This Hotel Will Send Puppies And Wine To Your Room

(c) Tobkatrina |

I don’t know about you, but I love dogs more than life itself. So when I heard that Kimpton Hotel Monaco in Denver Colorado is hosting a private puppy party, I about bought a one way plane ticket. Sorry mom!

This one hour party includes playing with 6-10 puppies while sipping on bubbly, aka prosecco. Yes you heard me right, puppies and prosecco. The hotel is doing this for National Dog Day and not only will you be able to relish in the fact that you get to be in a room with several puppies, but you also are giving back. Fifty percent of the proceeds will benefit local no-kill rescue facilities!

If by the end of the party you feel attached to one and want to take them home, you totally can. All the participating puppies are adoptable and trust me, it’s totally worth it. #puppiesrule

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