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Is It Mother's Day Already?

Someone needs to stop Snooki from procreating!


Check out the video she did for US Weekly.

She talks about a lot of things, but key to the conversation is her new daughter, Giovanna.

"Giovanna just turned one month yesterday," Snooki said. "All she does is eat and s--t and sleeps… she just lays there. I think once Giovanna starts to actually move and crawl and run around, that's when s--t's gonna hit the fan."

Doctor Spock must be whirling in his grave...
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I'm Sorry, What Are We Selling Again?

Miley Cyrus rolled out a new ad campaign, serving as the new spokesperson for MAC cosmetics Viva Glam line.

Check out the ad, which was posted to Miley's Instagram yesterday.

She's selling lipstick and lip gloss.

Other than the brand name positioned in the center of the ad, do you see anything that says, "Hey, I'm selling lipstick and lip gloss" in that picture?

I don't know - maybe the products get photoshopped in after the fact?

Every $ from the sales of my #VIVAGLAM will go to @MACAIDSFund to help those affected by HIV! ???

Una foto publicada por Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) el

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Game of Thrones Grilling

George R.R. Martin, author of the books that spawned Game of Thrones, showed up on Late Night with Seth Myers the other day.

On the couch with him, Amy Poehler, there to promote her own book - not quite as epic as George's, but still, a literary work.

Amy showed how much she knows about GOT by quizzing George about who uttered certain lines of dialogue.

The results are very, very funny.

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Mystery Solved, Sooner or Later

Investigators are pretty certain they've found a piece of Amelia Earhart's plane.

The aviator disappeared over the Pacific Ocean about 77 years ago, while attempting to fly around the world.

The aluminum aircraft component was found on an atoll called Nikumaroro, somewhere between Hawaii and Australia.

Oh, and the debris from Amelia's twin-engine plane was found in 1991.

Looks like they sent it to the We'll Get Around To It Eventually forensic laboratory.

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What Wine, What Candy?

It's an annual adult dilemma: what wine goes best with which candy?

Fret no more - the folks at vivino.com have come up with the Ultimate Guide to Pairing Wine with Halloween Candy.

Your prayers are now officially answered.
  • Skittles, for instance, go with a dry white or a sweet white.
  • Kit Kats go with sparkling wines or a medium red.
  • A dessert wine goes with just about any sort of candy - which you'd expect.
  • And poor little Sour Patch Kids - they pretty much go with nothing.
Now we know what makes them sour...
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Baby Makes Three

Jessica Biel is pregnant. At least, that's what the folks at RadarOnline.com are reporting.

Jessica and her hubby, Justin Timberlake, are expecting a child in another seven months or so - the first for both of them.

Like any good reporter, I had to find another source before reporting this news.

And looky here - HipHollywood.com had the story six days earlier.

So it's got to be true, right?

I mean, if HipHollywood.com says so, and then RadarOnline.com says so without saying that HipHollywood.com said, so, then it's got to be true.

That's the fourth law of journalism, I believe.

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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 10/29/2014

Ellen and Portia Did Not Bag on an Animal Charity Event Because They Got Into a Fight on the Way There

The not-always-reliable "New York Post" claims that ELLEN DEGENERES and PORTIA DE ROSSI were supposed to be at a charity event for a pet rescue center on Sunday . . . but they literally turned around and went home because they got into an "epic fight" in their car on the way there.

But they say it's NOT true. Apparently, they were never supposed to be there. They just lent their names to the event as honorary chairs, but their images were used in a way that made people THINK they would be.

Their rep says, quote, "It was not approved and it is misleading." Possibly adding to the confusion is the fact that Ellen and Portia actually did attend this same event last year.

KJ"s Kinda Nerdy News: Marvel is Doing Two more "Avengers" Movies, Plus a Black Superhero Movie Called "Black Panther"

Just like D.C. Comics did earlier this month, Marvel has announced its movie slate for the next several years.

The big news is that there will be TWO more "Avengers" movies after next year's "Avengers: Age of Ultron". It sounds like they'll be filmed back-to-back, because they're two parts of the same story, and they're coming out a year apart.

"Avengers: Infinity Wars Part 1" will hit theaters in May of 2018 . . . and "Part 2" will be released the following May.

Also, the new "Captain America" movie featuring Iron Man will be called "Captain America: Civil War" . . . so it WILL follow that storyline we'd heard about where Captain America and Iron Man fight over a government plan to register superheroes.

That one comes out in May of 2016.

