Chris Brown’s Pick For A Verzuz Battle Is Sort Of Lame

chris brown
(Photo by VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images)

You don’t have to have seen a Verzuz battle to have heard about them. It’s a live webcast where well-known producers, rappers, songwriters do battle. I like Vulture‘s explanation best:

“The premise is simple: Two prominent producers (or singers or songwriters) pair up live on Instagram and compete to decide who has the better catalog. The rules came together on the fly through trial and error. As it stands, each battle goes 20 rounds, with each contestant playing a hit and hearing a rebuttal.”

It’s overtaken the interwebs and a lot of folks wanna see Chris Brown do battle. According to Complex, people have suggested him taking on Justin Bieber, Trey Songz, and Drake.

And just like that time he got a shoe tattooed on his face, he ruined a good thing… because there’s only one person Chris Brown wants to compete with.

Himself? That’s not even fun. I totally get the inspirational idea behind it, but sometimes that simply doesn’t carry entertainment value. Unless he does some kind of old style versus new style, I reserve the right to be skeptical.

What do you think?