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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 6/30/2014

"Transformers" Made $100 Million This Weekend
"Transformers: Age of Extinction" was the only new movie in theaters this weekend, and it had the best opening weekend of the year with a strong haul of $100 million in its first few days of release.  That's slightly better than the last "Transformers" movie, which made $97.9 million . . . but not as good as "Revenge of the Fallen", which made $109 million.
Here are this week's Top 5 movies:
1.  (NEW)  "Transformers: Age of Extinction", $100 million. 
2.  "22 Jump Street", $15.4 million.  Up to $140 million in its 3rd week. 
3.  "How to Train Your Dragon 2", $13.1 million.  Up to $122 million in its 3rd week.
4.  "Think Like a Man Too", $10.4 million.  Up to $48.2 million in its 2nd week.   
5.  "Maleficent", $8.2 million.  Up to $202 million in its 5th week. 
Showbiz Hero of the Day: Amy Adams Gave Up Her First Class Seat to a Soldier
AMY ADAMS is our SHOWBIZ HERO OF THE DAY, for giving up her first class airplane seat to a SOLDIER on a flight from Detroit to L.A.  She tried to do it inconspicuously, but other passengers saw what happened.  
One of those passengers was Jemele Hill from ESPN's "Numbers Never Lie".  She says, quote, "As I was getting seated, I saw the flight attendant guide the soldier to Ms. Adams' seat.
 "She was no longer in it, but it was pretty clear that she'd given up her seat for him.  I was incredibly impressed.  [She] did it so quietly and quickly that it speaks to her character."
Amy took the soldier's seat in coach, and even took pictures of some of the other passengers.
When the press contacted Amy, she said, quote, "I didn't do it for attention for myself.  I did it for attention for the Troops."
Amy's father was in the service, and she spent her early years living on military bases.

Hours Before His Arrest Thursday, Shia LaBeouf Was Chasing A Homeless Guy Around for His Hat
Several hours before being arrested for disrupting a Broadway revival of "Cabaret" this past Thursday, SHIA LABEOUF was seen out on the street . . . chasing a homeless guy around for his hat.  
Witnesses said it looked like Shia thought the hat was his, and was trying to get it back.  He was also acting like he knew the homeless guy, saying stuff like, "It's me, Shia" and acting, quote, "whacked out."  
Since Shia didn't get to finish watching "Cabaret", LIZA MINNELLI'S rep sent him a DVD copy of the 1972 movie version.  He says, quote, "I figured he may want to find out how it ends."
Khloe Kardashian Got a Jeep and a Bunch of Jewelry for Her 30th Birthday
KHLOE KARDASHIAN turned 30 on Friday, and there was plenty of celebrating.  
Khloe's boyfriend FRENCH MONTANA bought her a brand new $49,000 Jeep and $30,000 worth of jewelry.    There was actually a party Thursday night, where Khloe got her cake.
Miley Cyrus Got a New Dog, and Says Her Dead Dog Gave Her Its Blessing
MILEY CYRUS has a new dog.  She lost her Alaskan Klee Kai, Floyd, to a coyote in April.  Then her mom bought her a puppy, but it didn't work out.  (An Alaskan Klee Kai is kind of like a Husky, but smaller.)
She got her new dog last week.  He's a Collie named Emu Coyne Cyrus and she says she got Floyd's BLESSING.
She posted on Instagram that she had a memorial service for Floyd, and that quote, "I felt my angel Floydy give Emu his blessing.  I prayed to Floyd to just give him a touch of his awesomeness, and he has."  
Mark Ruffalo Says Ben Affleck Won't Let Jennifer Garner Be Friends with Him
JENNIFER GARNER and MARK RUFFALO played soul mates in the 2004 movie, "13 Going on 30".  And apparently Jen's husband BEN AFFLECK wants to make sure that never happens in REAL life.
On Thursday, Mark was a guest on "Watch What Happens Live", promoting his new movie "Begin Again".  And someone called in to ask if he and Jen are still friends.
According to Mark, they were GREAT friends . . . until she started dating Ben, who put a stop to it.  Quote, "We had a great time together . . . But then Ben came on the scene, and that was the end of that."
Ben and Jennifer started dating right around the time "13 Going on 30" came out.  It's also worth noting that Mark WAS already married at that point.
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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 6/27/2014


Shia LaBeouf Was Arrested After Disrupting a Broadway Play


SHIA LABEOUF was ARRESTED last night after disrupting a Broadway revival of "Cabaret".


