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Posts from October 2013

KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 10/31/2013

Steven Tyler Slipped Into an Olive Garden to Pee . . . And Left With Breadsticks
STEVEN TYLER made a pit stop at a Boston-area Olive Garden the other day . . . but it wasn't for some of that authentic Italian cuisine.  He had to pee.
An employee says, quote, "He didn't order food, he came in to use the men's room.  I saw his limo when I came in and it was really quiet.  No one recognized him because of the age group of people in here."
After he went into the bathroom, word started going around about who he was, so there were people waiting when he came out.  Another worker says, quote, "He was really cool and took photos."
On his way out he asked for breadsticks, so they gave him some.  And even though they didn't charge him, he did NOT leave a tip.
Ron Burgundy Will Be On Conan to Promote His Book
In case you haven't heard, not only is the "Anchorman" sequel coming out this Christmas but RON BURGUNDY also has a book coming out.
He's also going to be out promoting it. Ron will appear on Conan on November 21st to promote his new book, ''Let Me Off at the Top!: My Classy Life and Other Musings."
"Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" will be released on December 20th.
Katy Perry Had the Best Debut for a Female Artist So Far This Year
KATY PERRY'S "Prism" is the new #1 album in the country, after selling 286,000 copies in its first week of release.  It's her second #1 album, and the biggest sales week for a female artist so far this year.
FIFTH HARMONY, the girl group that was formed on "The X Factor" last year, hit #6 with 28,000 copies of their debut EP, "Better Together".  DJ KHALED was right behind them with 27,000 copies of "Suffering From Success" . . . and AFI sold 25,000 copies of their new disc "Burials" at #9.
Is Lindsay Lohan Off the Wagon?
LINDSAY LOHAN has been hitting clubs again.  And while nobody's caught her drinking yet, people close to her say she has definitely slid back into old habits.
One source saw Lindsay at a party in L.A. last week, and says, quote, "She was definitely drinking alcohol.  She got increasingly sloppy as the hours went on.
"At one point Lindsay was literally hanging on to a couple of her friends, like they were holding her up."
Conrad Murray Says Michael Jackson Would Be Appalled About People Blaming Him for Michael's Death
The paparazzi asked CONRAD MURRAY how MICHAEL JACKSON would feel about people blaming him for Michael's death . . . and he had the nerve to say that Michael would be, quote, "absolutely appalled."  
He also said that Michael would probably tell all his fans who are judging Murray to, quote, "take a look in the mirror."  
CBS Is Working on a "How I Met Your Mother" Spin-Off Called "How I Met Your Father"
"How I Met Your Mother" will end its nine-season run this coming spring, but there's talk that CBS is interested in doing a spin-off . . . called "How I Met Your Father".
It would feature a new cast of characters, including a female central character . . . who meets her future husband.  So basically:  Same show, different gender.
There's word that the new characters could be introduced in the series finale . . . and that the "How I Met Your Mother" hangout, MacLaren's Pub, may be featured on the new show, which would make it the link between the two.
Will Kick-Ass Play Quicksilver in the "Avengers" Sequel?
Sources say that AARON TAYLOR-JOHNSON . . . whom you may know as KICK-ASS . . . will play the superhero Quicksilver in the upcoming "Avengers" sequel.
What's interesting though, is that Quicksilver will appear in next year's "X-Men:  Days of Future Past".  But he's played by a DIFFERENT actor . . . EVAN PETERS from "American Horror Story".
The two portrayals will probably be a little different, though.
In the comics, Quicksilver first appeared as an enemy of the "X-Men" in the 1960s.  He and the Scarlet Witch are the children of Magneto.  But they eventually turned GOOD and joined the Avengers.
The "X-Men" movie will probably feature the earlier version of Quicksilver . . . while he'll be a GOOD GUY in the "Avengers" flick.
And there may not be any overlap, because the "X-Men" is still a Fox franchise . . . while "The Avengers" is produced by Disney, which bought Marvel Comics in 2009.  
By the way . . . the Scarlet Witch is also in the new "Avengers" movie.  She's played by ELIZABETH OLSEN.

