Puking & Pooping Problems (Part 1)

Friday, November 17th


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Let's also we got the topic on here in and then admit the stored and how wide you bring them up and so I you are currently out of my wife's car and then I didn't have anything to clean it out so I use my son's. He can't land the ball in the end I ordered one right away and he's he's already got a replacing that he doesn't know any better but Sarah says he's gonna tell the story to him when he's fifteen. And when he died out and out but he will now on Monday we will Allah tell you know bathroom trip I mean this disgusting and you yet again you don't use your real name if you don't want to add this embarrassing stuff yeah so let's let's not make fun of one another for this look at not a problem no judging here. Now go ahead. Well I I think every trip and come up. Line. O line and. I. Outlook. We're a little. Go. Out. It was plummeted to order. Com. Oh my god. That embarrassing. Not as. So if you put your breakfast on just her second Charlie go ahead your on this island events that I always want like in the port parties and there's at least one tournament these events that they just it's destroyed like yeah he sees every yeah I like what someone doing exit when Jackson Pollock the whole Bill Clinton line. Why do you miss that bad. The cougars thirteen seeking athletic get up there are running. Like we'll get an idea however you know you gotta go but it. No I don't wall last. All direction I'm sorry at that point you don't need to be you or your skin is touching a toilet seat and yet and it tests mean more concerned about what you've done to the if your wallet. You all the concern not the toilet Howell. Well. Charlie go ahead. Ladies only. Batted about certain situation and why it isn't pretty terrible I would coordinating. Beautiful you're letting your you're entered death letting regarded as mayor thanks. I have been trying to and then I would going odd under the much entry ebitda and I'd start to wind down I'm like okay we're in the clear all. I attacked in an art like it helps. And that's met it's generally you know there now and I'm like OK and I gonna go home. And then it starts to hit you don't know much alcoholic and actually getting. And I did it make as evidence sending that rant like lead over the Butte muscle area. Beard and a Bob all. Moreover I'm going to I can't and there are so get your opponent spent by people are gonna lie during that that's that's. Pending. The outcome that much earlier. You and. It. Yeah. That is the term. Nobody now. They're Internet and I knew I would definitely ashamed but you know I. Online yeah. Well I'm eighty he would like what are they not say how. A challenge in his. It's an occasion where I if you could rally my first time ever going abroad ripple idly just under a break up and I was younger friends a little got a rock concert drink too much. Totally got my Celtic the drive home and in the backseat of the car yeah. When girls Earl thought I insist on going to mcdonalds even though nobody else wanted to thank and then I ordered twelve cheeseburgers and I was consistent other people are gonna be eating the burgers at. Take a couple bites start to get sick and drive home I rolled out the window in the backseat and a silent puke or app I've nominated out of the car the entire right nobody. All I got to cheeseburger so that we get. That we all wake up the next morning I said he wanted to girls. He peeked out of the car lesson she's like there's no way like yeah I in his ever meant let's go look it we go up to her car and there is. Dry aid from the sun cheeseburger. Yeah I know I and. No harm and and yeah hiring with the idea that acid your stomach in you know rule in the paint a lot nicer. So I don't know I was like when from the united the other day I got out of the car and thank god that rain and it really save me the other day coincident. Here's computer I'm yeah I had a silent eager because I did those people I won't let anyone around me when I'm vomiting because if you like is. And I noticed most hot sticky and I elf thing ever. Okay scenario on a smiling when he should go ahead. I'm reading this like comment are you know it's gonna tell me go ahead there tell everybody. I'm that'll be on Rex or my friend actually are pretty. And iron and he got married guy can meet capital that he conceive an onlooker can't get elsewhere at a key. Larry you. Know I keep your integrity and kicking it here. And Dave that Pollyanna ideal advocate for your head yes there. I get any prop had any prop thing for bachelor parties it's free game for picking on me and her rat. It was there they're intended adding that at exactly. That Tony a celebrity you could puke in the Wiener mask maggot eggs. I holes that it doesn't you'd get if you want solidified that later Buick is coming out of the end of the win. And smiling and smiley morning shows there are good morning. It. I now. Shouldn't your part of that business. And I'll. Let you know and I went. I'm willing but it did electorate electorate out there goes silent just after I said hello yeah. That would make sense in Athens sorry but I and but anyway. Out threatening get a priority and I got a totally get around and it says she doesn't mean they're bad the lead on. Got to challenged me and in the god love actually or trying to make me comfortable that she cannot pick might have been written a letter and that it element that it happened that it helped. And I like I'm gonna be sick and I totally missed that crashed in and viewed all over her cock. May and pay his name is not shall go ahead you're on a smiley morning show. I'm an era where back in 95. Earmark for Hollywood's map program are or are you was. What what police think we found I had just gotten very shines. Yeah I. It's but that Mountain Dew in the I have never drank alcohol I want and we might lie. Don't we dragged that Jack and me shine and let me tell you I would tore up I've never been sent to reckon all my life. Stay Kelly asked about that responsible people being right yes significantly up in the morning and. He's gonna check ram and I'm older don't want I don't care I'd drive my car or me pick my year. I'm a baby sitters can get one more responsible mommy can't. We market for baby daughter and we're we just go over the right track somewhere in her lack of form now. And that elevation. Bad. Thing here started Lyons and mark had knocked the wind at the ready thank it where. Now on that right and I know on my son. You can run sent. And buried opt back out at my outward on none. Apparently sand and be honest I'm surprised that car had windows. And ride it out. The court you know rear window get yet judo or you can erode that area no way to get out now. You just covered with your city or comment yeah song moonshine mama and the year yeah. Send there.