Thought of the Night 04-18-17

Tuesday, April 18th


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It's. Theology that right. Everybody happy Easter got a question for him are you afraid to die if you if I ever wondered at ever wondered why. I think it was maybe Shakespeare who said that death makes cowards of us all. Now there are some people out there who tell us that we don't need to feared that these people say that that is just departed nature. We come from the dust in one day we're gonna return to end of story and the same post would probably also tell us there's no afterlife worry about that. The answers just to live. Which you just eat drink be merry because soon we're just gonna die anyway. Now if your right to die should feel much better just don't worry about it you're just dirt in. Now if you're afraid to die you don't release a better. Because something deep with a new keeps being pulled towards the possibility that there is an afterlife something with in news says. That is wrong and it's unnatural. One of the ancient writers once said this what me and fear is not the fact that death is annihilation. But that it is not. Somehow you know that the end of life brings an end to everything that's good about it brings it into relationships and relationships are everything because relationships. What we experience a lot. That we feared death for good reasons. But here's the question. What can Easter Sunday due to help my fear that. We'll start with you get the candy I eat candy baskets I mean the peeps Cadbury eggs the chocolate bunnies Easter egg hunts and listen it's all great but. Yet you're right it's not really helping with your fear death. Well what about when everyone keeps saying it church and I ran on FaceBook and minster Graham today there's the saying they keep saying he has risen. He has risen indeed. Now you might be called the candies may be the bunnies but this he is risen business I might sound a little weird. First up let's ask this question who is he. Well he is thesis and so what does it matter that Jesus came back from the dead well. It might just be the single greatest event in the history of humanity. Wrap your mind around this possibility. Could it be that god himself came down to earth to show us how life was created to be lit up. That Jesus who was god gave his life and across the crucifixion to pay the price. Parsons you know you're sends its all the stuff you've done wrong in you do wrong in your life that make you think that if there is a god. It might not be real fond and if there's a map alive. You're probably not get it well here's the deal. Jesus died so all of those things to be forgive him so happy with the Easter story is that god died for you never. If the story stops there that's pretty much a tragedy right they had Lincoln state got guys for humanity now what. I mean it's not that I wouldn't be grateful and all but the guy dying from you really doesn't help my fear of death X specially if god still dead. But what if he'd guy. And then defeated death itself by kicking a whole lot the back of it coming back to life now that is something worth eating pizza. What if he has risen he has risen indeed it means that God's alive in God's near. What if god is actually for me and not against me. What if he's risen he is risen indeed means and I don't need to fear death because it's not ending but it's actually the ultimate beginning. What if he is risen he has risen indeed means that is personal loving and sacrificial god is actually alive to be president in my life. In yours and it teaches how to live life as it was intended to be live. What if he is risen he is risen indeed actually means that this cat will walk with these I faced death. Not to dissolve did not mean to actually transformed back I was traded to be. Listen friends it might not true but if it is it's the greatest statement he could ever hear Jesus as risen from the dead he's a line. You don't need to feared death though or the grave because got this year that is near and now nothing and separated from asthma. Happy Easter my friends. Happy Easter in.