Sources say he was being loud and disruptive during the first act, smoking inside the theater and, quote, "slapping random people on the behind and on the back of the head."


Shia was led out in handcuffs by security, then given over to police when he wouldn't stop being unruly.


Even when he got to the police station, he refused to calm down, telling them, quote, "[Eff] you!  I'll [eff] you up!"  They decided not to undo the cuffs, so he started SPITTING, and they had to put a mask on him.


He also told police, quote, "I have millions and millions of dollars and attorneys and I'm going to ruin your career."  And he called the cop who was fingerprinting him a homophobic slur.



Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy Are Leaving "The View" . . . Were They Fired?


Yesterday, SHERRI SHEPHERD and JENNY MCCARTHY announced that they're leaving "The View".  Sherri spent seven years on the show, and Jenny only lasted one.


Sherri said, quote, "After careful consideration, it's time for me to move on.  I'm extremely grateful to BARBARA WALTERS for giving me the opportunity . . . and I'm incredibly grateful to my 'View' family and my fans for supporting me."


Later in the day, Jenny Tweeted, quote, "If Sherri goes . . . I go too.  #Sisters.  My 'view' will be changing too.  As [it] will with many hard-working folks.  Thanks to everyone at the show for your dedication and an amazing year."


They both made it sound like it was THEIR decision, but several reports say they were FIRED.  Supposedly, the show is looking to start all over . . . although as far as we know, WHOOPI GOLDBERG will remain.




'N Sync Will Be Together at Lance Bass's Wedding . . . But They Won't Perform


When LANCE BASS and his fiancé get married, 'N SYNC will be fully represented.  But don't expect them to perform. Lance says, "Yes, there will be a reunion.  But I doubt we'll be performing 'Bye Bye Bye'.  I think it's a little cheesy if I sing at all at my wedding."


But he adds, quote, "There will be a stage, there will be a band, so I'm sure if you see that on stage, people are going to be popping up and doing whatever they want to do, that will be an open mic for anyone else."




NBC is Doing a Miley Cyrus Concert Special 


NBC will air a two-hour MILEY CYRUS concert special called "Miley Cyrus:  Bangerz Tour" on Sunday, July 6th.  It'll include performances from the tour, and behind-the-scenes footage.




Miley spends so much time onstage playing with her crotch, showing almost her entire backside, simulating relations on blow-up dolls, making lewd gestures with large phallic symbols and glorifying marijuana.


So good luck finding two hours' worth of FCC-friendly footage from that, NBC.




Robert De Niro Crashed Somebody's Apartment to Watch the U.S. / Germany Game


ROBERT DE NIRO really wanted to watch the U.S. / Germany World Cup game yesterday.  Unfortunately, he was filming his upcoming movie "The Intern" in Brooklyn's Cobble Hill neighborhood.


The production actually sent an email to a nearby apartment building, asking if they could put a satellite dish on their roof and run a cable from it down to the street, so he wouldn't miss the game.


But before that could happen, De Niro found an easier way to watch.  One of the residents in the building says, quote, "Apparently he found a house of people watching it and joined them."




Mark Wahlberg's "Transformers" Movie and Keira Knightley's "Begin Again" Are In Theaters


1.  "Transformers: Age of Extinction"  (PG-13) 


Mark Wahlberg discovers that the truck he's planning to strip for parts is actually an injured Optimus Prime.  He and his family are then attacked by a strike team sent by Kelsey Grammer, a CIA agent who wants to destroy all the surviving Transformers.