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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 10/30/2013

Chris Brown Is in Rehab
CHRIS BROWN has decided to get help for . . . well, we don't know exactly WHAT he's getting help for.  But yesterday his rep announced that he's going to REHAB.
She said, quote, "His goal is to gain focus and insight into his past and recent behavior, enabling him to continue the pursuit of his life and his career from a healthier vantage point."
Brown's attorney dropped him off at a facility yesterday.  They were accompanied by his mother and his girlfriend, Karrueche Tran.
The question is, does Chris really believe he needs help . . . or is he just trying to make the courts in L.A. go easy on him? 
Remember, thanks to his probation in the RIHANNA case, he could get up to FOUR YEARS in prison on a probation violation for that scuffle he got into over the weekend.
At least one source says Chris really does need help, and he's serious about getting it.  A friend says, quote, "He keeps self-medicating with weed and alcohol and that's when he always gets in trouble."
It's Official: The Jonas Brothers Are No More
It's official:  The JONAS BROTHERS are done. 
Of course, this isn't a huge surprise.  There's been rampant speculation that they're splitting up ever since they abruptly canceled their tour and deleted their joint Twitter account earlier this month.
In confirming the news to "People" magazine, the brothers did try to SOFTEN the blow to their remaining fan-base by suggesting the split may not be permanent.
KEVIN JONAS said, quote, "It's over for now."  NICK JONAS added, quote, "It's really hard to say 'forever' . . . [but] we're closing a chapter, for sure."  And JOE JONAS said, quote, "It was a unanimous decision."
So, what happened?
Apparently, the boys had a meeting on October 3rd, and it was there that Nick expressed his concerns about the future.  He told "People", quote, "I was feeling kind of trapped.  I needed to share my heart with my brothers."
The band had been scheduled to release its fifth album later this year . . . but now, it's unclear if that album will see the light of day.  Meanwhile, there's talk that Nick is now working on a new album with his group, NICK JONAS AND THE ADMINISTRATION.

Did Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan Party Together?
If there are two people in Hollywood who probably shouldn't spend time together, it's LINDSAY LOHAN and MILEY CYRUS. That seems like a recipe for disaster. But, it's happening.
The NY Post claims Miley and Lindsay recently partied together in New York. A source tells the paper, ''Lindsay climbed over from her table next to the DJ booth to Miley's table. 'The two immediately began whispering in the corner. From that point on, the two tables essentially became one.''
A different source tells HollywoodLife.com ''It was absolutely bizarre but they looked like old pals. They even left together!
Lady Gaga Says She's "Not Conventionally Beautiful"
LADY GAGA has been named "Glamour" magazine's Woman of the Year . . . even though she doesn't necessarily find herself all that glamorous.
The magazine asked her if she thinks she's beautiful, and she replied, quote, "Not conventionally beautiful.  I've always been OK with that.  I'm not a supermodel.  That's not what I do.  What I do is music.
"I want my fans to feel the way I do, to know that what they have to offer is just as important, more important, than what's happening on the outside. I'm confident in who I am."
She added that she wears crazy outfits because she doesn't want to, quote, "face the reality of what people want from a female pop star"
"Everybody always laughs because I feel so much more comfortable with, like, a giant paper bag on my whole body and paint on my face.  I reject the idea that I have to take all [the costumes and makeup] off to be [effing] authentic."
Bob Barker Will Be Back on "The Price Is Right" to Celebrate His 90th Birthday
"The Price Is Right" and former host BOB BARKER have had a complicated relationship since Bob left six years ago . . . but maybe things are being smoothed over now.
The producers have announced that Bob will appear on an upcoming episode to celebrate his 90th birthday.  The episode will tape next week, and air on December 12th, which is Bob's actual birthday.
And that whole week . . . from December 9th to the 13th . . . will be dedicated to Bob.  There's no word what all that will entail, but for now Bob is only scheduled to appear once.
The executive producer did say:  Quote, "Monday through Friday we're going to be doing pet adoptions, which is something Bob did on the show for years."
As for his appearance, Bob will be helping with a pet adoption . . . and he's participating in a special Showcase Showdown, featuring prizes "that honor the benefits of reaching 90."
What does that mean?  Well . . . they aren't really saying.  The producer simply says, quote, "It's intended to show off just how hilarious Bob is and let him have a little fun."
This will be Bob's second appearance on "The Price Is Right" since leaving in June of 2007.  He previously made an appearance in 2009, to promote his autobiography, "Priceless Memories".
Last year, Bob said he was upset when he wasn't invited back for the show's 40th anniversary celebration.  Current host DREW CAREY later said that it "didn't occur" to anyone that Bob would want to be there.
And a few years back, Bob criticized Drew, saying that he while he always tried to make the show "really exciting" . . . Drew, quote, "doesn't do that.  He just plays the games."
The "Entourage" Movie is Happening
Hopefully, this is the final word on the situation:  "Entourage" creator and head writer DOUG ELLIN says the movie is ON.  He Tweeted, quote, "It's a go.  Love you all."  And he included a picture of the cast.
Jon Hamm is So Manly His Face Has to Be Shaved Three Times a Day on the Set of "Mad Men"
Just how manly is JON HAMM?  This should give you a clue:  A "Mad Men" makeup artist says it's hard to keep the stubble off his face . . . even during a single day's shooting.
Quote, "We shoot such long hours, and for Jon, we shave sometimes two, three times a day." 

