This Week in Lisa's Pregnancy 04-16-17

Tuesday, April 18th


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Radio theology is on 995. CP Alice. Now an update on the ever expanding least that's what he was big before you. And ever canceled a government the first and after that it was like old and is me. Initially it. Like little. You don't. You we hug you now yes man. So Lisa you are the only one pregnant on the show and you are thirty. 34 and a half of forty weeks pregnant and a. And watch. Similar okay probably it feels like has begun its lack of as. It has but I had all honesty and oh yeah it was one of those forty once renowned trainer and it's a cute. But they did afridi when office and its fortieth is probably 380 what's he worth here's something I don't know he is like a hologram. 010 that alone. Thank you baby disease like here at Amy I got a question about ultrasound. They you know they do from the outside in the Cisco you're seeing them like the kind extreme version. With all of the camera situations they have like they would at this speed camera you know the nether region. I think that would what did you see coming out Lang do the in bella cold though he's sacked and what's it called. And attic and had access couldn't see your baby and that they do think that's why you had the first. Ounces as the camera involved. And I camera heard super comfortable the camera wouldn't work because it's dark in. I disagree I think it put a light on the map out I've seen those those Scopes cameras and on the color not everything. You wouldn't want to break greatness I'm not saying we gotta get aggressive and Bennett like to see some footage. And location. Yes so it's a lot of back office Katie it's a coach. You're number two adult figured out here a little say they'll have no idea but I think he's I. And now he's measuring five pounds he's been gaining half a pound a week like a baby please be gentle down there and I'm. We gonna burn the linebacker right exactly only gonna but add this week. No crying out probably Aaron but important. I lose it tell us controlled anything and I'm glad. I love hearing oh. We have a couple over for dinner. And their teenage daughters and there were very eaten I choke off complete call and on and so I'm costs and in an am I dying and and and popping. When you off in. As a woman or as a pregnant woman EP a little right but I like at any science I think it is it is at the woman coughs. And just in Canada's you have to say it is an answer right after it used to control something right now all of the all of the women that are in leases them. That are listening Carolina that's a rights issue out and that's what happens this as an every man that does not have had not had this information is like. Look it up for is getting more and more. Views talking about ads. Eight people out about his Capitol Hill get pregnant Angela they say you'll you'll hear him. Let me tell you. So it cost me in not just copping. And coughing violently trains and my show wrote yourself right now so as violent as my competent at held island post game and my down the Obama. And little is an understatement. I peed the whole thing. The dinner table. Everybody. Dare I excused as of obviously to the bathroom if there's anything left to come out nothing. Did your guests know you had teachers now ever knew asked did you have to announce interview I did I announce that is what but I prisoners. Why is it isn't right like. Okay here's why I had changed a great try to leave dinner the other yeah come out in different look. Maybe that discreetly said you know what that choking. My overall. Hurt us. In and kind of backed out of the room and then maybe maybe that wade or smelling rinds and Gail oh yeah. I replied I shall break we're worth worth thinking person might pick at this moment in game but what happened you get a discreetly lap they give it oh she child that sat in manager on the could about themselves. I think you had it out yourself. But I came on different pants I did. Agent wardrobe change a like between scenes around and actually changed those without and hunts and available that's what I did it what I was like rent like hey if you need help you know with you're talking problem we're prisoners here in my head. Owners can help me when I'm coughing and being quizzed him because he gets he's helped. You are I mean you are with Shia yes you are pre -- Greg is among. It's a woman it's sugar bombs or bomb if a pregnant woman stroking them you know and I'm like how deep can you can't I'm at in Idaho. And seek and OK he's gonna him now I know my parents like seven or eight years now it'll act. Things we did in ninety teach Alex if the person it's choking is large around the middle OK now. Either with child or were just morbidly obese or just slows don't and it's wit inner ears is pretty much hit just right and right at the bottom of the rib cage. And so it's just you know a fist. Well the problem with the right above leases rib cage there there are some other stuff. And then I would assume there and I don't know. You're just gonna dye designs there's a lot of and broken things that can happen and I don't know what to move that it's as an actor who games. I thank you very gently pat and the senate are both you know what you're supposed to do is that makes go to further comment and what are you eating. You eating this. Ackerman I think by tenth mountain water if I'm a pregnant woman and I give myself at the table mantown people. I'm accidentally taking my plate in dumping it on myself. Right not all of the spaghetti all over myself I'll be back in a few minutes Hewitt being beak as you could. But clearly like and and and I'm now so I mean is gonna cough instead and I don't care what else happens. The rest I plotting or my hair and. Well I've lower out of my utes you're pregnant I'm not a I embrace your urinating all of your. Great guys and view it as. And this testing of the new prayer life. Half. I'm a little have no control of anything after that in my dear Jesus if you love me and all right can you help me have some kind of dignity before this and this isn't the best thing about pregnancy is that you start with some dignity you lose at all. And then by the accident at a time of the baby is like. Randy right. It's a great point I knew that I could never be a woman. Because like I there's no way I could I can my wife has had three boys and I watched the whole thing happened and now and if I had to go to do well check this week and I was concerned that she was gonna make just like checked for and make sure that the fellas down their didn't have any you know outside the fellas that dominant. Testicles right. That it SI is concern I Iowa checked she was gonna check for testicular cancer and I import myself like pumped up like. Our disaster happened to do is she's a doctor it's fine to start pants. Thank god and heaven it didn't happen right but. Then there's act as I want to recommend what the story and she was like you are pathetic there's no way I could see why and yeah. It isn't just a few weeks like you it's going to be it's going to be a show for all pastor Myers nurses that used Matthews nurses and doctors actor and in essence I woke up I've been I mean it's you guys have been spelling because all this and gave him and it and that's after issues thanks trainer the other day again. And Lawrence like try and this is verbatim she goes after having a kid. On your bib every three hours. And that being sliced open to get that kid out. That being on I'm sure that after. Everybody looked at the steers a 160 tonight should Betemit.