Support Will’s Side Hustle: Red Curb!






Yo!  If you like my nonsense on The Smiley Morning Show, you should check out a bunch of new digital improv comedy shows I’m making with my improviser friends for Red Curb Comedy.  Red Curb is my comedy theatre that has been closed since March due to the pandemic, so we’ve had to come up with clever ways to try and keep our space.  So, we started! It’s a place where we can make stuff directly for our fans and make a little bit of money.  If you go become a “patron” there (that just means supporter/donor/fan/subscriber), you’ll not only be helping us keep our building but also get a bunch of new improv comedy content that we’re making all of the time.  You’ll become part of our sweet little family, an insider, an improv freak.  We have supporting tiers for as low as $1 per month.  Go check it out:!