Stanley Tucci is also in it as a scientist trying to reverse engineer the autobots so he can build his own Transformers.  And a blonde minx named Nicola Petz is the eye candy in this one.  She plays Marky Mark's daughter.


This movie also busts out the DINOBOTS . . . has John Goodman as the voice of a Transformer named Hound . . . and brings back the old voice of the cartoon Megatron (Frank Welker) to do the voice of a new villain named Galvatron.


2.  "Begin Again"  (R) 


Keira Knightley plays a songwriter who came to New York to help her boyfriend with his first record deal . . . and then gets dumped after he becomes a rock star.  She also does her own singing in the movie and has five songs on the soundtrack that's out Tuesday.


Mark Ruffalo is a record exec who convinces her to record her own music, "True Grit's" Hailee Steinfeld plays his daughter, and Adam Levine from Maroon 5 makes his acting debut as Keira's boyfriend.  Mos Def and Cee Lo Green are also in it.

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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 6/26/2014

Did Khloe Kardashian's Boyfriend Try to Hook Up with a Radio Intern?


A radio intern claims KHLOE KARDASHIAN'S boyfriend FRENCH MONTANA tried to hook up with her after a concert last week in Boston.


The girl was trying to get an interview with French, and he brought her onto his tour bus . . . alone.  Then he GOT ON TOP OF HER, and even told her, quote, "I have a lot to lose . . . You know that I have a girlfriend!"


But ultimately she pushed him off and ran out of the bus.  


So far Khloe has made no comment.




North Korea Will Retaliate if the New Seth Rogen / James Franco Movie is Released


North Korea is apparently threatening to ATTACK us if SETH ROGAN's new movie "The Interview" is released as planned.


Seth plays a TV producer, and JAMES FRANCO is an on-air host.  When they get a chance to interview North Korean dictator KIM JONG-UN, the U.S. government asks them to ASSASSINATE him.  


Yesterday a spokesman for the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs took a pretty hard stance against the movie.  He said, quote, "Making and releasing a movie on a plot to hurt our top-level leadership is the most blatant act of terrorism and war and will absolutely not be tolerated.


"If the US administration allows and defends the showing of the film, a merciless counter-measure will be taken." 


There's no word exactly what that "merciless counter-measure" would be. 


Seth doesn't sound too worried.  He Tweeted, quote, "People don't usually wanna kill me for one of my movies until after they've paid 12 bucks for it.  Hiyooooo!!!"




Adam Levine Knows That People Think He's a "[D-Bag]," But He Doesn't Think He Is


Some people think ADAM LEVINE sort of comes off as a D-BAG . . . and he's aware of that, but he doesn't believe that's an accurate assessment.


In an interview with "GQ", Adam says, quote, "Would it be really easy to assume that I was a [D-bag]?  Definitely.  100%.  But that doesn't mean that I am.  Or maybe I am, I don't know.


"I'm going to get really intricately self-reflective right now, and ask myself the hard questions . . . to find out, once and for all, definitively, whether or not I'm a [D-bag]."  


He adds, quote, "You know what the gist of this article is?  Your opening line can be:  'You don't have to like me, but I'd prefer it if you did.'


"That's kind of how I feel.  I'm not the easiest person to love right off the bat, you know.  If I knew everyone in the world, they would love me.  Every single last [effing] one of them."




The Fiancee of One Direction Star Zayn Malik Passes Gas in Front of Him


ONE DIRECTION star ZAYN MALIK is engaged to PERRIE EDWARDS, the blonde from a British girl group called LITTLE MIX.  And we know it's love, because she doesn't mind passing gas in his presence.


Perrie's bandmate JESY NELSON says, quote, "Perrie will happily fart in front of Zayn but I'd never do that in front of [my boyfriend].  I'd go outside and fart instead."


Perrie adds, quote, "I do it because I'm engaged."




