Septimber Matt Vs Bryan

Wednesday, September 13th


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So are you guys ready for another round. I mean sent him and America let's do it. Sam Champion back. Certainly thirty you can. Bitterness sixteen guys look. The plain Plainfield here tomorrow starts the sexy sixteen. Restaurants we'll look. In the sixties. You gonna call him the I have a couple made. Who are technically LePera. I work at day care how little blood found out. And we let me introduce the bad guys personable. Talked to them. Individually mats is on the phone hello Max. There aren't that is 33 years old he's in construction. Mom telling him that good and then Bryant's 32 music chemists. Oh boy and say hi to Matt again the lovely Meghann. And running guys that what did they do decide to get in on this is little game in and try to win the love of mega. Well present something about it under single hour. Off and I'd check it out I don't want it yet look at and a two you don't yet. You just now what is she was horrific. But what if she looked not like a beautifully on shallow person on file on me so I mean. It kind of a win win when you get this year what you see here. Since you even identity either way because his friend told him to do interest OK I just love that these are like whenever she was non traditionally attracted. Like fabulously size woman you. I come here. And can't Brian how are you less than a lot of street how do you come up with a set and get into the bank. Or. Am I got a text from light. Which might aren't saying that I should do well. They. How could you not yet and a Brack yeah let's assess it when it's time. Okay now of your son was horrific oh. Would you. Masks now you do construction not. Yeah did that turn you on mega construction worker cern. What is that that's a noncommittal answer leaving shirt look at a construction do you dale. What we actually make it sound reports say it. Bill you know more builders cluster right. On it is it has big walls there the cut off all that sounds of those house and the easier and reason they're so much traffic every morning. Well while I do know that he now they're sound he makes this Soviet era houses that are up but up against were sixty fives are that big wall that he puts in. So the sound doesn't make it to their backyards in their pool parties. Abbott they work alongside a highway top aren't well let's see here Matt. It. Does not end and they and he and this is a beautiful for god yeah. I'd that's pain that is con from his work bathroom you fears that he not be fired because he shouldn't be on the phone right now does that mean it's a part of body on the side of the road and then yeah that's you should be out there whereas. Now plan plan. Contest Matt has stressed to rattle Beck who feels like from what I've heard your very communicative and worried. About the contest. I really OK this is just you chill about it. Oh yeah and that's that is really wanna get to know mag and demand side. I mean you've been I don't even reaching out to Tony a lot about this again I guess there's going to be some concern you're gonna be on Arabia. Put your life out there are so as meg and S in are scared about the radio this is weird really. Okay now what else what do you like to do for fun let's come around what's it reacted drink now not everybody should have to drink and I'll I always go because it's your yelling yeah I can argue like to ride bikes and stuff like that. Now. What are dancers. And what kind of dancing. Horseback riding and dancing a kind of dancing. Andy. An alternative is this sarcasm so yeah and luckily our current. Unique chance. More like a long. Line dancing what that talent and men over ally in indicted now views like a private dance Sarah Elliott that unless you aren't mailed answer. Now OK let's. About 11 window when you hear us on at eight seconds saloon or what's another one up on the north side as. And saddle up battled up your saddle up and you hear that song come on you've got to get your ass out there and get swinging. Free and think we'll look at. I'm glad day that added there is and you have what's his son nick what's his son Matt. I would like shape and anything from outstripped exactly and and I. Brian now. Man we're gonna have we're gonna pull up Luke Bryan stripping down and I want you to imagine yourself. In that alternative occupation. Of a male dancer. Knowledge to entertain Megan as best he can. Audibly but here with things you say so male dancer might say things like yet. Yeah I like that touched my chest whatever but what would you do. And here comes. First yes the C status when I sleep to last night snack the Mac Beth. That I held and it's not like I was gonna puts it a sleepless night and that it's my it's the same Spotify account that I used to put my sleep music next and I bet on second. It SOK. Speakers and that the machine. Inside the best male dancers you've seen. This is really slow I just don't go. I'll this isn't a fast line dance on this is like. No more. Record yeah he finally. And for that country bars you can just take anybody. It is pretty much like you don't have to there's no rules like tonight are you yeah. Like grinding it's just like yes they just dancing around a lowered to match dance yeah. We don't want the police there and they take any patty yet to break matching got to really take any I anomalies I. And not what they're like my girlfriend to country bar at Sandia recognizes them are kinda answered your. He'll act like you ought to jealous I can't handle that I elect this but you are again. And we all Indian and an idea bullet in just really go. Yeah. And but it's empowerment of the turned somebody down the sand now. It's a hell out of here. It aren't that aren't seduce her with your words here. And there you know. You know I don't know what occurred under the he's the matter on that issue and enjoy it on news. I'm really you know what it. You know give it a chance go with that. He elegant. And.