What Happens When Tom Holland Challenges You To Get Dressed While In A Handstand?

sportsmen woman and man doing a handstand against wall concept balance sport fitness lifestyle and people.

This week’s been another trying one for people all over the world. Thanks to public health concern with Coronavirus (aka COVID-19) we’re all staying home in self-isolation.

No surprise here… it’s led to doing a lot of stupid stuff. For example, everyone’s Instagram stories were overtaken by push-up challenges, “see a shot, send a shot,” “see a butt, send a butt,” and unpopular opinions.

Now it’s beginning to require a little bit of actual skill. Tom Holland recently posted a video of himself putting on his shirt while standing on his hands. He had the support of the wall behind him, but STILL. Come on, Tom.

He then passed the baton to Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds. Reactions were mixed and hilarious.

Jake did it no problem. In fact, he made it look a lot simpler than Tom did…

Ryan took my approach. Refusal. Confusion. Maybe some judging. (I love it.)

Would you do it? You’ve got nothing else to do at home, right?