Michael Jackson Once Declined to Party With Bon Jovi . . . But Sent Bubbles the Chimp in His Place


Here is a bizarre story from the 80s that we're just hearing about. MICHAEL JACKSON once declined an invitation to party with BON JOVI . . . but he sent a representative in his place.  This was back in 1987, when they were performing at different arenas in Japan, and staying at the same hotel.


Michael had taken over a whole wing of the hotel, and basically spent all his time practicing his dancing.  But his people did invite Bon Jovi to meet with him.


They basically just made small talk, then JON BON JOVI invited Michael to come down to their part of the hotel and hang out.


Michael never showed, but he sent BUBBLES THE CHIMP in his place.  Jon says, quote, "We proceeded to get very drunk, have a bunch of water fights, knock on doors, typical classic rock star things to do in the eighties.


"We were having a blast two floors below with Bubbles, and he was up there practicing his dancing . . . because he was just so ultra-über-focused on being Michael Jackson.  The blessing was the curse."




Go To the Movies With Me!  ONLY 7 days left to reserve your seat!


Okay my lovely Hollywood Dirt readers...Some Smiley listeners started this campaign and I'm trying to spread the word.  I REALLY want to see this movie "Coherence" in theaters and I want YOU to see it with me. The director is giving us a shot to bring it to Indiana for ONE NIGHT ONLY, Monday July 14th. The movie is getting tons of great reviews, has won a bunch of film fest awards and stars NICHOLAS BRENDON (from Buffy & Criminal Minds). You should be talking about this before your friends are. Be cool. Go with me.


After you see the trailer, you'll definitely want to reserve your seat! We only need like 40 people to go and there's a chance if we get it booked early that we'll get a cast member in for the screening with us!  


Here's the trailer:


Here's where to reserve your seat:


  Please share the link on Facebook and Twitter too! Hope to see you there! 

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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 6/25/2014

Justin Bieber Was Involved in a Car Accident Yesterday


JUSTIN BIEBER was involved in a car accident in Beverly Hills yesterday, but he is going to be okay.


Justin was a passenger in an Escalade that was being chased by the paparazzi.  The car was going pretty fast trying to lose them, and was hit by a BMW that pulled out of a parking structure.


Justin immediately jumped out of the Escalade with his head covered, got into another car and sped off.




Is Jenny McCarthy Being Bounced from "The View"?


After just one season, JENNY MCCARTHY might be getting bounced from "The View".  Fox News says her contract won't be renewed because, quote, "she just didn't appeal to the daytime audience market.  They couldn't relate to her."


Ratings have also dipped slightly since Jenny joined the show.  (Rumors are already kicking around that Bethenny Frankel is in talks to come onboard.  Maybe they're eyeing her up as Jenny's replacement.)




Eliza Dushku and Rick Fox Broke Up


ELIZA DUSHKU and former L.A. Laker RICK FOX have ended their relationship.


Apparently, a key factor in the breakup was distance.  Eliza says, quote, "Rick's an L.A. guy and I'm a Boston girl."


Eliza is actually back in Boston and plans on starting work on a college degree in the fall.  She says, quote, "I'd rather be a little physically cold here than emotionally cold in L.A.  I missed my town and my family."




Queen Elizabeth Visited the Set of "Game of Thrones" . . . But She Didn't Sit on the Iron Throne


QUEEN ELIZABETH THE SECOND and her husband toured the set of"Game of Thrones" yesterday, as part of their visit to Northern Ireland. 


Unfortunately, the shot everybody was waiting for never happened . . . because the Queen did NOT sit on the Iron Throne. 


She gave it a good look, though, and the monarchy posted a picture of it on Instagram.  Yes, the British monarchy has its own Instagram.




The World Cup Won the Ratings Week


"World Cup Soccer" was the most-watched show of the week.  Sunday's game where Portugal scored in the final moments of the game to block a U.S. win was watched by just under 14 million people on ESPN.


