. Crist might she ask because he'd missed the I. I. Clark you. Like my reason you drag on the root for good food and drinkable of them paired. Something to do that night is Christmas Eve so my dad comes home he's. It. Car and drive Christmas tree placed walkabout Christmas Eve like pre tree and the guy was like makers deceive and he didn't treat. Just taking a look at me compete for a treat birdie take Larry I don't really big history be if I. Then we go to Meyer is the only places opening Christmas Eve yet at all like. All in the lights everything broke in and out. App whenever we're grabbing we'll take it whenever we can treat. One of the things we found a confined star but we found is creepy plastic headed doll Angel holding to light that I gross early that would bring a halt. I don't hold on I love the identical sincere basically born and then the thing that is sticking out is that that's. Owing it. I love the classic dollars review the case does not know I don't. Like go go go go go so I we get home to trees out like we tell mom gets home and mom gets home. Like and we kind of agreed notes carry a little overwhelmingly. OK so then we as family sit around and she gives siege in ornaments. She says like an oh this is all their intense in his are you and we tradition. Do you unless started to gather and that's due this as a family. Like the tree. And I went well we're out whenever you like the treatment that creepy dialing on top light that it was holding. Red. And the red light reflected off yeah. And I allegedly did and I think it's pretty important I. My mom's crying yeah. Out of my first Christmas yeah. They don't. Last Christmas. And that demon. It that was kind of how we treat ambitions cannot allow you know I love the television days in you know inviting us in this story and I think it's -- is that you know being on the be a part of this Friday morning chauffeur for years now when. And he'll eat you talk to people around and they know you guys a little bit by the now snippets of what you say and I'll talk to people that they've grown up her whole life and a church and like well it. On Nikki you know I mean she kind of thinks this is she asked what I love is that so we're so quick. We're so quick to judge people. Before we know anything about their story. And they're people maybe that that Burnett in and may be they've never had their beliefs challenged and beat that transition from a colts to a non code name and where I talk about that after the break is you know their journey to kind of figure stuff out. But there's some people that maybe there'd be in a just a regular there you know mainline Christian denomination but the reality is no one's really ever pushed them and they may be going during to go through a season where there are other things not just leaving a cold but there can be things restart to realize like man. Everything isn't exactly the way I was taught growing up and you begin to ask questions and faint in just everything's that. It's a very destabilizing. And an eagle man some of these foundations that I thought where this. Are not yes you know and so I just I just know we're gonna work beauty to the initial announcement thank you so much for this town the story because it's like. When you get to know somebody in the journey there in in May this is encouraging if you're listening and you did somebody say. And I don't understand my neighbor I don't understand my classmate in enemy and have. Of why they do this or why they have this body is. Take some time in and listen to someone's story is when you want to miss an escalation we too welcome councilman shoes and gives you so much of a greater understanding. Of of who they are and how they became the person that they are in and mean so I love it Nikki I can't wait for the rest of the story you're listening tonight and I'm by Zito this is radio theology. This is radio theology. With hub pastor Derry NR 9095. Yeah PL a rebuke the they're weakly as a faith hope love and music Karen and I fives EPO. They're going here with you it's ran our producer Katie end one the only Nikki Reed despite a morning show laugh in that we're taking this month and just following that the spiritual journey above all the folks this I'm a morning show you know on the trust amendment which can know which are the better and I think. You know I think honestly guys if we sat around and really listen to our friends and people around a story more than just we just hang out me it's tough sometimes I mean maybe debt. To open our south but to say hey man here's the journey I've been on. But now I'm genuinely enjoyed just in here you know lol all you guys what you know what his major you in in this in the side of I've kind of faith is that right get a request for the break yet. So Mickey you're grown up on the call yes berth that thirteen yes it's it's it's a you know. Valencia looking at the world. Was curiosity ever in courage like what we could you say you know why. I don't know how I feel about this that the other I mean with that allowed permitted encouraged. I I you know I can only speak from the child end of things I don't know that it necessarily one that's yes I'm I believe that more often than not it was. Blind faith. It's what you're being told is the right thing because the world in an Eddy Dane Alan you better be on the right side of it and but I do with believe that I was super super lucky I had. Incredible parents too and restrictive they work still kind of like I'll explain it. As