If There Were No Calories, What Would You Eat?

I’m honestly surprised pizza didn’t make the cut for breakfast, too.

pepperoni pizza
Photo 101663989 © Aleksandr Matveev – Dreamstime.com

A survey asked people if they could “eat like a kid” (read: calories aren’t a thing) for a full day, what would they eat. Personally I’d start with at least 6 Boston cream donuts and follow it up with Portillo’s for lunch and an entire lasagna for dinner, but apparently I’m not most people.

SWNS says most people would opt for yogurt for breakfast, pizza for lunch, ice cream for a midday snack, pizza again for dinner, and apple pie for dessert. While I respect the doubling down on pizza, yogurt for breakfast??? Come on, people. You can do better than that.

— Jenn (@jennalynne2)