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Dave Smiley

With a mission to make radio fun again, award-winning Smiley has been recognized for his talents by Metromix, Indianapolis Woman, NUVO and national trade publications FMQB and Radio & Records, And along the way he has raised more than $1 million dollars for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and other charities. 

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Will Pfaffenberger

Producer Will is the funny guy on The Smiley Morning Show. Always making silly songs, silly comments, and keeping everyone laughing. In his free time, Will is in a comedy group called $3 Bill Comedy. He also enjoys selling out.  

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Toni Williams

Toni Williams is a mom in real life, and often has to be the "mom" on The Smiley Morning Show, helping KJ to keep show host Dave Smiley in line. Toni has worked with The Smiley Morning Show at WZPL for 10 years in promotions and marketing, but recently made the move into mornings. Toni grew up in Indianapolis and when she's not working on the show, she's busy chasing after her son, Lucas.  

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A Michigan native, Nikki came to Indy for college and loved it so much she stuck around. She is an active member of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana and spends a lot of time trying to keep her dog, Marbles in line.  Catch Nikki weekdays afternoons from 3-7 for the latest in pop culture, celebrity gossip, crazy surveys, Nikki's Dry-Heave story of the day, updates on being a red head, and much more ridiculousness.  Check out her daily (and poorly drawn) cartoons at  and make sure to follow her on twitter (@NikkiWZPL)  and like her on Facebook (  for 24/7 access to her twisted mind.

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Nathan Graham

Nathan comes from Kansas City, which means he's suffered from watching bad sports teams his whole life.  Now that he's in Indy, he should get an idea of what good teams look like.  He enjoys not wearing pants, drinking red wine and watching The Bachelor. Real man stuff. Make sure to follow him on twitter @TheNathanGraham and The posts usually get good around 2am.

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