best I can't as much as I'm able to or you know I don't know Abbott you know when we go to church on Sunday or Saturday why don't you asked it and Canada and though. He did it. My parents are really I still remember story real quick but we Rhode Island eat pork. School cook out I all hot dogs were Turkey hot dogs girlfriend of mine like that most of friends' hands and hot dog take a I like. We didn't and I'm like. My mom lets stop being like. Oh. And she means usually it's namely. You know her don't tell pass to Mike when in the cave. That was kind of the Whitney's I was absolutely they wanted us to goaded the world's morrow go to our eternity but. And we're gonna bend themselves to a point where it was so ridiculous neighboring. You know out. You know I think it's entries in what was on last week and one of the statements that will make that I was with super intriguing and I see this so often as you said you know he got to the place for him and his church are journey where he had. Really really great questions and got really really bad answers and and you know when I think that that. For me at least like I personally I really believe that the big Jesus is the real deal right when he says like hey I'm on the way in the truth might is that like if he's real it's it's like if it's not made out writing in its real. And he really is the truth and like all of us at the battles is about a true. Like you don't need to did to to squelch curiosity. Where the search for you know or asked the best questions and even if you. Even if you can't find an immediate answer you have to search for a for a while like. It's down them I keep going you're gonna discover step in the journey that. I really do need so many people that. That that idea of giving people the freedom to really search after truth and ask tough questions is really discouraged securities. I would say that probably I was more discourage of asking questions once I left. The cults and went into christianity re I was actually more discouraged from asking questions and because I had a lot of them because it was a new concept and a lot of ladies and you know for me I'm going well I group ease the rules in the Saddam's most new. Okay now why are your rules this way what does this mean why we have to do at. And nobody really wanted to answer those questions I don't know maybe they didn't know the answer. Or they weren't used to a child asking those kinds of things more from you you do each percent more from friends or from authority figures nurture. And an authority figures as far as like youth groups and that's what a lot of youth groups a lot of young life and things like that where. I would say probably more he would then. Adults per say but. A lot of friends are incredibly religious pastor's daughters and stuff like at an eight it was not a comfortable situation when I would ask why do you think that this. In my. Honest I think they're two things that I would think I think the younger when I was younger asking those questions it was they didn't L. And it Al Turk ads they're just like they knew as much as I knew about religion as far as how they raised. But the other banking heiress of the year I tend to finally do it on people who are religious. The reason I like talking you'd Darren is because you're not it doesn't freak U out that I have doubts and questions and things like Abbott. Keeping people are afraid that if I asked many questions it might raise a question in their heart or giant now and that freaks them out. But in my head I go if you truly believe if you're solid and what she got questions don't hurt me now. Now they'll. I think you're honest open and can I think what is is I think for a lot of people they they. They kind of have something they believe they've they've understood this luncheon may be its main difference ally pier but. But whether it's you know they had too many. Things to watch on Netflix or they just don't like to read or on the lakers' team we don't really study a lot of stuff you know I mean and that's why you look like the medical field exciting come alibi. Hey if you take this pill you're gonna lose 8000 pounds and six days yeah I can't but be caught a lot I don't oil leapt and you know to call my money. It doesn't sound like mr. Kennedy you could eat well and work out six days a week in a year from now you'll change your life yet now if I can take a handful of pills and being so. Like and we buy into stuff without really going in. Two to do the hard work it to search it out yeah I think there is a lot of people that. It's just this way because it's always been this way and I have I have doubts and I have fears I have things that. I don't maybe I'm too lazy to take the time arm too scared to take the time to really find it or no went around you answered the questions so. I have to shut down your curiosity. Because you're making me nervous yeah. You know. And I asked that mattered if you go back to may be some of the stuff that Jesus dealt with as like people elect hey bro you're really about where to flip over the whole Al a carte so we're gonna just kill you yeah because you're really asking and doing some wacky. There really wasn't a lukewarm response. Hit. Like I wanna see what this guys up and coming up on February oh. Our total creep in or as an outlet especially at this guy yeah there was really any anyone was like man. I mean don't you take on Jesus. And yeah yeah. Frank you are saying you guys turning did you leave young life for him to South Asia ran