And the game where the U.S. beat Ghana drew another 9.7 million viewers.  Our next match-up is tomorrow, where we'll go up against Germany.  They're our biggest competition in our World Cup Group and we're both undefeated going into tomorrow's match. 

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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 6/20/2014

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Were Spotted Together Again . . . And Sources Say It's Official
JUSTIN BIEBER and SELENA GOMEZ were spotted leaving a Los Angeles recording studio Wednesday night in Justin's blue Ferrari, and the word is that it's DEFINITELY on again between the two of them.
A source says, quote, "She still loves him.  It is hard for her to get over him because they have so much history.  You just can't drop those feelings.  There is too much there."
Kim Kardashian Explains How to Take the Perfect Selfie
If you want to know how to take the perfect selfie, you might want to ask an expert.  And who's more of an expert than KIM KARDASHIAN?  Here are three tips from Kim on taking a good selfie:
Use a Mirror.  This one seems obvious.  Why WONDER how it's going to look?  When you take a picture in a mirror, you know EXACTLY how it's going to look.
Go Black and White.  You always want the best lighting you can get.  But when it's lacking, black and white helps de-emphasize the shadows and other lighting imperfections.
Hold the camera up high.  Your face looks better and THINNER when you're stretching your neck a little to look up. 
J-Lo's Mom Doesn't Want Her Back Together With Marc Anthony
JENNIFER LOPEZ'S mom made it painfully obvious on "The Wendy Williams Show" yesterday that she does NOT want her daughter to get back together with ex-husband MARC ANTHONY.
Mom was in the audience when Wendy told J-Lo, quote, "In my mind, you'll get back with Marc."  But when the camera panned to Mom, she was shaking her head and mouthing the word "nope."
But J-Lo said she and Marc are the best of friends, and committed to raising their kids.  And when Wendy described him as, quote, "devastatingly hot," J-Lo's mom seemed to agree.  
"Jersey Boys" and "Think Like a Man Too" Are In Theaters
1.  "Jersey Boys"  (R) 
Clint Eastwood directs this movie about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, which was adapted from the Broadway musical.  It stars John Lloyd Young.  He's the guy who won a Tony award for playing Frankie Valli in the Broadway version.  Christopher Walken is also in it as a local mobster.
Until the Beatles came along, the Four Seasons were one of the most popular bands of the '60s.  Some of their #1 hits include "Sherry", "Big Girls Don't Cry", and "Walk Like a Man".  You'd also know their 1975 hit "December 1963 (Oh What a Night)".
2.  "Think Like a Man Too"  (PG-13) 
This is the sequel to that 2012 comedy which was based on Steve Harvey's book, "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man".  In this one, more relationship chaos ensues when the couples hit Las Vegas for the wedding of Regina Hall and Terrence J's characters.
The other ladies are Taraji P. Henson, Meagan Good, and Gabrielle Union. . . and the rest of the men include Kevin Hart and "Almost Human's" Michael Ealy.
3. "Coherence" (Limited Release)
This psychological thriller is getting a lot of buzz. It's won a bunch of film festival awards and was directed by James Ward Birkett (the guy behind Rango, Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl to name a few.)  A campaign to get a Coherence movie screening in INDY is underway including a possible appearance by a cast member! I'll keep you posted on the details.
It stars NICHOLAS BRENDON (Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Emily Foxler, Lorene Scafaria, Maury Sterling, Elizabeth Gracen, Lauren Maher, Hugo Armstrong and Alex Manugian.
On the night of an astronomical anomaly, eight friends at a dinner party experience a troubling chain of reality bending events. Part cerebral sci-fi and part relationship drama, COHERENCE is a tightly focused, intimately shot film that quickly ratchets up with tension and mystery.
4. "Third Person"  (R)  (Limited Release)
Liam Neeson plays a writer using Olivia Wilde as his inspiration, while Kim Basinger waits for him back home.  His story is somehow interconnected with two other love stories . . . with Adrien Brody falling for a beautiful Italian woman in Rome . . . and with Mila Kunis trying to regain custody of her son with the help of James Franco.
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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 6/19/2014

