Smiley Feud Wine Fest

Wednesday, September 13th


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Today's topic is winding to a calling right now you chance to win some think it's the wind. Basketball pan am classic going on now Friday through Saturday and can't handle more than two and winds and food. Were pretty swells going to be out there live starting at 3 o'clock news I will outline in your mouth if there's anything to you know I mean don't go just because of this because of well why don't know what's the biggest features a though Indiana there's ideas in mind there's food there's bands and there's will. Do you think I've producer will boo yeah New Year's September sun I will I'd written a man tents original songs all about wine wow I drink a little bit yeah kind of yeah absolutely it's yeah. My name is Lou and I really love mine blame navigated in my belly got sucked the and then buying and then everything's happened and things are gallon down I get my hands and the. And has stopped that clown not fault all guilt and day afternoon and I know that you are gonna be my big why it's not. That is one of the. They're all very aggressive. But you gonna call friendly to people to compete against each other. Hoosiers. We're going to have these surveys this mine which has been surveyed are ready and their questions about wine and you have to try to decide what the number one answer on the board will be. If you get the number one. Whom you hear that sound you the maximum amount of points that's how works and maybe now it's time for the future. And that's a number line that it's carrying cut. I area. Good morning Kelly a little bit about yourself. No do green coat. And a day. You know I never met that morning sure. Yeah. We love this guy Lydia you win you're my number one pick malice I think Kelly Kelly tell me about yourself. I am I informed and he. They act is what I would net and I. Eight intermittent at 88 Ebert credit. Latest week low and eight T insight. I. Or that is this guy Larry. And then like. All that tee at the store and. That's productive right there that's it and a decade and he did say the teeth into the teeth we aero but open up this tooth it's another green and apparently learned about hyper got you. Now it's a win you broad lots of rows of two Eagles are now on the probably amount that's past now on Italians or your time to be down nine at. He's in the dip your dog. Would be the tip of my guns. But let's get to the game here we got a few minutes to do this. That the way this works is the entire smiling morning show has been surveyed are ready for including the new intern was I don't even know her name finger and Ingrid. The name of the storm hurricane Ingrid. OK well whatever and not associate her with she ran into effect next. And then so we've been asked questions and we have the answers and then you have to drive basically you know it did that do yeah. Yeah go ahead bring him in reality bearing in Carter Brey and the intern now hi guys how are you see Ingrid. Narnia. I. Didn't know Ingrid is this the oldest internally we have ever had 28 years old. I tightly behind mom. No yeah I'll have that OK so do you have to decide what you think we would answer because you understand like on the on the on the real feud it's a bigger survey and and a little more normal in humans excel and when we asked the question is it okay well it's not as they load will say well did you know these guys well with a weird interns yeah now. Weird. Well I don't know much about it at. I did invited to our lunch today we'll get we'll get to know more today actually help you make it back to finish line and you were to finish on. Let's hope now yeah. She's bilingual why would you speak and it's why the hell yeah. And now as Manuel. Not that I know. Uses that I don't know anything. On notices let them about a whole mood jump then or no Dinara. Or Latin and nomadic. Yet I'm on record as something FaceBook says there's something like that. Is isn't it like my job and something I'll certainly be staying. He state that is ahead and know the sad CN. As I guess I tell you Tony come off and on yeah. You know cocaine producer well don't be as. Leo tech at. Oh vote Knuble went lacked. The speaker phone by the way is it you wearing her as you can. Eat. I. On glitches. There are you lying. No good. He. All right is that there and we survey the entire by the morning shall we guessed the reviewer got it drank wine and today's gaming wise yes you need this to beat the brink why you need this to Aron. Quantity. Different the yeah. Here is now. I political right is it up there. Was not a well you know the smiley morning shows never needed anyone else to start trying to. Time now and no number I oh and alone home alone it is they don't like my Malone. Yelling at times it got nobody there to be turned the TV on it's OK okay as there's people there there are on FaceBook potentially with a bunch of people. There RD of plastic skeletons from Halloween he's ever gonna cast thank you they are somebody in on time pat and there's easily drinking with friends and you come home you have a little private part of candidates they'll do it that way at all and really costly something. Go night night. All right Kelli let's go to sailors at night manga and let's see if you can get some must cup points above the board Kelly the editor at why we need this to. And why no reason why don't realize how. Serious and I think there's enough of that bowler. How many points as you get out of points two point one. It's at the