Septimber Matt Vs Bryan

Wednesday, September 13th


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Season's home. Now back to September and already in progress. And come close Zuma. Let's go there and I'm. I'm playing fast music for the country lever. I kept Taylor. I'm Matt. You recognize that's Ontario. Hats. Hey Matt and it is in Atlanta and eleventh in the Asian neighbor. Patty there. Humbling. I can negative ratings. I've got footage on clay. And will never well it's. I I have another guy. Was 33 construction guy calling from his work bathroom and now he was supposed to be working in so many had to rush did you know make the caller summed it. And he likes country because the country and online Manson stuff. Now let's meet Bryan he's 32 he's cam and says. Ryan who. Okay thank god as a menace some on my side here. Well I heard your is a fairly reserved introvert. I'm surprised Colin into a radio show and doing this on the air. I can't deal. On a true I have. Here you have to see mega. Amy year have you seen her already like a picture online. Yes but a picture on formed when we plug and what did you think when and how how'd you feel about it. When I mean in what ways. What's your favorite part of her face she's. I would be. I like women with eyes to gather our it is good to have that we don't rise to gaping head holds this year. His favorite thing to do is go to the zoo. As I don't know that I love the zoo do that is on my parent thinks there really ha aboard. I love the zoo just about a membership that is new you have for your kid doubt that the Pentagon is now. Chemists and Anthony. And uneasiness. That now we don't know his sons on the phone right now is his acts. Texted him with his son his ex actually is the one who submitted originally bastards she sent this thing has no more than I do. Apparently an anomaly in a submission didn't emailing to submit my axe Brian percent and our seven year old son and I listen Michelle and her son wanted to submit that he. Since he listens to read each. Who I. Lessens the different station on Bryant. And some of Jews and our show originally. Went into like a better place. I generally only listened to radio in the car. Data that we're gonna end. You people are right and that's the with a ten minutes figured ten minutes station delist new brand. Generally 91. What talent. On this grass and nowhere I ask I used to work on that station and I left because it was pinky. Stranded thank you yeah O'Brien punches people but now I know. In Indianapolis. And I am not did he he did things to. I had to show again aged eight and show I'd pull up a dollar and show the judge Edward. You know this on. Look Brian is his name is Bryant his surprise fantasize his buddies at the zoo that he's bluegrass and you with the element. All right so I'm waiting for fun and besides the zoo. Generally are saying. Well what I ask you kayak card. I do enjoy the outdoors hiking camping. And to be honest I. When I left for grad school and that kind of checked on my time away so I haven't been camping Gurney thank for probably 78 years. When is a lesson in serious girlfriend. Innings the wife are well yeah I'm gonna divorce some nothing serious and then. Again guys break out you need and of divorce finalized late January 2 of this year we've been in order to three years this style she didn't like the same things like you that you liked. Obviously had a pretty good relationship. Well or this they were right now and we have been worse yeah I drew Sachs. That's our relations. On a scale of one and well that it went Gallagher early there any incidents and saying. They can't let it might and maybe. That's I didn't hear directed NASA so you're given and history is. That we know what I think is interesting is like there they must be great friends are I'd never seen an ex wife so proactive about trying to find somebody well. I don't either exit a girl think about Tony and be more. That's I'm sure Tony led the way of please go find yourself some. You did you cannot with anybody that did they did I glance he's heard Jason on I was meaning Indiana. I dated right golly you're not let me read that your great and I you know I hope he gets the money. And I like that I liked about Brian. Obama must like it and his wife and maybe we should have her on the islands on OC Donna hello hello guys Ellis volatile now I'm embarrassed I'm not all the stuff we said. And plus she's a thirty per senator a big game and effort into acting and as I and his. Right now dear listeners here now. Idea and what she said but. I didn't hear that I didn't hear where you said. Every morning OK aren't I I just asked if you're gonna continue to listen after two and I give them. And it since he doesn't talk very much and you know it's hard to pull these guys his teeth of even Aaron are bachelorette she's got a shot to. Necessarily. Ally they're clearly. But that's it to Khatami a little bit about Brian the chemist the zoo guy. I think brains and hectic I didn't new program at Sadr threatens and we were kind damaged ships are on the what's odd people like about him. Generally very thoughtful and considerate you want to sign a 100%. Nationally which is. Probably being a contract to church or any data and the head in my opinion. An entity within your caddie. You think true. I. It. Matt has now I know this is a first for September where that kid has gotten on the panel so that you can. Act. Yeah it is an honorable about all of yeah. Zero unnerve his. Parenting I'm not even seventeen L and then what Matt disappeared from the bath termer earlier in the. I edit and having a drama talk about how. Relationships. Relations and and then the kid is on the phone but Candice why do you want him to find. A woman so badly. Not a bad movie version of the show and I thought Nagin in liquor really can't chat urged and I met. Yeah in India stops. Exit from this point of view I would block someone. Dating my acts that's going to be best possibly the stepmother I text that has a kid and knows how you know knows how important it's aren't as a ticket air Mikey did.