Police Were Called for Loud Music at Selena Gomez's House
SELENA GOMEZ was investigated for a noise complaint at her L.A. home on Tuesday night.  It was really no big deal, though.
E! Online says it was a basically a "non-event" . . . they were asked to turn down the music, they did, and all was well.  It was actually LIVE music.  Just a few people with instruments, including a piano.
Selena posted a picture of the festivities on Instagram yesterday, with the caption, "Tacos, live music and candles . . . such a beautiful night with beautiful people." There's no word if JUSTIN BIEBER was there.
Three People Were Arrested For Throwing Beer Bottles at Taylor Swift's Rhode Island Mansion

TAYLOR SWIFT has owned her Rhode Island home for a little over a year and has already had to deal with stalkers, misguided bad press . . . and now LITTER! She may want to consider selling.
On Sunday, two guys and a woman were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after they threw beer bottles, yelled profanities, and flipped off the security guard.  The guard took photos of it on his cell phone and called the cops.
TMZ talked to one the suspects and he said they "harbored no ill will" toward Taylor.  They were just drinking some beer and things got out of hand. 
He also said they weren't flipping off the guard . . . they were just throwing up the peace sign like Taylor does in the video to her song "22".  
Taylor wasn't at the house when this went down.  
The Guy Who Broke Into Sandra Bullock's House While She Was Inside Had an "Arsenal" of Weapons at Home
This month, a crazy stalker broke into SANDRA BULLOCK'S house while she was inside.  The police were able to stop him before he got too far . . . but it sounds like this guy really IS dangerous.
When the police searched his home, they found a, quote, "arsenal of weapons," including SEVEN MACHINE GUNS.
Apparently, the guy, Joshua Corbett, wasn't armed at the time of the break-in.  Sources say he wasn't there to burglarize it . . . he was obsessed with Sandra and wanted to see her.
He never did, because she'd locked herself inside a room.
The D.A. has now charged Corbett with 19 felonies, including seven counts of possession of a machine gun . . . two counts of possession of an assault weapon and 10 counts of possession of a destructive device.
He was also charged with stalking.  After the weapons were discovered, Corbett's bond was increased from $185,000 to $2.2 million.  He could be looking at up to 12 years in prison if convicted of all charges.
Melissa McCarthy Isn't Concerned About Healthy Living Because She Could Be Hit by a Bus Tomorrow
MELISSA MCCARTHY says in the new issue of "Rolling Stone" that she's living life for the moment and not really concerned what people think about it. 
She said, "I could eat healthier, I could drink less.  I should be learning another language and working out more, but I'm just always saying, 'Ah, I could get hit by a bus tomorrow.'"
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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 6/18/2014

It Looks Like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are Back Together
It looks like JUSTIN BIEBER and SELENA GOMEZ are back together again.  The two of them were hanging out together at a friend's birthday party Monday night at the Hollywood nightclub Bootsy Bellows.
Sources say they were on each other the whole night, holding hands and showing a little PDA . . . but nothing excessive.  They left together when the party was over. 
Earlier in the day they were spotted riding around Malibu on Justin's Can-Am Spyder 3-wheel motorcycle.  And last week, Justin posted a picture of them hugging, along with the caption, "Our love is unconditional."  Then he deleted it.
Idina Menzel Had a Wardrobe Malfunction
IDINA MENZEL was performing at Radio City Music Hall when one of her breasts popped out.  She handled it well, though and it gave her a chance to let men around who've been wondering if she has implants that she does NOT.
She said: "What? My boob's coming out? These divas need their space. Well, f**k it! They're real."
Kim Kardashian Got Kanye a Board Game for His Birthday
The Daily Mirror claims Kim Kardashian gave Kanye West a My Monopoly board game for his birthday. The game allows buyers to name properties, make their own cards and create game pieces.
Kim Tweeted: "Happy Birthday to my husband and best friend in the entire world! You have changed my life in more ways than you know! The way you look at life inspires me! I love you so much!!!''
Cougar Alert:  Madonna is Dating a Much Younger Man
E! claims MADONNA is dating a 26 year-old model named Timor Steffens. 
The couple met last Winter in Switzerland. A source tells E!: ''Their relationship is not serious. Just a fling." Madonna is 55.
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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 6/17/2014

