KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 12/18/2014

Sony Has Canceled the Release of "The Interview" . . . And North Korea Really IS to Blame

It seemed like a crazy idea that the nation of North Korea was actually behind the Sony pictures cyberattack because they wanted to stop the release of a SETH ROGEN / JAMES FRANCO movie but one U.S. official says it will be officially announced today that it's all TRUE.

U.S. officials have reportedly determined that North Korea orchestrated the massive hack and release of sensitive documents.

It'll be interesting to see how the government responds to this. PRESIDENT OBAMA'S only statement so far is that people should still go to the movies.

But we know how Sony responded. They actually pulled "The Interview" yesterday. And they said they currently have no plans to release it in ANY format, including Video on Demand.

The reaction on Twitter was immediate and most celebs were pretty upset by the decision.

ROB LOWE Tweeted, quote, "Wow. Everyone caved. The hackers won. An utter and complete victory for them. Wow. (Rob appears in the movie as himself.)

JIMMY KIMMEL called it, quote, "An un-American act of cowardice that validates terrorist actions and sets a terrifying precedent."

STEVE CARELL Tweeted, quote, "Sad day for creative expression."

(Carell is directly affected by this. He was supposed to star in a thriller he wrote about North Korea. But the project has been scrapped.)

And BILL MAHER said, quote, "Is that all it takes, an anonymous threat and the numbers 911, to throw free expression under the bus?"

A Theater in Texas Will Fight the Hackers By Showing "Team America: World Police"

The Alamo Drafthouse theater in Dallas / Fort Worth has come up with a solution to this business of Sony pulling "The Interview". They're replacing it with one free screening of "Team America: World Police".

That's the 2004 PUPPET movie made by the creators of "South Park", which very much ridicules KIM JONG UN's father, KIM JONG IL.

Theater employees will hand out American flags and other patriotic items. The movie will air December 27th at 7:00 P.M.

The theater says, quote, "THAT is how true American heroes will be celebrating this year, but if you want to let the terrorists win . . . well, that's your prerogative."

Did Justin Bieber Get Turned Down Because He Looks Like Ellen DeGeneres in Real Life?

JUSTIN BIEBER's new, platinum hairdo isn't helping his LOVE GAME.

The "New York Post" says Justin tried to hit on a woman at the Fresh Corn Grill in West Hollywood and she turned him down, saying he looks like ELLEN DEGENERES in person.

Justin wasn't happy to hear that, obviously, but there's no word if he said anything back to her.

Elton John is Getting Married This Weekend

ELTON JOHN and his longtime partner DAVID FURNISH are finally getting married this weekend. They've had a civil partnership since 2005 . . .

but gay marriage just became legal in Britain in March . . . so now they're making it happen.

Elton and David have been together since 1993, and they have two sons: Zachary, who'll be four on Christmas Day, and Elijah, who'll be two next month.

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Shaking Off Hanukkah

Someone pointed out recently that there aren't any good Hanukkah songs out there.

It seems that the only choice is Adam Sandler's "Hanukkah Song," and that's not really about the holiday, just about folks who might celebrate it.

So along comes Six13, a Jewish a cappella group, and their parody of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off."

You'll have fun, learn a little bit about the holiday, and even how to play with a dreidel.

And you might start bopping along with the tune. Win win!


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Happy Holidays: The Christmas Spirit

Not everyone's ready for the holiday, right?

Seems like it rushes up on you sometimes. Or maybe you're just not ready for it.

Sometimes, you need a little push.

Like Chris, who gets a visit and a sizeable nudge from a Jolly Old Elf.

A fun short film to get you in the spirit...

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A Box of Poo for You

You know Cards Against Humanity, right?

The makers refer to it as "a party game for horrible people" that's "as despicable and awkward as you and your friends."

On Black Friday, they made an interesting offer to folks on their website: a box of male bovine excrement for a mere $6.

They used a more guttural expression that we really shouldn't be using here...

Now, the folks at CAH report that they sold 30,000 units.

30,000 units of genuine bull crap, amounting to $180,000.

I can only imagine how popular these will be at the office Yankee Swap this year.

Now if you'll excuse me. My dog just went outside, and I'm pretty sure there's a gold mine waiting to be picked up on my lawn.
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I Really Really Really Really Really Really Want This!

Dear Santa:

I know this is probably an impractical present, and that it will probably only survive one light dusting.

But Santa, I really really really really really really really want one of these.

A remote-control pickup with a snow plow attachment.

I've been really really really really good this year too.


                                                                                                         Your Pal Mikey!

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Cancel The Interview, Please

Sony Pictures announced formally today that it will not now and maybe ever release the movie they'd scheduled for a Christmas debut, The Interview.

The film, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco as some newsmen recruited by the CIA to assassinate the leader of North Korea, drew the ire of North Korea's current ruler, who said its release would be considered an act of war.

More recently, someone hacked into Sony's servers, releasing sensitive information and threatening some drastic action if the film were released as planned.

Some interesting folks are not happy at all. Like Donald Trump... And Salman Rushdie... But, here's the question that everyone wants answered...
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Happy Birthday, Frankie

Pope Francis celebrated his birthday yesterday.

Some folks took to Twitter to pass glad tidings, using #happybirthdayholyfather.

It looks like being the pope doesn't put you above the typical birthday pranks the rest of us have to endure, like sharing photos from your early years.

This one looks to be from 8th grade. What do you think?
  Meanwhile, the pope celebrated his birthday the way you'd expect this down-to-earth guy to do it. He invited some homeless men and his household staff to sit and have breakfast with him after morning mass.
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Ellen Skunks Conan

Looks like the daytime talk shows have better budgets than their nighttime counterparts.

Case in point: an audience member pointed out that Ellen Degeneres gives away phenomenal gifts to everyone in her audience.

It's the way she rolls.

Amazing things like personal cappucino machines, one's very own MRI unit (complete with Fabio, your MRI tech), and the not-even-out-yet iPhone 9.

Conan had nothing but half-a-sleeve of gluten-free Fig Newtons in his car.

Not to fear. Ellen to the rescue.

Check out what she gives to every member of Conan's audience.

I wonder if Conan gets to keep one...?

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New Rule: Don't Let Mom Call Into Your Talk Show Appearance

How's this for a fun time?

Brad and Dallas Woodhouse are what you'd call political pundits.

They're also what you'd call brothers.

Brad's a Democrat, and Dallas is a Republican. This week, they appeared on Washington Journal on C-Span to discuss their new book, "Woodhouse Divided," about bipartisanship and the political divide in the United States.

I'm sure it was a fun conversation, but not one that would catch my attention.


... the Woodhouse brothers' mother called in, unexpectedly and unplanned, and pretty much told the both of them to settle their differences so that Christmas at the family home would be peaceful.

The clip is below, and it is priceless!

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Seal It With a Slap!

Whoever thought Jimmy Fallon and Oprah Winfrey could play a married couple?

Well they did - back in the 80s - on a soap opera called Midnight Meadows.

It's becoming a running bit on The Tonight Show, and it involves Jimmy and his guest running back and forth into and out of the scenes.

You almost wish they'd show those transitions. From the sound of the audience reaction, that's one of the best parts.

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