Aquanet! Sorta.






I grew up with 3 older sisters who were all teenagers in the 80s.  Our house basically smelled like Madonna “Like A Virgin” Perfume and Aquanet Hair Spray ALL OF THE TIME.  I made a joke about still using Aquanet in a previous blog that you probably didn’t read, but I haven’t actually seen a giant can of Aquanet since that time.  But LOOK!  I came across this purple can of Mega Hold Aussie Hair Spray in one of our bathrooms.  This is basically freakin’ Aquanet.  Giant, purple, smelly, and sticky.  Where did it come from?  How did it get here?!  You know how those ads pop up on your computer all of the sudden when you talk about something around Siri or Alexa?  Can these devices just manifest things in your house now?  That’s some spooky Black Mirror shit!  Anyway, I’m planning on using this now until it’s gone and get my perm poppin’!