Tracy Morgan Has Been Upgraded to "Fair Condition"

TRACY MORGAN spent nine days in critical condition, but his recovery is coming along.  His rep says, quote, "Happy to pass along that Tracy has been upgraded to fair condition, which is a great improvement.
"His personality is certainly starting to come back as well."
Leonardo DiCaprio Flew 30 Women to Brazil to Party With Him During the World Cup
LEONARDO DICAPRIO is in Brazil enjoying the World Cup . . . but he's not doing it alone.  The not-always-reliable British tabloids say he hand-picked FIFTY WOMEN to party with him.
And 30 of them were flown in specially and put up in a fancy hotel for the festivities.  The other 20 are locals.  He even rented out an entire nightclub.
A source says, quote, "Leo had bottles and bottles of Dom Perignon champagne going around.  He really went all out on it and spared no expense.  It was a really lavish party.
"He didn't really cozy up to any one girl in particular.  He was really sociable and kept wandering from one woman to the next.  He seemed keen to have a good time with all of them."
Is Harry from One Direction Going Six Months Without Relations?
I have bad news for all you ONE DIRECTION groupies:  You may have to wait a few months to get with HARRY STYLES.  The not-always-reliable British tabloids say he's going celibate for six months.
Sources say he's into Kabbalah now, and they make you do that to "purify" yourself.  He's reportedly been practicing Kabbalah for a month, so maybe he'll be ready for relations again by Thanksgiving. 

Adam Levine Asked His Girlfriend's Father for Permission Before He Proposed
ADAM LEVINE didn't just pop the question to fiancée BEHATI PRINSLOO.  He asked her father's permission first.  He's a minister in South Africa.
On RYAN SEACREST'S radio show yesterday, he said, quote, "Of course I did.  I had to.  And it was extremely nerve-wracking."
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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 6/12/2014

Casey Kasem is in Hospice and Life Support Measures Have Been Stopped
 A judge ruled yesterday that CASEY KASEM'S daughter KERRI could end life support measures, so she did.  Casey is in hospice now, and TMZ says they're playing old recordings of "American Top 40" for him.
The judge said that keeping Casey alive by continuing to give him food, water and medication was likely causing him more pain than it was worth.  Casey is 82, and suffers from severe dementia and symptoms similar to Parkinson's disease.
Casey's kids say he left the following health directive . . . quote, "If the extension of my life would result in mere biological existence, devoid of cognitive function, with no reasonable hope for normal functioning, then I do not desire any form of life-sustaining procedures, including nutrition and hydration."
Not surprisingly, Casey's wife JEAN is NOT happy with this.  She came out of court saying Kerri, the judge and others now have Casey's BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS.  
Jean claims she and Liberty, the daughter she had with Casey, have NOT been allowed to see him.  But the rest of the family says they WANT Jean and Liberty to join them at Casey's bedside.
Is Lea Michele Dating a Male Prostitute?
LEA MICHELE has been quietly dating a guy named MATTHEW PAETZ for the last few months.  And there's a reason she's keeping the relationship quiet.  It's because Matthew is a MALE PROSTITUTE.  At least he WAS.          
Until recently, Matthew worked for a legal escort service called Cowboys 4 Angels, which is featured on the Showtime series "Gigolos".  He used to have a profile on the company's website, but it's hidden now.  
Matthew never appeared on the show, but lonely ladies were paying him $350 an hour, $6,000 for a weekend and $17,500 for a full week.
He met Lea on the set of her music video "On My Way".  And while Matthew entertained a client as recently as April, he's reportedly been on "hiatus" since he started dating Lea.  
Is Adam Levine Apologizing to Ex-Girlfriends Before He Gets Married?
ADAM LEVINE is marrying model BEHATI PRINSLOO next month, and he wants to do it with a clean slate.  According to "Us Weekly", he's been contacting ex-girlfriends to make amends.
A source says, quote, "He apologized for how he treated them."
Keira Knightley Is Worth $50 Million . . . But She Only Gives Herself $50,000 to Spend Every Year?
KEIRA KNIGHTLEY is worth an estimated $50 MILLION . . . but she claims she makes herself stick to a tight annual budget of $50,000.  And there's a reason for that.
She tells "Glamour" magazine, quote, "I think living an expensive lifestyle means you can't hang out with people who don't live that lifestyle.  It alienates you.  Some of my best, most hilarious times have been in the least luxurious places."
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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 6/11/2014