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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 10/29/2013

Chris Brown's Felony Assault Charge Was Reduced to a Misdemeanor
CHRIS BROWN got some good news in court yesterday morning.  A judge reduced his felony assault charge to a misdemeanor, then set him free after he pleaded not guilty.  He's been ordered to return for a hearing on November 25th.
Chris and his bodyguard were arrested in Washington, D.C. early Sunday morning for allegedly punching a man who tried to jump into a photo with Chris.  The bodyguard's charge was reduced as well.
Chris Brown's mother and rapper TREY SONGZ showed up to support Chris, and there were protesters outside the courthouse with signs saying stuff like "Free Chris" and "Leave Chris Brown Alone".  (Here are some pics.)
Don't forget though, Chris is still on probation for assaulting RIHANNA in 2009.  Authorities in Los Angeles are in the process of deciding whether this arrest constitutes a violation. 
If they decide it does, Chris could wind up behind bars for up to FOUR YEARS.
Michael Jackson's Doctor is a Free Man . . . And His First Stop Was In-N-Out Burger
The man who was "caring" for MICHAEL JACKSON at the time of his death is a free man.  DR. CONRAD MURRAY was released from prison at 12:01 A.M. yesterday morning, after serving two years of a four-year sentence.
His attorney said he was, quote, "elated" to be out.  And his first stop was IN-OUT BURGER.
One person who's NOT elated that he's out is Michael's brother JERMAINE . . . who said he's DISGUSTED.
Murray has said in the past that he'd like to resume practicing medicine, but his license has been suspended or revoked in three states . . . and he's known all over the world as the man who killed Michael Jackson.  So good luck with that.

Kanye West Says There Will Be Fighter Jets At His Wedding
Proposing in the middle of a Major League Baseball park with a full orchestra just isn't big enough.  KANYE WEST has something even BIGGER planned for when he and KIM KARDASHIAN get married.
In a radio interview yesterday he said, quote, "Two words:  FIGHTER JETS."
As for his over-the-top proposal, there was no significance to choosing AT&T Park as the venue.  He said, quote, "I just thought it would be dope."
He also admits he was nervous, but only about, quote, "everything being on cue."
A few things didn't go exactly as planned.  Kanye said they didn't have the lights exactly how he wanted them, and he originally wanted LANA DEL REY to perform in person, rather than have the orchestra.  He didn't say why she wasn't there.
Kanye said he went through four different jewelers and three different rings before making up his mind.  In fact, he chose the final ring just four hours before slipping it onto Kim's finger.
As for the relationship itself, he said, quote, "I wanted to marry that girl from the first time I saw her.  Kim and I are the perfect balance."
He also said that he hadn't had a cell phone in three years, before buying one to keep in touch with Kim after she broke up with KRIS HUMPHRIES.

Miley Cyrus Would Rather Be Naked Than Cry in Front of People
I think by now we can all agree that MILEY CYRUS is comfortable being naked.  In fact, during the making of her "Wrecking Ball" video, she was more comfortable with the nudity than she was with the crying.
In a new interview she says, quote, "For me, nudity has never been something that I've ever tripped about.  I don't really see it the way everyone else sees it. 
"I'd rather be naked in front of people than cry in front of people because I don't like showing weakness and that shows a lot of vulnerabilities.
"It was harder to be in that emotional state in front of so many people on set . . . rather than it just be about being naked."
Miley also says the sledgehammer-licking just sort of happened, after the director told her to, quote, "look like you're in love with it."  

