NFL Season is Looking Good as the First Game is Tonight!

NFL Logo Midfield
Photo by Don Moncrief/Getty Images


The National Football League is looking pretty good coronavirus wise as it’s set to return tonight. Between August 30 and September 5, only one NFL player tested positive out of over 2,000! Additionally, out of the 5,708 league and team staff members, seven tested positive. Quick maths suggests thats 8 positives out of 8,349 people which is 0.01%

However, we have to remember how well the MLB started too and now we know how all of that turned out. As long as everybody within the NFL continues to social distance and be responsible off the field, I think we’ll be able to have a great football season!

I know we’re all especially excited because of the Colts many moves during the off season, including bringing superstar quarterback, Phillip Rivers to Indianapolis.

The NFL Season starts tonight at 8:20p Eastern on NBC as the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Houston Texans in Kansas.

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