Lady Gaga Changes Her Plans Due To COVID-19

lady gaga
(Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)

We were so looking forward to Lady Gaga’s albumĀ Chromatica, which was set to release on April 10 of this year. Unfortunately, plans changed thanks to the spread of Coronavirus (aka COVID-19). Gaga posted to Instagram to let her followers know that she would be postponing the album release.

^Scroll through the post to get the full message!

Gaga essentially makes a point that we should be focusing on solution to the global crisis we’re enduring rather than worrying about new music releases. If it were up to me, I would still welcome to the happiness that comes from new music, but I get it. I am okay with the decision she’s making.

She revealed that she even had a secret set at Coachella set up that won’t be happening anymore… *womp womp* But the album will still come out! She notes that she will let everyone know a new 2020 date for the release!