Sophisticated Songs: Lady Gaga

Thursday, February 16th


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OK let's do this let's give away some Lady Gaga tickets were doing this all week and we got a couple contestants I wanna play. Lydia and now let's see the other content that's number two is Zach. Zachary there. Okay is that little fun fact about your number one your from a consummate you know producer well I actually support soccer get here. What's your last name's Zach Kroger is Kramer Kramer man. And he's his fiancee loves Lady Gaga so he's look he's trying to win this for a his fiancee Brooke how old you guys. 31 about 25 okay all right here we go your competition. Is a young lady to by the name of Lydia now she's getting married in June. Wait a minute are you guys it together yet you guys are. The lady are you getting and it you guys getting married Lydia and Zach has another. OK I would like to lesbians and have considered earlier options Lydia Lydia is getting married in June to a guy named Bryant who's a redhead by the way. Page is the covered Metz Madrid. It wants to hear that but what is a guy what Atlanta is there a way that. And we get a lot of fun you'll have beautiful redhead chipped it tiger and had killed every lady. He teamed. Oil rules and oil laurels indeed red heads them love them so much says get a little crazy though yeah. I don't make it a little howdy duties. How everywhere. OK so he's going to tell you a lady got dot song. Not title and then but he mean I'm very sophisticated way. And you heard our example if you figured out you you get a point we got five of these targets the most out of five wins okay. China and your name don't just scream it out says the magic name just like you do when you're in bed when Bryant was. A cat she screamed at her own name now they. And that doesn't make sense let it could never easy to tell you have to compensate our friend Pete yeah. Brother hearing here lady happened happened right here's your first one and buzz in if you think you know. If a sophisticated on violence. And Morris intimate relationship. Go for Bagram. And OK okay I get to game here and it's one for Libya zero for Zach Zachary still there. So are here right. The next sophisticated song titled my immediate. Mavericks game ahead front. Pretty. A second point. That's to act and nannies. Do one more to win the next that is the and it's Assad. Name yeah. Some ground in these in the natural and changeable condition and which I hinted this one. Born to play that's yeah. Matt Ryan and that his friends act up whenever she's sweet Brian later now. Sex and a package graduate. Like get one if he gets one right he gets eight it's a consolation breasts and yet our cause is that is his Lydia you're not playing dirty one that. Here's your one. Noon and lower you are wrong move on them. Acidic. Gossip photographers. Your need to sit ticked and gossip photographers. What Lady Gaga. Title is that. I don't know either give you an idea I don't pop rock and is it. Rusty unit consolation prize. Have those I'm a TV dinner out to admit tea I was Italian and not rest rice there are no pulls up.