Some of the Best Juno Memes

When weather strikes, you can always count on the internet for some fun memes.

Blizzard Juno provided a great opportunity for so many folks to have fun as a genuine nor'easter dropped a thick blanket of snow on southern New England.

Here are three, for your consideration - a little frozen fun.
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Sasquatch Plays in the Boston Snow

If it's on the internet, it's got to be true, right?

A strange snow creature was pictured wandering the streets in and around Boston during Blizzard Juno.

Sasquatch? Yeti? Bigfoot? Abominable snowman? He's calling himself the Boston Yeti, and he's got a Twitter account and he's the latest storm-related viral sensation.

Nothing to worry about. Some local news outlets are saying it's probably a guy in a costume.

Whew! That was close!
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Marshawn Lynch, Skittle Seahawks

Marshawn Lynch, running back for the Seattle Seahawks, is notorious for avoiding the press and press conferences.

But put a bowlful of Skittles candies in front of him, he's a veritable talking machine.

It looks like a long-form commercial on the Skittlesbrand YouTube page - no word on whether it will be condensed to a more broadcast-friendly length.

Until then, Marshawn wants to thank Skittles - after fielding a bunch of interesting questions - "for making the game day more awesomer."

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And the MVP of the Day Goes To...

Taylor Swift may not be plastered all over the social mediascape the way that Kim Kardashian is, but she does have a very strong presence. Something like 51 million followers, making her Twitter's fourth largest account. And there's 20 million on Instagram.

Yesterday, Taylor's Instagram and Twitter accounts were hacked, making it one of the largest hacks to date.

Not a distinction anyone wants, but it looks like it was caught quickly - thanks to a fan and fellow musician who let Taylor know something wasn't right... And after the fact, Taylor had a little fun with the whole thing...
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Kardashian Klone Faktory?

Take a look at this Instagram picture at the bottom of this post...

That's Bruce Jenner sort of in the middle, surrounded by his three step-daughters and two actual daughters.

Unless you're an actual student of the K-Klan or a devotee of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, I imagine you're having trouble sorting out who's who.

Me too.

Okay, here's a tutorial, numbering the girls one through five, from left to right.

The one thing they all have in common is their mother, currently known as Kris Jenner.

Girls 1, 3 and 4 are not full sisters.

Girl 5 actually does belong in the picture.

Girls 2 and 4 are half-sisters.

Girl 3 is not actually a clone of Girl 1, but she sure looks like it, doesn't she?

Okay, here's your decorder ring: (1) Kim Kardashian; (2) Kendall Jenner; (3) Kylie Jenner; (4) & (5) Kourtney and Khloe, or vice versa. I'm not 100% sure.

I'm glad we took the time to straighten this out... Almost.

daddy's girls

A photo posted by Kylizzle (@kyliejenner) on

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You Think They'd Know This One

Jeff Franklin, the creator of Full House, celebrated his birthday last weekend, and an impromptu partial cast reunion happened.

Andrea Barber, who played Kimmy Gibbler on the show, posted this video to Instagram, capturing the cast singing the show's theme song.

Well, attempting to sing it, anyway.

Andrea's hashtag says it all - #onlyknewthechorus.

Check it out and see if you can help them at all...
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Better Call Jimmy McGill?

The creative team and cast of Better Call Saul, the prequel to AMC's Breaking Bad, sat down to chat a little bit about the show's birth.

It's a pretty informative piece, describing the time and place captured in the show. For instance, Saul Goodman (the character you know from Breaking Bad) is really Jimmy McGill?

The executive producers are promising something different than Breaking Bad, but something exciting and full of surprises.

AMC's banking big on this one, with a two-night premiere, February 8 and 9.

Will you be watching?
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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 1/27/2015

Melissa Rivers Has Sued the New York City Clinic That Allegedly Caused Her Mother's Death

This isn't the least bit unexpected: JOAN RIVERS' daughter MELISSA has filed a lawsuit against Yorkville Endoscopy over the death of her mother. Joan died in their care back in September.

Melissa says, quote, "The level of medical mismanagement, incompetency, disrespect and outrageous behavior is shocking and frankly, almost incomprehensible. Not only did my mother deserve better, every patient deserves better."

She's also suing Joan's personal doctor, Gwen Korovin, who wasn't even supposed to be there, but ended up performing a procedure on Joan anyway. The lawsuit also claims she left during Joan's medical emergency to avoid getting caught.

It's not clear if Melissa is seeking a specific amount, but legal experts think she could walk away with MILLIONS.

