[EXPLICIT] Popular “Children’s Book” Gets A Sequel

118482936 © Oksun70 – Dreamstime.com

WARNING: This story contains expletives.

Back in 2011, Adam Mansbach released a humorous and to-the-point bedtime story called “Go The F**k To Sleep” that you might end up reading with your friends rather than your youngsters… Curious about the story? Watch Jennifer Garner’s reading of the book:

Mansbach wrote a sequel in 2014 called “You Have To F**king Eat.”

If you subscribe to this kind of humor (I most certainly do)… you’re in luck! It’s getting another follow-up in October 2019! Next month, “F**k, Now There Are Two Of You” will hit shelves.

You can pre-order the new one now for just under $15.

Ooooor, spice up your book shelf and get all three.