Aly And AJ Open Up About Anxiety In New Song “Attack Of Panic” [LISTEN]

Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images for Wolk Morais

This ain’t your mama’s potential breakup song. Sister duo Aly and AJ released their first song of the decade today and it’s the most relatable song of my life. “Attack of Panic” talks about anxiety and depression and what your mind goes through when experiencing symptoms. You know, sleepless nights, increased heart rate, temporary paralysis…all that not so fun stuff. MTV sums up the video perfectly: “It all builds to a chorus that sounds like a panic attack happening inside an ’80s thriller.”

Not only is it an ‘80s thriller, it’s also a beautiful masterpiece combining perfect power suits and dance moves that I need to learn asap. The music video was filmed in Berlin as well as “dedicated to the Berlin club scene and to all those still waiting patiently outside.” Ugh Aly and AJ can do no wrong.

Samantha Ripperger