port number one it's the board was seized some bought last season cheat and act branded cheese because another wind guys are going to be in it this morning. As ever in cheese cracker royalties and he's. The meets these are allowed but magnets mountains. Of difference allowing alcohol so what else was on the boy not a glass was on the board needed to land and on relations. Of relations. OK let's go to. Phillies ahead with the boys are gonna start with you Kelly Kelly. Mommy meets a bottle of wine after her kids do this bombing in the bottle why after her kids these days. Obviously. He knows how to. Not the number one answer on the board. It's more one point one points now go to bed was up there all right let's go to air and everybody. Needs a bottle while. I am after her kids do this. Come interest. And. Even though it's not there. So I've got the Internet on a sound effects of czars who was out there and was up it will flyer points one. Only the number one into the board was come out of her body movement. Yeah. Yeah. Two people separately said Bullard. Didn't. Get dad's side. Carter that said that and the blues makes them go away. And the other it's important to our wake up kids get fussy or hide her smokes. A plug at one point here for guaranteed points for Kelly let's go. Head over to air an area and we asked the entire smiley morning Joseph people who regularly go to wineries. To taste the wine. Are definitely wearing this. People who regularly go to wineries that taste Weiner definitely wearing this. Particularly. Birthday it's. It'd be arrested area a couple of that's what happens after you drink too much wind and wind picked up but is it up there. No it's. All right Kelly people who regularly go to wineries taste Weiner definitely wearing this. The question is set like a bonus thing's ankle the dollar. Home yeah. He's he wouldn't feel that line extra bat. If you're married been around the news is they write they cover it doesn't help us today yet death now. You need to get those things often put it on your dog. Missing out on minor is not that I've done it yet that I needed it hurts. Her the dog gets a political. Let's end. Am. I don't know her. Yeah. Yeah that is not a great yeah. Ford personal reasons. I don't get this exactly where it was button down or up shirts a buttons yes yeah. Have you looked into he would address but that plan teacher and then we had passion Mina and pat pat Meehan sequined shirts site. No floppy hat. Somebody set of parents all would sit there has. It's. And their fifth game plan they're really themselves on the peasants they it and won finally a bit. Yeah I tied Aaron with one point still down three points now for Kelly. Kelly got it out she's always 33 still a great book Kelly were start with you in this round at the celebrities. This celebrity's breath probably always smells like why. This is Kelly Kelly this Lebanese breath probably always smells like line. And. And I'm Kelly brook any cancer and 32. Lot. Yeah. Just famous celebrity. Are him. Listen I know quite. Go to Aaron yeah. Conan Ellen. I can't there's not. And what what what was on the board zero points for both of our contestant audiences there I dual there was a tie for number one. Kathie Lee Gifford of court. During slight errors that yeah that's again and in the end of course our very own David smiling odd. Yeah. Yeah round out the answers we had George Clooney Victoria Beckham in Charlie Sheen accidentally. He certainly didn't. They effective ever visited thirty smell wireless and I'm quite got to wrap this let's see them get away and we got a really come on strong on this one otherwise looked like. Kelli give me win this thing here's my final question I. So we're committed slate. Aside there it was I would view the sexiest place before walking him. It's your lover's mouth is here this that's so weird question sexiest location or place or wind in your lovers now this year so I. Pour wine in your lover's mouth alike and we don't you be doing it that well I'd do you have you done that before yes I have the name. Whatever you guys poured wine and beer lovers and I think now my dorm. A black eye. Wow look at Iowa let's get a good thing where you like what you're wrap your arms around each other already annually but you drink yourself you're you're you're drinking your whole new era in myself. I put myself in the mirror every morning from. You're not here aren't. Bill but I think I'd like where you pour wine each other's mouth your plate full of using wine as a charities you know if you were to do that then where would that sexy place beach location. Your. I got. Did he get enough to surpass her omni point. That was for two point. You okay well we are tied now. Are out see if Kelly can pull this one out a just anything on the board will give her the way and what the question again this is that he has placed a four wide and indeed your lover's mouth. Is here. And allowing ear and they and every Connecticut says Ned Graham. And pay a while there have been a thing about I don't say that. It is after. How did it out there. Is it that busy up there and I didn't see this. Kelly congratulations you got tickets go to the Indiana outlined in the festival. Going on Friday and Saturday Penn plaza downtown gotta get there this will be their set Saturday at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. What else is on the board we had a bears give rugged portable fireplace. We had a hot tub. Hot tub didn't prevent death we have it on her desk at the library after. Sucked up. A.