TikTok Plans To Sue The Trump Administration

tiktok app
(Image by Daniel.Constante from Depositphotos)

We’ve all heard about the upcoming ban on the TikTok app in the United States. The app is popular among people of all ages thanks to all this extra time spent at home with our faces in our phones…

And now it’s being taken away… Not without a fight from the app itself, though. According to NPR, TikTok has plans to sue the Trump Administration as soon as Tuesday, 8/11.

As it stands, the ban would outlaw any “transaction” between a U.S. citizen and the TikTok parent company. The China-based company plans to argue that this ban is based on speculation and conjecture.

I’ve never seen something so 2020 before so I’m not sure what to expect, but I have popcorn ready for the show.

For a look into how this ban would effect Americans using the app with lack of updates on the software… Peep the article from NPR!