all got used to be history nineties and now he's pleased animus at these young life and and you said the U takes him some time each each semester to let kids just ask questions that we feared there asking them anyway like probably to each other may be thinking about it and we're adding. One thing that I always wanted to do with whatever we're trying to. You know incorporate it into an teach them and honestly I like to learn from the you know. And so I always say hate. Give us you're ideas what you wanna talk about and it's like why does the question that I have been tossed around like. One was you know why in this often gets tossed you know to christianity it. Why would a lot of guts and hell or hasn't science desperate everything about religion not a and so we have we found kind of these themes of like these six or seven big. Theological kind of questions like counter questions it is the Christian faith and we just invite kids in the car. And where can be a safe place down on for them to just kind of say you know what I don't. Agree without at all and that no one freaks out like you said again don't know how to react to that event. Let me why you know let's explore together there. We talked about that guys and so what we're gonna do our start do women and it's gonna rolling in the next few weeks restarting new segment reached each week our our every notably so whatever your radio the logic but asked the pastor. And it's something that I we've done for years actually and and pub theology where people can text in any question they want about faith hope love relations got anything they've always kind of wanted to ask the pastor yet but been afraid to ask and so we're gonna do is a life guys do you detect those in an email on to us you call on the station if you want 31728109. And nine. Arrests are collecting your questions and then in the dedicated section of the show what we we just do our best answer questions serve all that and be right at the end yeah. And I and I hope I'm making that look this with the with the segment of the show is that we can do we know what what I've tried to do an admirer your friendship with you and anybody I come in contact with it and hopefully we can gain your trust is a listening audience that. There's not going to be any questions that are going to be shame to look down on her said you know why are you asking that in there probably going to be a lot of questions at Bieber gonna ask that the answer is going to be you know what. I just don't know that it Timmy that's the most the most fantastic humbling thing that's immediate leadership position can do. Is if you if you how many answer excellent rate. If you don't. It's also clinical I don't know let me do some research lassie combined because and as a person asking you get the sense that. Am not alone nobody knows the all of the answers in all of us together if I'm right. Our curiosity in your your your humanity is honored in. In and I think at eleven and here's a guy I'm not I'm not banging on church tonight I preach this morning three times and immerse road sign allowed Church of God or Jesus points up thanks ago put and that's all I put a bathroom wing on my mansion happens when. But you know church isn't really structured so if you have like a really difficult question to go and shoot your panda in the -- to like. Broad totally disagree don't. So hopefully hear on radio theology your weakness of faith Obama will be a start inviting you to two that the conversation. As we introduce asked the pastor and in a couple weeks. Let's. Radio theology thought that night. So we're spending this month discussing our spiritual journeys and I don't think it's insulting or at least noteworthy that we all seem to outline. I still like to quote that I read last week by Marc Willis said this to most humans curiosity about higher things comes naturally. It's actually indifference to them that muscular. It seems that all of us are seeking some higher power something bigger than ourselves something transcend. In a matter what you say we we all seem to be drawn to decide that we're supposed to live forever. But so far through all of our stories it seems like finding the answers to these questions. And religion just doesn't seem to happen. And I think this is the exact reason that Jesus doesn't invited us into a deeper religion that actually extend an invitation. Out of him what was most famous interactions is with the man with much like you and me he had a lot of the same questions in this man asked Jesus. How to find eternal life. Geez I think given rules to follow when he doesn't giving seven pillars or even a holy status pictures. He simply gives him an invitation. He says that got celeb the world that he gave as well and only son whoever believes in him would not perish but have eternal life. And this is always what has attracted me to Jesus it is and give us a religion. Gives us an invitation out up and that's why I love. That later in his life he said this and are you tired. Are you worn down. Or you burned out on religion. We'll come to me get away with meaning he'll recover your line I'll show you had to take a real risk. Walk with me and work with mean. Watch how I do it has learned the fun forced rhythms of grace. So if you're listening this month the radio theology first things. If you're like yes you're beginning to find the NT pursuits of religion it might. Just need time to give. A relationship. Shot. And that my friends is your radio theology. Of the night.