Kim Kardashian Says Bruce Jenner Should "Tell His Story His Way"

It's pretty telling that nobody in the Kardashian clan will deny BRUCE JENNER is becoming a woman. And in a new interview, KIM KARDASHIAN keeps her words just as ambiguous as her stepfather's gender.

She says, quote, "I will say that I think Bruce should tell his story his way . . . I think he'll share whenever the time is right.

"I think Bruce is very happy, the happiest I've ever seen him . . . He's our dad so we support him no matter what."

Emma Watson Will Play Belle in a Live-Action Version of "Beauty and the Beast"

"Harry Potter" star EMMA WATSON will play Belle in a live-action version of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast".

Emma posted the news on Facebook yesterday . . . quote, "I'm finally able to tell you . . . that I will be playing Belle in Disney's new live-action 'Beauty and the Beast'!

"It was such a big part of my growing up, it almost feels surreal that I'll get to dance to 'Be Our Guest' and sing 'Something There'.

"My six year old self is on the ceiling . . . heart bursting. Time to start some singing lessons. I can't wait for you to see it."

The movie is being directed by Bill Condon . . . who did "Dreamgirls" and the last two "Twilight" movies.

Disney's animated "Beauty and the Beast" came out in 1991. It earned $375 million worldwide and became the first animated film to be nominated for the Oscar for Best Picture.

Blink-182 Is a Mess . . . Tom DeLonge Claims He Didn't Quit, But the Other Two Members Are Not Happy with Him

The guys in BLINK-182 had an eventful day yesterday. Now, we just have to figure out who IS and who ISN'T still in Blink-182.

It all started when the band released a statement saying that guitarist TOM DELONGE had left the band again . . . and that he was gone "indefinitely." They said they were temporarily replacing him with Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio.

A few hours later, Tom posted a message on Instagram saying, quote, "To all the fans, I never quit the band. I actually was on a phone call about a Blink-182 event for New York City at the time all these weird press releases started coming in. Apparently, those releases were 'sanctioned' from the band. Are we dysfunctional? Yes. But, Christ . . . #Awkward."

Then, late last night, the other band members MARK HOPPUS and TRAVIS BARKER told "Rolling Stone" that there was definitely a disconnect between them and Tom.

It's a long story, but it boils down to this: They say Tom bailed on a scheduled studio session earlier this month . . . and they got an email from his manager saying that "he had no interest in recording . . . that he wants to do his other, non-musical stuff . . . and that he's out indefinitely."

It's unclear where this leaves the band. Mark and Travis seem open to welcoming Tom back if he REALLY wants to do stuff . . . but they sound very skeptical that he'd do that, and so they want him to stop holding them back.

Someone Asked Rashida Jones About Her Tan, and She Had to Remind Them That She's "Ethnic"

At Sunday's SAG Awards, a red carpet reporter tried to compliment RASHIDA JONES on her "tan". She said, quote, "You look like you've just come off like an island or something, you're very tan, very tropical."

Rashida responded by pointing out the obvious . . . quote, "I mean, you know, I'm ethnic."

It's not clear if the woman realized what a dumb statement that was, or if she remained oblivious, but she laughed and replied, quote, "It's just being ethnic. That's what it is."

(Rashida is the daughter of music legend QUINCY JONES and her mother is "Mod Squad" actress PEGGY LIPTON.)

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Tell Us What You Really Mean

The Dropkick Murphys, the Irish punk rock band out of Boston, made their feelings very clear on Twitter yesterday.

Wisconsin's governor, Scott Walker, used one of their songs, "I'm Shipping Up to Boston," as his introduction music at the Iowa Freedom Summit on Saturday.

And they simply do not want him to do that.

Ever again.

Because they "literally hate" him.

But their tweeted message at least expressed a little love for the guy, so maybe they're just busting his chops... Right?
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Fashion Statement or Fashion Victim

Olivia Culpo, who represented the USA in the Miss Universe Pageant in 2012 and who took home the crown, was in attendance for the 2015 pageant this weekend.

She was on the arm of her boyfriend, singer Nick Jonas, and he posted this picture to his Instagram page of the two of them together.

The picture - and others like it of Olivia - have set the internet on fire.

Well, sort of. Entertainment Weekly calls it the "most cleavage-baring dress we've ever seen."

Others are wondering how the dress is able, seemingly, to dey the law of gravity.

The Daily Mail in London says that Olivia was "a stand out donning a strapless frock that left many jaws on the floor."

Personally, I think like she's lucky to have survived that encounter with the shredder...


A photo posted by @nickjonas on

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