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Weekdays 5am - 10am

Smiley Morning Show

About Us:

The Smiley Morning Show (SMS) is the most fun and interactive 5 hours on Indy morning radio! Dave Smiley, Co-host KJ, Weatherman Paul Poteet, Producer Will, and Helper Toni deliver the funny on a daily basis paired with today's hit music!  They've got you covered on pop culture, the latest serious and strange news, weather, and entertainment - all from their slightly skewed perspectives!  Not to mention that the SMS crew will keep you cool (hip, awesome) and involved in the best stuff happening in Indianapolis with tickets, prizes, and games!  Get the latest minute to minute info during and after the show by checking out these links:

SMS Facebook Pages: Friend, Watch, Read, Comment (We'll see it!) 

The Smiley Morning Show 
Fan us!  Become obsessed second to second with pictures, videos, and stuff happening on the show!

Dave Smiley
He shows and tells everything 24/7: videos, pictures, weird and "profound" thoughts.  He always needs your input.

Follow her teases during the show.  Track her life with her husband Patrick, cats, and radio events!

Paul Poteet
Always posting. Always podcasting. You'll always be tracking.

Producer Will
After the show, enjoy the show that is Will's non-stop life in comedy and marriage!

Toni Williams
She'll give you updates on what is happening in Indy and you may have to endure countless pictures of her 2 year old son.

Fan it!  Pics, vids, performance info, and commentary on The Smiley Glee Club (our very own show choir)!

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SMS Websites You'll Need:

The latest info and performance schedule for The Smiley Glee Club!

KJ and Producer Will do a podcast that you should subscribe to now! 

The latest long term bit Producer Will is doing for the show!

Weatherman Paul does A TON of other stuff.  Get it all here!  


Weekdays 3pm - 7pm


Nikki in the Afternoons

A Michigan native, Nikki came to Indy for college and loved it so much she stuck around. She is an active member of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana and spends a lot of time trying to keep her dog, Marbles in line.  Catch Nikki weekdays from 2-7pm for the latest in pop culture, celebrity gossip, crazy surveys, Nikki's Dry-Heave story of the day, updates on being a red head, and much more ridiculousness.  Check out her daily (and poorly drawn) cartoons at http://thenikkiblog.wordpress.com  and make sure to follow her on twitter (@NikkiWZPL)  and like her on Facebook (Facebook.com/NikkiWZPL)  for 24/7 access to her twisted mind.



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