Netflix Shaming May Be Over

You know when you’re laying on the couch, wanting to throat punch Prince Philip more and more with every episode of The Crown, and then suddenly Netflix wants to know “Are you still watching?” like the answer is anything other than “Do I look like I have anything else to live for right now, Netflix?”

netflix logo
(Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Good news: that question may be going away. Netflix is testing a new message¬†which includes three responses: “Ask again later,” “play without asking again,” and “I’m done.”

That “play without asking again” option is what’s giving us hope we may be done with Netflix’s judgment over our lifestyles. They haven’t commented, though, so we don’t know for sure they’re done shaming us for our sad little lives or when it’ll happen, but honestly, just the hope is enough for me right now.