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Friday, July 14th


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It's the bottom and David Caster Darren. So anyway like I said I'd just gotten back from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Down there and you may be think this here's the question this morning. Would you rather your kids or maybe even your friends choose you because they have to do. Maybe because they need something from you. Would you rather than choose you because they actually want to. I got back from this trip to Myrtle Beach mild dissent calling this it was down their plan. Baseball and turned and Myrtle Beach when my favorite place to vacation my wife and I've been going there for for vacation really is we got married sixteen years ago. And this trip was different in a really cool way. Focusing when our kids are much younger I remember when my kids never left my side. They want with me because they chose to be they were there because they needed to be. They needed to stay alive in those days like my greatest fears were the fall the pool and drowned they get lost on the beach. And I can remember those years but my boys when it jumped to me in the pool and they would jump. And jump in jump and I kids and put them back in the pool deck and act like they did that probably 101000 times today. Then there are those years the afternoon naps in the diaper changes in the absolutely melt downs that made no sense whatsoever. These are great vacations but they were stressed out and my boys were always with me because they had to they had no choice in the matter. They chose to be with me as they needed. They had to be. But this year was different issue was weird because my boys are old enough now that. They could be on their own my to a liberal my ten year old that walk around with their buddies on the beach they swam they played well football on their own they really didn't need me. For anything. Should they can even go ordered their own sherbet Shirley temples from the bar and I got a little expensive. The one of my highlights of the week was in my seven year old Knox he asked me to take a couple laps around the lazy river with the he shows me because he wanted to because he had to. It's actually what love looks like in you know what it felt really good for me as a dad. But on my twelve and half hour drive home yesterday I got to think and about my relationship with god is he got doesn't really need means. Or anything he doesn't need anything from me in fact that chooses to spend time with me because he once not because he asked him. And the scriptures say it like this that the guy who made the world and everything it amassed in the sky and land doesn't live in custom made. Shrines or need the human race to run errands for him. As if he couldn't take care of themselves. He makes the creatures the creatures don't make him the starting from scratch he made the entire human race and made the earth expendable with plenty of time and space for a living. So we could seek after god. And not just drove around in the dark but actually find him. Doesn't play hide and seek with us he's not remote these new year we live and we moved in here can't get away from him. That's actually what love looks. And that relieved feels good to me as a son. And it's shout them down a bit feels good to you 2 friends this this morning. God has chosen you not because he needs something from you or because he passed. He chooses you because he loves he's near to. He's four he. Not against. An actress is your radio theology. Out of the present in my element mastery Karen and I find the.