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Monday, March 20th


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We're getting from now on this and the spam calls these scam calls they're actually really easy data can all there you know the FCC now is get involved trying to figure out a way to to help out here. I'm Melanie you're honest I'm morning show or. Wait wait what you call on us front. Indianapolis. Important number so I just jacking yet again part of Florida Georgia line. What are the legal and oh. Yeah all the slow and a and well armed. And Internet. And computer that I had thought hair yeah. A lot went on and look like yeah. That you hit that button next and why. You. Don't computer right. And then they got the out. What. Could you relate like Edna I think. Let. Me out like I don't like. It well and I didn't act. That. Hasn't. Area to tell them you can you can easily send a shock it down the phone line to them and and are you ready to added to be shocked same city now a line directly to your found that will shock here ES. Mr. am very is still there. Did take advantage do you think you instill your money and the dinner you tricked me yeah. Yeah. OK at GL you're on the smiling when he should go ahead that Arnie and it'll. Am I calling to tell you that me this gamers are trying BK either say yes our mourning into Stanford that wanton. And they're trying to say yes so. At saint people called me over and over and over again. And so let me at at that I can't talk and that added the police were connected to my round in watching this league. Into that that I said that I have not gotten a call and nice and like. I think if you go right back Adams days that an. What I liked it I think it's acceptable to impersonate a police officer over the phone I miss this instant thing for scamming yes. I'm a police officer there and right now I'm recording this and bottom line I am Massa race Tracy in this all this information do you can't act and it's in a witness protection right now add them yet exactly and Oscar around just in case. They think go ahead. Let's see one of those M phone call my roommate and I beat boat and bought time for all. At home and that there were after them we could Jack Bogle let me pick on Paramount. Oh yeah. Got these tacos. He's. Boy Barry go Josh go ahead. I let us scam called Boller about a year ago and today said the I have arrest warrant to. And I owe the IRS money and then at hiding their money they organize and share or one far less less. And that's sin bill. Beyond that it scared the crap out Ben Ali and yeah that's happened and monsters do if I had the and so. I'm I'm I'm an American phone call everybody in. Edited you don't ever answer your thoughts on an idea I never answered my time there. I mean yeah me a message yes exactly let's is it Indianapolis number that I figure made it's like a doctor's office comparing my point in attending half of them I mean you know sentence coming out yeah called your Dennison near like you they're gonna return a call. What my problem recently because I'm calling on these vendors for weddings. Yeah it's like and you get your chance. It's found so many listeners for summoning bits and thanks so many people obviously. Person but I was still early all of Indianapolis has a great night Andrew go ahead. Yeah my like and can you calls when he got one war much and moderate drinking. Out Pittsburgh in any got another 12 weeks ago where. I would any accident driving act at any immediate reports out dollar target cars. I got a number because how works its. Yet to call Bakley voicemail they find out do you turn to money. We'll call you packs and they call need to catch it yeah hey fire itself Brittany because that's got to use confusing rate that that the that's a lawyer breaks it all back on turn adults now I present it is. You know it's they enter house GO about it at all on Saturday eco out on and we certainly had a conversation 45 minute turn you mole is state numbers. Any there are you actually realize that Jeep idea in jail but panic. That's crazy. Now want not to screw them back at Lou is get back at these guys Kyle go ahead. Mind that sort of little simpler more cult like grip or the web at another date and they entered. Ain't it that your hurry and and of course like her mother ago. I know in my hand out Alex Tyler yeah. It and that what you're out yet for it and take Coca that I would it. I would denigrate the bachelor party in Atlanta and I got did he lie wrecked broke my no my point that it bit. And and at this point. I didn't realize its lack of effect that call coming from Orlando or apparently I was definitely entered jail. And at 3500 dollar or money order record then immediately so like to be released jail and I call in order having to call my immediate family. Apparently. I only real record book or buy and our electric or buy it later like current bought call on my cell would that work. And they're like we're we're we need a buddy. You guys are sending me money. Mike well it out yet oh per year or year jail like about it here artwork. He. While the how many how. How many times those cameras have to call people before they said hey I'm your grandson you know when they said I don't have our grandchildren you know the negative that I like they called me campaign. This your grandson as well that's I'd get I'd be electing. In a vocal coach you can bet they were literally it. I regret weight he injury where 3500 dollar loan. Whitney called me dopey actor. Numbered something. And make it better trip expect it would drag who worked at a bank that the editor during practice. It out of there are. You're not side anything yet who immediately or a you know and luckily he called on it Al. He never got that money back. Now when he was all you can do is call any number in Florida and probably somebody can't. The actor that's a good point. You know it is to subscribe to his serve services and have databases. And demographics twosome and if you got that information. You know here's a bunch of grandparents. Well Haley yeah tired and that's all villages of Florida area okay go ahead. I say. A couple phone call a lot like when out in college. In Adam. You out to empire and it's real and act like you know I'll eat out illicit immediately. Italian words or word what he called me. He ends or he called me. Should actually name and then threatened by me trait might and kill my whole face. While and I told I'd like you know one I'm the man you know comic cops and get an a paramedic. And it heated economy like that it sits silently. Epidemic that woman is. They deserve the high. On the planet. Yeah. That's the kind of service you get from insult of the month club. Oh god don't last month we are collier and demean they're so confident that they need the you'll be able to Trace them back in and I guess we can't so they they could care less than just keep calling an Alley and a Kara. How did your husband Texas scammer. Okay now what Microsoft calls that say that your computer or your computer got got telling you guys. Little while ago and wanna talk about are 35 minutes and I I doubt you'd be able to get a breakthrough in Iraq and and it actually you know I address for the company works where. Very hard I company. For the they would clinging bear ever there and it would add it up because. I'm a company about not parity debt or whatever. But it is. Nice. Hair and about it because he couldn't get. Of the anyway. Earlier like. About art. Yes health care to get these guys. It's crazy it's a lot of a lot of the stuff going on right now of these phone scam calls to step be careful tell your grandparents so grandma grandpa you know be aware of honest enough.