Justin Bieber Didn't Just Spend Time With a Prostitute in Central America, He Also Did Some Humanitarian Work

Over the weekend, we heard that JUSTIN BIEBER fooled around with a Panamanian prostitute earlier this month . . . ALLEGEDLY, of course.
Well, we do know that Justin's trip to Central America DID include some good, humanitarian work. 
Justin was deep in the jungles of Guatemala this weekend, helping some poor villagers build a schoolhouse.  It was part of his work with Pencils of Promise, an organization dedicated to building schools for communities in need.
In a video blog afterward, Justin said it was, quote, "one of the most amazing powerful experiences of my life."  Again, he's talking about the school-building, not the alleged prostitute action.
Ellen DeGeneres Is Developing a Sitcom About a Pregnant Lesbian
16 years after ELLEN DEGENERES came out on her old ABC sitcom, she's developing a new sitcom for NBC about, quote, "a lesbian who gets pregnant just as her straight male best friend meets and marries the love of his life."
There's no title yet . . . and it's too early for any word on casting, however it does NOT sound like Ellen would actually appear on the show.  If everything goes well, this show could be in the running to be on NBC's schedule next fall.

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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 10/25/2013

Has Brad Pitt Stopped Using Soap?
Years ago, there were reports that BRAD PITT wasn't the most pleasingly aromatic guy in Hollywood. 
The "National Enquirer" claims Brad is back to emitting a foul odor, because he no longer uses SOAP.  Instead he washes with, quote, "a homemade concoction of lemons, water and apple cider vinegar."
A source says, quote, "Brad says he's read up on the toxins of soap . . . especially the antibacterial ones . . . and feels that using them and antiperspirants is not only bad for the planet, but it also speeds up the aging process in humans."
The family isn't happy about it . . . and the kids have even been calling him STINKY DADDY.  ANGELINA JOLIE tolerates it as long as they're away from each other working.
But when they recently reunited in Hong Kong, the source says Angelina, quote, "managed to coax him into a bubble bath."
Mary McCormack Kicked her Husband Out of the House for Making Out With Katharine McPhee

MARY MCCORMACK kicked her husband out of their house on Sunday after she found out he was messing around with KATHARINE MCPHEE.
Michael Morris . . . who had directed Katharine on the TV show "Smash" . . . knew the photos were being shopped around, and he actually tried to buy them himself.  But he was outbid by TMZ.  So he fessed up to Mary, and she sent him packing.
Katharine has been separated from her husband for six months, but a source says she's still, quote, "SO embarrassed she was caught" messing around with Morris.

Was Lindsay Lohan Reaching for a Wine Bottle . . . or Her Purse?
A so-called "source" says LINDSAY LOHAN wasn't reaching for a bottle of wine in that picture that's been circulating for the last few days.
She was reaching for her purse and her cell phone . . . and the, quote, "photo angle was set up" to make it look like she was going after the booze.
The source also claims Lindsay has gotten over her urge to drink, and has no problem being around people who do.  Also, she's been, quote, "faithfully attending multiple AA meetings per week, and has continued therapy since leaving rehab."
Lady Gaga Is Wearing Ridiculous Costumes Again
We're about two weeks away from the release of LADY GAGA'S new album, "Artpop", which means it's time for her to start wearing ridiculous outfits in public to draw attention to herself.  And that's exactly what she's doing.  Of course.
In Berlin, Lady Gaga wore what some say is a strange bird-like outfit, with a giant headdress that completely covers her face.  It's so big and awkward that she looks like a mascot or something. 
Then, later the SAME DAY, Lady Gaga showed up in another crazy outfit . . . complete with lingerie and a FAKE mustache.
Finally, Lady Gaga ended the day by taking a TOPLESS shot of herself . . . still wearing the moustache, plus some weird glasses . . . and posted it on Instagram.  She's covering herself with her arm though.  
"Bad Grandpa" and "The Counselor" Are in Theaters This Weekend
1.  "The Counselor"  (R) 
Michael Fassbender plays a lawyer tempted into setting up a one-time drug deal for one of his shady clients, played by Javier Bardem.
It's directed by Ridley Scott, and based on a screenplay by Cormac McCarthy, the guy who wrote "The Road" and "No Country for Old Men".  Ridley dedicated the movie to his brother Tony Scott . . . who committed suicide in August of last year.
Penelope Cruz plays Fassbender's naive fiancée, Cameron Diaz is Bardem's sociopathic girlfriend, and Brad Pitt is the middle man who brokers the deal between them and a dangerous Mexican drug cartel.
2.  "Bad Grandpa"  (R)  
Johnny Knoxville returns as his old man character, Irving Zisman, in a "Jackass" movie that actually has a PLOT for a change.  In this one, Irving gets stuck with his 8-year-old grandson and is taking him across the country to find his deadbeat dad.

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