AMC’s The Walking Dead has Announced its Final Season!

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AMC’s The Walking Dead just announced is ending after Season 11. It’ll conclude with an extended Season 11 (24 episodes!!!) over a 2 year period, ending in 2022. However, the Walking Dead universe isn’t going anywhere. We currently still have Fear The Walking Dead, which is about to start season 6, the brand new 2 season series, called The World Beyond, premiering in October and the standalone Rick Grimes Movies TBA.

In addition to announcing the end of TWD, they announced 2 more series as well! A Daryl and Carol spinoff series to focus on their characters and a “Tales of the Walking Dead” which will focus on character backstories and individual episode arcs.

Despite all of the new spinoff series, I for one, am still pretty upset at the news but definitely feel we were getting to an end anyway 🙁

Full article from IGN and more information can be found HERE

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