Jackson’s Wild COVID19 Experience

Jackson in a mask

Come tomorrow, I will officially be done with my quarantine and it’s been a weird time. COVID19 has not been a fun disease to have for the most part. I first noticed my symptoms last Tuesday. It was around 8p and I was watching a movie in my living room with my roommates when I got the worst headache and some pretty bad body aches that gradually got worse. I had just made a pizza too and then immediately lost my appetite. Not cool COVID. I went into my room and took my temperature which was 100.4. Not fun either.

The first two days were pretty much just a repeat of that night. I had a fever and body aches that I still have no idea how to describe but they weren’t fun. My skin was really sensitive too. I took a shower one day and when the water hit my back, it was super uncomfortable.

I experienced a little bit of shortness of breath as well. It wasn’t bad and I could still breathe but it was super uncomfortable. It felt like a super fat baby was sitting on my chest constantly and wouldn’t get off. It doesn’t hurt when baby sits on your chest but after a while you’re just like DAMN BABY HOP OFF!

I did experience a loss of smell and taste. No taste was kind of fun for a while; I can’t lie. I spent a good two hours of my quarantine entertaining myself by tasting all of the different snacks I had in my room. After about two hours though, I wanted my taste back. Thankfully, I do have it back now.

I got a quick second wave of symptoms a few days ago when the headache and aches came back. However, they only lasted for a day and now I’m right as rain. Looking forward to not being stuck in my house anymore and being able to go grocery shopping and get food because my wallet can’t handle anymore door dash,

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