Feeling Uninspired? Check Out The Top Eight Goals People Have Set For Themselves Recently!

Quarantine was fun for the first few days and after that, it got pretty boring. For now, most of the United States is slowly going back to normal but if you’re someone who is still staying back and watching and are bored as well, here are the top eight goals that people have set for themselves.

  1. Eat healthier or follow a diet.
  2. Work out or exercise more.
  3. Have a more positive attitude.
  4. Learn something new every day.
  5. Talk to a friend or loved one once a day.
  6. Read more.
  7. Practice meditation or mindfulness.
  8. Learn a new hobby.

These goals are super simple and easy to follow and it’ll give you something to do! If those aren’t quite your style though, I’ve made a few of my own:

  1. Try on Drunk Goggles and attempt to dunk (don’t try this at home. But I will)
  2. Find the world’s largest sour patch kid
  3. Stay awake 48 hours in a row
  4. Sleep 24 hours in a row
  5. Film a viral Tiktok
  6. Become friend’s with my neighbors’ dog
  7. Complete the TikTok challenge that includes a basketball and a beer bottle (yes I’m still trying… check out my previous attempts here
  8. Make up a new language