Do You Use A Stick In Your Back Door?






Are you one of those people who like the stick in your back door?  I am.  It feels better to me when it’s there.  I get it though, there are some people who think it’ll hurt their glass or do some other kind of damage.

The back-door stick must be a harbinger from another time though, right?  Like, before locks were invented.  I wonder if my sliding glass door lock takes offense at us still using the stick.  The lock is a masterfully crafted mechanism integrated into the door’s handle that glides into place and clicks into rigid bolted placement assuring no living creature great or small could overcome it’s restraint and therefore denying passage.  The stick is like, “Me a stick.  Me here too.  Me make door not slidey.  You forget stick one day and then try to open and then fudge up your door off the rails.”

Still using a stick a door with a lock is like (simile parade to follow):

Kinking a hose AND turning the valve shut to stop the water.
Having an engine in a car, BUT still using a team of oxen to pull it.
Forwarding an email to a coworker AND printing out and putting it on their desk.
Using a condom AND pulling out.

But, safety first.  All kinds of important systems have built-in stupid redundancy.  Like a hospital’s Intensive Care Unit running off the central power grid and/or local generators.  And also…sliding glass doors.  Equally important systems with equally different sticks.

If you actually read this, tweet me @willpfaffy – say, “Me stick.  Me here too.”  Do it. This is an experiment.