Did Scott Disick Leave Kourtney Kardashian?
We just found out that KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN is pregnant . . . and now she might be SINGLE, too. says Kourtney and her baby daddy SCOTT DISICK had a wicked fight at the rented house in New York where the new show "Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons" is being filmed.
And Scott stormed out of the house and checked into a nearby motel.  Is there real trouble between Kourtney and Scott, or is this some scripted drama for the E! network?  What do YOU think?
Tracy Morgan Randoms: His Mother Is Blocked from His Hospital Room, and His Show Is Not in Jeopardy
1.  TRACY MORGAN'S mother is accusing his fiancée Megan of blocking her from visiting Tracy in the hospital.  Tracy and his mom haven't been on good terms.  She did get in to see him briefly on Sunday, but he was unconscious.
2.  Tracy was working on a show with FX at the time of his accident . . . and yesterday, the network said that no matter how long it takes for Tracy to recover, quote, "his show will be waiting for him" when he's ready.
There's a Possibility of a New "Star Trek" Series on Netflix

The "Star Trek" TV franchise might get new life ONLINE.  Netflix wants the rights to create and produce a new "Trek" series all on their own, like how they do it with "House of Cards" and "Orange is the New Black".
There's no word how serious talks are, but it doesn't sound like they're too far along.  We also don't know at this point how the show will related to any of the previous series, or to the J.J. ABRAMS movies . . . if at all.
The last "Star Trek" TV series was "Enterprise", which never really caught on and was canceled in 2005, after four seasons.
Sean Astin Says He and Corey Feldman Are In if There's a "Goonies" Sequel
Director RICHARD DONNER recently revealed that a "Goonies" sequel is in the works.  It's still too early to tell if it'll actually happen, but if it does, we know at least two of the big stars would be down for a return.
SEAN ASTIN says, quote, "I hope it's true.  I certainly like the idea of doing it.  I don't know if I'd be in it or not.  If they really wanted us to be in it, I'm sure there would be some way to work it out."
He added, quote, "COREY FELDMAN and I are buddies.  Oh, he's fired up.  He's ready to go."
But Sean also said he's heard the movie will probably focus on the CHILDREN of the original gang.
Miley Cyrus May Be Feuding with Selena Gomez . . . Because She Held a Cutout of Selena While Performing "FU"
Is MILEY CYRUS igniting a beef with SELENA GOMEZ?  Maybe.
Earlier this week, Miley was performing in Milan, Italy, when a fan tossed a weird cutout of Selena onstage.  It happened when Miley was performing "FU", and she picked it up and carried it around during her performance.
After a few moments, Miley threw the cutout back into the crowd as she sang, quote, "I don't really have much to say, I was over it the second that I saw her name.  I got two letters for you, one of them's 'F' and the other one's 'U.'"
Miley hasn't commented . . . but since it doesn't seem like she planned on having the cutout, it could just be a coincidence.  Also, aside from holding the cutout, she didn't really address it, SING TO IT, or anything like that.
That being said, one report suggests that the fan didn't throw the cutout onstage, they were just holding it . . . and Miley "grabbed it" from them.  That would make it seem MORE intentional, but who knows.
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