Camila Wants You To Cry For Her [LISTEN]

camila cabello
(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS)

It was only, like, a month ago when Camila Cabello dropped TWO new songs: Liar and Shameless. BUT SHE’S ALREADY PUTTING OUT MORE. Hallelujah! And also, how very Ariana Grande of her.

Camila’s latest song, “Cry for Me,” was inspired by a song she wrote when she was 16 about an ex moving on so easily.

Basically, she’s saying, “can you at least pretend the breakup was hard for you, too?” Check out the animated audio right here:

Between all her new songs, there’s no telling whether she will perform them when she is the musical guest on SNL later this month or she will surprise us with ANOTHER new one!