In other big news we're finally getting a BLACK SUPERHERO MOVIE from Marvel. "Black Panther" comes out in November of 2017, starring CHADWICK BOSEMAN in the title role.

He played JAMES BROWN in "Get On Up" and JACKIE ROBINSON in "42".

And an announcement I was thrilled to hear…Marvel also has a stand-alone FEMALE superhero movie in the works, "Captain Marvel", which comes out in July of 2018. The hero in this one is Carol Danvers, who debuted in the 1970s as "Ms. Marvel". No word who'll play her.

Still no SCARLETT JOHANSSON / Black Widow stand-alone flick . . . but Marvel says she's very much involved in the upcoming "Avengers" movies.

The third "Thor" movie, "Thor: Ragnarok", comes out in July of 2017 . . . and yes, Loki will be back. And "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" drops in May of 2017.

Jane Lynch Is Officially Divorced . . . And Officially Poorer

JANE LYNCH is officially DIVORCED . . . and officially POORER. Her ex-wife Dr. Lara Embry cleaned up in the settlement. For starters, she gets a lump sum of $1.2 million over the next two years.

She also gets HALF of the following: Several bank accounts totaling $847,000 . . . a 401K totaling $315,000 . . . their $57,000 tax refund . . . and royalties from Jane's TV appearances, including "Glee".

She also gets FULL custody of their yacht club membership and their dog.

Amanda Bynes Is Still Not Ready to Be Released From Treatment

AMANDA BYNES is still not ready to be out of supervised care. She was due to be released this week, but a judge ordered her to spend at least 30 more days under 24-hour psychiatric care.

Supposedly, Amanda is, quote, "very ill," and is in "no shape to care for herself." She was placed on a 72-hour psychiatric hold on October 10th. Her stay was then extended two weeks . . . and now she'll be there until Thanksgiving, at least.

Meanwhile, RadarOnline reports that Amanda's mother, Lynn, has officially petitioned to become her conservator once again. In addition to putting her in control of Amanda, it would also put her in charge of her estate.

Amanda is worth $2.8 million . . . and earns $144,768 a year.

So, this is basically a repeat of last year: Amanda was hospitalized against her will in July of 2013. She was released last December under the care of her parents, and seemed to be doing well. She even attended fashion school for a while.

But then she moved to New York and started exhibiting her typical BIZARRE behavior. She got a DUI in late September . . . and followed it up with a pair of shoplifting attempts.

Nine Celebrities Who Have Unclaimed Money Owed to Them

If you were owed $10,000 from a bank, you'd probably get your hands on it as soon as possible. But apparently STEVEN SPIELBERG considers it a pittance not worth bothering with.

The California state controller's office just released a list of celebrities who have unclaimed money owed to them, either by the state or by various companies. And it's just sitting around waiting for them. Here are some of the highlights . . .

Bank of America has $10,000 in cashier's checks waiting for Steven Spielberg.

Robert Downey Jr. is owed $497.09 from the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison.

Kanye West is owed $38.71 from Foot Locker.

Orlando Bloom can go pick up $31.72 from NBC Universal.

Columbus Short has small checks for him at Paramount, including ones for: $94.29, $40.50, $43.85 and $43.85. Short also has a warrant out for his arrest, because he skipped a court hearing on Monday. He's accused of beating a guy up at a bar.

Kobe Bryant has a check for $482.50 collecting dust at the Connecticut General Life Insurance Company.

Justin Timberlake's lawyers owe him $3,020.55.

George Clooney is owed $928.95 from an entertainment company.

And Kerry Washington has $1,404.38 coming to her from a payroll company.

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Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

Terra and Drake nailed this Dirty Dancing routine and surprised their wedding guests.  You'll smile and even get a tear watching them dance.  What a beautiful couple! 

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Charades, or "Shahrodds"?

Ewan McGregor dropped by The Tonight Show the other night.

And these days, no one can just drop in to The Tonight Show without participating in a bit of some sort.

The chosen activity: a game of charades, Ewan versus Jimmy Fallon, with rocker Jeff Tweedy and basketball great Charles Barkley joining in the fun.

And it is fun. Especially the British versus American banter.

Check it out!
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God is Not a Magician with a Magic Wand

Pope Francis, head of the Catholic Church, sort of set the Church on its ear this week,

He declared in front of a gathering at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, the Pope said that both evolution and the Big Bang Theory are real.

That's the theory that substances collided in space eons ago, setting the universe in motion, not the TV series about the geeks and the blond.

He said that God is "not a magician with a magic wand."

Which sort of takes away the buzz for kids who grew up thinking Harry Potter was God...

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